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Vegas Sins ____________________________________
Vegas Sins
I.D. dvd_7140, Adult
2016, TBA
Directed by Stills by Alan

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Dahlia Sky, Cadence Lux, Syren De Mer, Cassidy Klein, Reena Sky

Vegas Sins is a sordid tale of pain and pleasure emotional and physical. Dahlia has been seeking more in her life. She was married the moment she stepped out of school, and her life up until now has seen her numerous attempts to live life to the fullest, yet she feels her romantic life is lacking. She wants more from her marriage, the chance experience things she's never even heard of before. When she runs off, she arrives at her hotel in Vegas and the minute she does, her life takes a turn, I'll let you decide for better or worse, but she meets some folks who are ready to make her bend over backwards to please them. It's this pressure that Dahlia has been seeking all along, but will she buckle under the pressure? Will her wife find out? How will Dahlia remember her Vegas Sins?

Usually I review films I like but every so often I review a film I dislike as I think it serves a purpose. This film is one of them. I like Girlsway and their Director Stills by Alan as my reviews testify. This however is one of those unfortunate films which should never have been made. It is about Dahlia Sky’s first visit to Les Vegas where she ends up by being blackmailed into being a prostitute. Most of the sex is forced sex so if you are looking for erotic love making it is not here.

Dahlia Sky looks confused and with the script she has who can blame her. Three of the four scenes are about other women yelling and swearing at Dahlia and bashing her around. I am not into violence and this is a movie I could not enjoy.

Humble Opinion
This movie starts out very promising, with a hot and very sexy first scene. Cadence Lux is an escort that Dahlia Sky has impulsively and secretly called, upon arriving in Las Vegas ahead of her wife, Reena Sky. Dahlia is believably ambivalent about what she is about to cheat on her wife. But as the scene progresses in the luxurious hotel room, Dahlia becomes increasingly aroused and passionate with Cadence especially as she sees how turned-on she is making Candence (who keeps squirting almost each time Dahlia fingers her). Dahlia blocks out the guilt, and gives inlavishing herself, and Cadence, with her lust. The scene is only marred, in my opinion, by being shot strictly from the cushioned chair in the living room of the high rise hotel. It made sense, character-wise, and viewer enjoyment wise, for the sex to start there, but then to have moved to the bedroom as things reached the "boiling point"so that they could have spread out more, and not been so cramped.

The movie, unfortunately went downhill from that first scene. The next three scenes all feature frenzied sex, with an accent on punishment and cruelty in the scenes between Dahlia and Syren DeMer, and Dahlia and Reena Sky.

Watching Syren DeMer in two Girlsway scenes recently this movie and "Sharing the Bed"the studio seems to feel that the best use of Syren is to make her "punishing and wicked". I would suggest that is a misuse of Syren's innate appeal. Syren is very good at playing a dominating woman, and that can mean having Syren play a sexy version of Cruella DeVille but not for a whole thirty minutes. Syren growling and Dahlia pleading wears on you after a while.

In a slightly different way, Reena Sky''s scene with Dahlia is the same, maybe not cruel, but certainly punishingwith Reena barking and Dahlia pleading for a half hour. (again, the repetitiveness wore out this viewer, after a while) In both scenes, all of the characters needed, at some point, to morph into getting aroused and enjoying the sex that they were having. There are momentsparticularly near the end of both scenewhere a character(s) appears to be "getting-off" on the sex, but it is too little, too late.

Dahlia Sky''s scene with Cassidy Klein doesn''t have the same punishment element to it that the other two scenes have. But it does share the same frenzied sex that Syren and Reena's scene have, and that frantic pace gets very tiring by the end. This scene is mostly shot on a bed. But it strangely shot from a farther distance than seems really necessary. It makes the sex between Dahlia and Cassidy feel "removed", rather than intimate.

On the plus side, all of the women here look hot. I am not that familiar with any of the performers, but they all got my "attention". Dahlia Sky''s lush body, and pleading eyes and voice are a genuine "turn-on". Reena Sky and Cassidy Klein are similarly seductive slim brunettes who look delicious, naked. As mentioned previously, Cadence Lux is an amazingly orgasmic slim blonde who clearly "gets into her work". And Syren DeMer looked delectable, filmed against a night sky that showed off her curves and warm skin tones.

But on the more negative side, this movie feels like the most "porny" that Girlsway has produced thus far. Granted, a movie about escorts at a Las Vegas hotel lends itself to that label. But much of Girlfriends'' Twisted Passions series features women/girls seeking out lesbian prostitutes at the seedy Lamoyne Hotel, and many of those scenes work very well for me. So I don''t think that it was the subject matter that didn''t work for me.

What "porny" means to me, most of all, is a lack of authenticity, with the sex feeling staged and forced, rather than passionate and real. It is perfectly possible, I believe, (and well worth watching) to make an authentic and passionate movie about escorts in Las Vegas. But unfortunately, I don't believe that this was it.

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