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Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 42 ____________________________________
Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 42
I.D. dvd_7112, Adult
2012, 181 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Dana DeArmond & Kiera Kelly, Christie Nelson & Zoey Holloway, Bree Daniels & Randy Moore, Keira Kelly & Zoey Holloway.

Their only sin is unconventional love

The revealing twisted road from desire to pursuit and surrender.

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

I really enjoyed this, with the superb Zoey Holloway dominating this film while young Kiera Kelly, in two scenes, gives a star making performance.

Set around a shy young violinist, Christie Nelson, whose aunt is out to protect her from her slutty friend (Kiera Kelly), she falls victim to Zoey, who seduces her in a superb scene.

In the politics of the neighborhood, Randy Moore, Zoey’s girlfriend, seduces Bree Daniels before Zoey lures Kiera upstairs for another special encounter.

Superbly done, this is entertainment all the way. ‘A’s for Zoey, what a MILF for no girl is safe with her.

Humble Opinion
The Lesbian Seductions series looks like it is slowly fading away. This edition was released in August of 2012, and volume 43 was released in December of 2012. If Lesbian Seductions 42 is one of the last of its kind, I truly believe that the series is going out in fine style. This movie had three memorable scenes. Two of those scenes featured Keira Kelly, a sweet looking but incredibly sexy young redhead.

But I must admit that my ultimate favorite scene was between Randy Moore and Bree Daniels. Bree Daniels plays a girl pretending to be an innocent, confused about her attraction for women, so that she can seduce gorgeous Randy Moore. Randy Moore is a voluptuous 30-something blonde, with smoky eyes and a soft demeanor. This entire scene has a very slow, sensual, even hypnotic feel to it. Bree Daniels captivates, even mesmerizes the older, beautiful Randy Moore.

Bree’s "sexual confusion" plays directly on Randy’s maternal instincts. Randy tries to comfort the young Bree, who is sitting on the edge of the bed with her back toward the edge. Randy, who is very sexual herself (the scene opened up with Randy and Zoey Holloway half-undressed, making out on a couch, when Keira and her friend Bree show up unexpectedly), is easy prey for the sly Bree. While trying to remain "maternal", Randy becomes helplessly aroused by sweet Bree, and seems almost in a hypnotic state as she slowly seduces the young girl.

Randy tries to reassure Bree, but the hugging lingers too long. Randy soon finds herself softly kissing the beautiful girl, and Bree returns the kisses, being careful not to appear too eager. Mesmerized, Randy goes from sitting alongside of Bree, to standing behind her. Randy strokes Bree, and then hugs Bree to her body. Randy slowly begins kissing and nuzzling Bree’s neck and back, listening to Bree gasp and feeling her shiver against her. Randy is gentle, even solicitous with Bree, but she never utters a word or asks a question as she slowly takes Bree. There are so many terrific, sensual and sexual moments in this seduction. I will only mention one.

Randy has slowly and gently made Bree cum, and Bree has made Randy shake as she has softly made Randy come as well. But then Bree becomes more aggressive, and she surprises the beautiful blonde by finger-fucking Randy hard. Randy is up against the headboard as she orgasms. A panting Randy then lays Bree sideways on the bed. Randy begins to finger-fuck Bree. Bree is writhing and twisting on the bed so hard that Bree is literally falling off the edge of the bed. But Bree keeps pushing harder into Randy’s fingers. Randy has to grab Bree to pull her back up on the bed. Randy lays Bree lengthwise on the bed and finishes her finger-fucking of Bree, bringing small Bree to a truly explosive orgasm. Both ladies are gasping. But this scene is far from over.

Keira Kelly is a sweet looking young redheaded girl, who, when naked, reveals a killer body. This body is especially noticeable in her ferocious scene with Dana DeArmond. Dana is in her "controlling bitch" mode here, and Keira is her perfect prey. Keira is protesting to Dana that she is not "hitting-on" Dana’s musically gifted cousin, that she in fact doesn’t even like girls. But Dana knows otherwise, and she forces Keira to reveal herself to her. Dana keeps pushing herself on Keira, until Keira finally stops pretending to be "good" anymore. An unleashed Keira Kelly then truly has unbridled sex with Dana DeArmond.

Keira Kelly has this habit of twitching, almost violently, in the beginning as she gets aroused. Keira’s nipples appear to be especially sensitive. So Dana constantly attacks Keira’s breasts and nipples. Dana squeezes Keira’s breasts. She pulls on and bites hard on Keira’s nipples. All this makes Keira twitch violently, twist and gasp, and make Dana do it all the harder. Keira shows an amazing ability to grind herself into a frenzy. But Dana is a match for this wild child. Dana holds her down and mercilessly keep making Keira cum. Not surprisingly, given the ferociousness of this scene, Dana pulls out a strap-on near the end so that she can fuck Keira silly. Needless to say, this part is also mind blowingly hot to watch.

The Zoey Holloway/Keira Kelly scene is slightly less "wild", but really no less arousing or passionate. Keira exhibits the same twitching habit, but Zoey’s way of dealing with it is to wrap her body around Keira and basically missionary hump Keira into submission. An exhausted Keira finds herself clinging helplessly to Zoey. But it is when Zoey lays down between Keira’s legs, spreads Keira’s pussy open with her fingers, and then endlessly laps her tongue on Keira’s pussy that Zoey truly sends Keira "through the roof".

In general, the Zoey/Keira scene is a more "mutual " scene than Dana/Keira. Keira does make Dana cum in their scene, but Keira and Zoey trade orgasms more readily, and they are all amazing to watch. Early on, Zoey is sitting up on the bed, and Keira is laying between Zoey’s legs. Keira is totally focused on rubbing Zoey’s pussy with her hand and fingers. Zoey begins grinding hard against Keira’s hand, and almost "gets-off". Keira then straddles Zoey’s leg and Zoey lays back on the bed, humping Keira’s pussy with her leg. Zoey cums so hard that she involuntarily squeezes Keira’s body with her legs. When Zoey releases Keira, Keira repositions herself slightly and begins scissoring Zoey’s pussy fiercely, grabbing hold of Zoey’s leg. After a while, Keira climbs on top of Zoey, sits on Zoey’s pelvis, and grinds herself hard on Zoey’s stomach and pussy. In this scene, as well as her scene with Dana DeArmond, Keira Kelly shows a genuine love for grinding herself to ferocious orgasms.

This was a really excellent Lesbian Seductions movie.

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