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Dance For Me ____________________________________
Dance For Me
I.D. dvd_7145, Adult
2016, TBD
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Guy Ranieri Sblattero

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Diana Dolce, Angelina Brill, Kitty Lovedream, Anina Silk, Felicia Kiss, Candee Licious, Alexis Brill, Tina Walker

Cute girls turn each other on with their sexy moves and lust for lesbian pleasure in "Dance For Me", from innovative director Guy Ranieri Sblattero. Angelina Brill spies on Diana Dolce swaying her peachy bottom and wriggling her hips. Diana is initially embarrassed when she realizes she is being watched, but then starts to strip to the music. Angelina kneels to lick her prominent clit and slide a couple fingers into her wet hole, giving her an intense climax. Angelina straddles Diana's face, riding until she is gasping for excitement and then lying back to get fingered into a sticky orgasm.

Anina Silk is blindfolded, fidgeting with anticipation as Kitty Lovedream touches her teasingly. Kitty removes the blindfold and performs a sexy striptease, pushing Anina's hand away whenever she reaches out to touch her. After stroking herself until she's very aroused, Kitty finally relents and eats Anina to an orgasm. Anina bends over so Kitty can lick her ass, then she sits astride her lap and rides her fingers until she cums again. Anina licks Kitty's pussy and slides a wet finger into her ass, before Kitty grinds on Anina's face, rocking her way to climax.

Felicia Kiss and Candee Licious are chatting about their crazy night out when Felicia starts dancing to a song she likes, stripping for Candee, who touches herself as she watches. Kissing, cunnilingus and gingering in both holes leads to a string of orgasms for each girls.

The final episode starts with pure adrenaline, as Alexis Brill and Tina Walker - seen only in silhouette - dance to a banging soundtrack. The pace switches to a more seductive mood as the girls masturbate for each other. Thoroughly turned on, they move into a sixty-nine, their rapid tonguing driving each other wild. Dirty dancing has never been so much fun as when it's performed by the sexy stars of "Dance For Me"!

Anon in Bama
Ever since I watched Sinn Sage giving that incredibly hot lap-dance to Raylene in 2011's "Cherry, Episode 1" (by Jewel Box Films), I've been waiting for another producer to put together an erotic girl/girl video showing pretty girls sensually moving their beautiful nude bodies for the entertainment of other (preferably decadent lesbian) women!

With a title like "Dance for Me," I was pretty sure that this might be it! Well, then again, maybe not. First of all, look at that DVD box-cover, simply showing a pair of already nude young women going at it (complete with the infamous "crotch-grab"). Do you know how usually it is the marketing people who have all of the imagination & creativity? Well, you would think that THEY might put a pretty, un-clothed younger woman on the box-cover, shown wiggling her gorgeous butt for an older, wealthy/predatory/lesbian-customer (and/or something along those lines), would you not?

The director of this one is Guy Raneiri Sblattero, and I have got to tell you, I was NOT particularly impressed with his erotic vision!

1) Angelina Brill & Diana Dolce - It all begins with Angelina wandering through the house until she gets to a room where pretty, dark-haired Diana is swaying her body to the music while looking out the window. Angelina begins touching herself (which I thought looked more PORNY than anything else!) Anyway, when Diana notices that she is being watched, she & Angelina begin conversing in a foreign tongue, with Diana then removing all of her clothing while Angelina watches, continuing to stand right next to her. There is a nice, very brief moment where Angelina sits down on a bed and begins caressing the beautiful body of the now-nude girl, but then she begins kissing her pussy and the dancing-part is apparently over. She fingers Diana and goes down on her her, and then it's time for Angelina to remove her own clothing so that Diana can return the favor. Both women COMPLETELY IGNORE the gorgeous derriere of the other girl (which is something that I really, really dislike!)

set-up: B, casting: B+, sex: C-

2) Anina Silk & Kitty Lovedream - This next scene opens with Anina sitting blindfolded on a chair in the middle of the living-room. Suddenly dark-haired Kitty enters the room. Both women have on short shorts. Anyway, Kitty then removes the blindfold from Anina and begins removing her own clothing in a kind of sensuous strip-tease for the other girl. It becomes painfully & immediately obvious that these two are already a lesbian couple and in a relationship with one another. After Kitty has removed all but her bra, she begins touching her pussy while Anina watches. I guess this is supposed to be turning the other girl on more than if she was actually DANCING seductively for her! They then start kissing, with Kitty removing the shorts of the other girl so that she can go down on her. They then make-out some while standing-up, with Anina later performing INSTANT ANALINGUS on Kitty, which is to say that she ignores the beautiful butt of the other girl to instead concentrate entirely on her ass-crack! That is followed by fingering and Anina going down on Kitty.

set-up: B-, casting: B, sex: D+

3) Felicia Kiss & Candee Licious - These two pretty young women open their scene together sitting on a couch, both wearing short shorts and talking in a foreign language (that I did not understand a word of). Dark-haired Felicia then sits-up and begins sensually moving her body for her beautiful blonde friend. She then gets up and begins stripping. Instead of ogling the shapely body of her pretty friend, Candee appears more interested in touching HER OWN body, which indicates to me that the director did NOT clearly explain to the pretty blonde that she is supposed to be ATTRACTED to the hot body of Felicia! Anyway, second later they are lying beside one another and kissing, which quickly leads to I-do-you-then-you-do-me lezzie-sex! Candee goes down on Felicia and fingers her, and then quickly strips for Felicia so that the dark-haired girl can do the same for her.

set-up: B-, casting: A-, sex: D+

4) Alexis Brill & Tina Walker - With this final scene, director Guy Sblattero tried to get all artsy, and I do not believe that it worked. We view the silhouettes of two lingerie-clad strippers dancing side-by side against a green background, interspersed with cut-a-way shots of nude women going at it. Nobody is dancing for anybody in this scene. Instead we are treated to a bunch of edits that are supposed to be hot. Eventually, all of that goes away and we are left with DVD cover-girls Alexis & Tina, both nude together in bed, their sex-scene already in progress. They suck on their fingers while posing so that the camera can get a good look at their legs spread wide. They close with some 69-ing.

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: C-

I only got this video in the hope of seeing beautiful nude girls sensually dancing for other women, preferably older-lesbian-women! Instead I got a mediocre effort that did NOT live up to the potential that a title like this might have achieved with a little effort & imagination. My overall grade: C

One of the things I love about Guy Sblattero and his movies are how he creates really interesting films from simple themes. Here in scene one he has Angelina Brill entering the kitchen and catching Diana Dolce swaying to music and exciting her to have sex with her. It is on this theme that he builds this most enjoyable movie on. If you expect sultry dancing girls in exotic locations you donít know Guy Sblattero. This is more enjoyable and great fun

Scene two has blind folded Kitty Lovedream tempted by girlfriend Anina Silk as she undresses while she masturbates and then goes down on Kitty. This I thought a really hot scene as was number one for after dancing sex is needed to satisfy the desires. It should mention that the girls in this are totally hot and really into each other

Scene three was the one I was really looking forward to as it has that bundle of blond loveliness with the baby doll voice Candee Licious that excited me in the last scene of ďA Day in the LifeĒ. Here she and her girlfriend Felicia Kiss ae watching TV and Felicia gets up and starts to dance exciting Candee who starts playing with herself until Felicia reclines beside her and Candee falls on her with a real hunger for pussy.

Then up hops Candee and as she dances she strips to reveal her totally hot body to have Felicia make passionate love to her. What a hot hot scene. Please more of Candee.

The final movement of this dancing is two girls in silhouette dancing while they strip to be revealed in the light nude and totally horny. Up you guessed it more hot sex.

What makes this so good is the cast who are all Guy Sblattero regulars who know his style and what he wants. Then of course there is Guy with his own unique style that really adds excitement to this movie. Well worth the watch and please more Candee Licious.

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