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Lesbian House Hunters 12 ____________________________________
Lesbian House Hunters 12
I.D. dvd_7143, Adult
2016, 2+ hours per studio
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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5-Star Film! 

Tanya Tate, Vanessa Veracruz, Jayden Cole, Lena Nicole, Alexis Fawx, Kristen Scott, Prinzzess

House hunting with a Twist! Lesbians go on the hunt for each other.

This is a series I really enjoy although I would say the last two episodes (DVD releases) were not amongst the best. Well this No 12 certainly is -- for this is a very good movie with a good script, a good cast and direction and production that is perfect.

The film centres around Tanya Tate’s inability to pay her mortgage and what happens when she attempts to renegotiate the loan till she finds a new job.

Scene one has Tanya talking to agent Vanessa Veracruz who implies such a loan is possible but difficult so she needs a favour. Yes sex and sex it is with Tanya and Vanessa both excellent. Tanya looks superb in this movie being truly slim and fit. Vanessa is most beguiling so how could Tanya refuse?

Scene two is just truly brilliant. Jayden Cole is sent by the bank to inspect the house and finds a “Mommy’s Boi” DVD and some alluring lingerie and stockings. As Jayden is admiring this Lena Nicole one of Tanya’s boarder’s comes into the room dressed only in a wrap and quickly divines that Jayden is a lesbian submissive and just the person to have some dom sub sex with. The relationship between the two is mental and the girl girl sex is quite superb with Lena calling all the shots.

Scene three has banker Alexis Fawx talking to Tanya about the loan which it seems on the value of the house is easy to obtain for her and that Vanessa tricked Tanya into sex. Alexis Fawx is recently divorced and has found that she is bisexual. Both like each other and thus it is upstairs for some really delightful sex. Alexis Fawx is a real find for Girlfriends Films as she is superb in playing the thirties woman having sexual identity issues.

Scene four has agent Prinzzess just to make sure that all is well with the house before the loan goes through. On inspection Prinzzess finds that renter Kristen Scott is the owner of the “Mommy’s Boi” DVD and the lingerie and is a submissive lesbian as well. Yes some more excellent Dom Sub lesbian sex.

I really enjoyed this and thought Tanya Tate really good with this being quite her best film. As a film it was interesting and arousing with the mental side of sex handled really well.

It has been said by critics that Girlfriends Films are on the decline. I think instead they are just beginning a new golden era now that they have finally ceased producing “vault” movies with scenes banged together in the hope that a movie comes out. Now it is back to good scripts, all scenes being shot for the movie they are in, and superb production. Lesbian House Hunters 12 is one of these new great films which should not be missed.

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