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Don't Stop ____________________________________
Don't Stop
I.D. dvd_7109, Adult
2016, 96 mins per studio
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Director

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5-Star Film! 


Don't Stop Episode 1 - Persevere When Tiffany Doll and Henessy get indoors they are clearly eager to touch each other, although Tiffany teases her lover by making her wait. They undress and kiss hungrily, but they are interrupted when Henessy’s phone bleeps and she goes to check it. Tiffany lies back on the sofa and Henessy begins to stroke her pussy and suck her nipples, then goes down to eat her skilfully. Tiffany turns onto her side so Henessy can lick her ass and then finger it to a powerful orgasm. They move to the bedroom and Henessy straddles Tiffany’s face and rides her probing tongue, then lies back to get licked some more. Tiffany fingers and licks Henessy’s pussy vigorously then does the same to her tight ass as Henessy rubs her own pussy, all the way to a mindblowing climax. The girls begin to get dressed and get on with their day, still glowing from their orgasms…

Don't Stop Episode 2 - Perdure Meg Magic is preparing dinner when her lover Cindy Loarn (making her VT debut) arrives. They kiss passionately and Meg peels off Cindy’s sexy dress and lingerie, then bends her over the dining table she pauses only to pour her a glass of wine, before kneeling to eat her succulent pussy. She rubs Cindy’s clit and fingers her tight asshole, then turns her over and eats her pussy again. Cindy undresses Meg and kneels to taste the mingled flavours of wine and pussy juice, sucking until she’s dripping wet and then fingering her to a climax. Now Meg turns around and Cindy fingers her from behind while rubbing her clit vigorously, then licks and strokes her to another intense orgasm. Too bad Meg forgot what she’d left cooking on the stove, in her excitement!

Don't Stop Episode 3 - Rendezvous Amirah Adara is sleeping peacefully beside Anita B when her alarm wakes her. She wanders into the kitchen to make coffee, then goes back into the bedroom and tries to rouse Anita by gently stroking and teasing her. Anita, still half asleep, starts to touch herself. The girls kiss tenderly and lie side by side so they can rub each other’s pussy. Anita moves into doggy position and Amirah eats her pussy and ass, then fingers her in both holes at once, giving her an intense orgasm. Amirah lies back for Anita to lick and finger-bang her until she enjoys a string of orgasms. She then holds her legs high so Anita can lick her asshole and slide a finger into it as she diddles her own pussy, cumming even harder. Fully satisfied, it’s time for her to leave with a passionate kiss goodbye…

Don't Stop Episode 4 - Enamoured Kitty Lovedream gets out of the bathtub and puts on a sexy cutaway swimsuit, going out onto the terrace where she finds bubbly blonde Jemma Valentine soaking up the sun in her cute bikini. Jemma eyes Kitty up flirtatiously, and when Kitty goes back inside to get a drink, Jemma follows, teases, and then kisses her. They undress each other, kissing all the while, and move to the sofa to get more intimate. Jenna starts to lick Kitty’s pussy, talking dirty to her as she slides a finger inside. She squeezes Kitty’s nipples as she frigs her, then thrusts a wet finger into her ass, rubbing her clit until she cums hard. Now Kitty licks and finger-fucks Jemma, before switching her attention to her tight asshole. The girls move into scissors, grinding their pussies together until they both climax noisily.

This again is a really good Viv Thomas with Director Guy Sblattero in his masterclass best form. All four scenes are truly excellent and performed by his band of mainly regulars.

Tiffany Doll returns in this and with Hennessy A make an exciting couple of girls who cannot leave each other alone in scene one.

Scene two is a Sblattero special with Meg Magic cooking dinner and setting the table for her dinner date. A knock on the door and it is newcomer Cindy Loarn a dark haired girl with a killer figure dressed in a skin tight micro mini dress and oozing sexual heat. What will Meg do? Postpone dinner as after a couple kisses Cindy in stripped nude and stretched out on the dinner table being furiously eaten out by Meg. Who can blame Meg?
Of course Cindy returns the favour with Meg eaten out on one of the dining chairs. It seems if pussy is the main course although Meg does open a bottle of wine and both have a glass during sex. A mighty scene.

Scene three has Admirah Adara waking up in bed next to girlfriend Anita B and feeling horny before going to work. Thus Anita B is woken from her slumbers and is put through her sexual paces in a really hot scene. One satisfied Admirah heads happily off to work with a smile on her face and who can blame her?

Scene four has Lucy Lovedream waking up and putting on a stunning swimsuit and heading out to the balcony where girlfriend Jemma Valentine in a hot bikini is waiting. One look at Lucy and it is inside for a glass of cold water to try and cool down. However water will not help so it is off to the bedroom for some highly passionate sex.

What can I say except that this is Guy Sblattero at his tip-top best with four scenes so hot that you need quite a lot of cold water to calm down? A great film superbly shot and girls who literally drip lesbian sex .Not to be missed.

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