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Nikki Hearts’ Lezzz Be Roommates ____________________________________
Nikki Hearts’ Lezzz Be Roommates
I.D. dvd_7155, Adult
2016, XX minutes
Filly Films
Directed by Nikki Hearts
* $15.99 *

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Leigh Raven, Raven Rocket, Draven Star, Farrah Paws, Nikki Hearts

1 — Leigh Raven, Nikki Hearts
2 — Draven Star, Farrah Paws
3 — Raven Rocket, Leigh Raven
4 — Raven Rocket, Leigh Raven, Nikki Hearts

Usually I review films I like but every now and then I feel compelled to review one I dislike as I hate the thought of others wasting time and money on them. This is one of those films.

In plot it is about Nicki Hearts and her spaced out freaky girlfriend Leigh Raven wanting to turn their relationship into a three way with Raven Rockette as basically it seems they are bored. Scene one has Nicki and Leigh having bored sex together with Leigh’s gothic nightmare tattoos making this bizarre.

Scene two has Nikki and Leigh’s freaky roommates having sex (I think it was sex) but as both are so heavily tattooed in nightmarish tattoos from head to feet it was hard to say. Again this was bored sex with no trace of eroticism.

Scene three has Leigh suggesting to Raven that she might want to be in a three-way if she has nothing else to do. Well at least Raven has no tattoos but as for lovemaking/sex well it was a very pale imitation.

Scene four is the three way with Nicki, Raven and Leigh and mercifully the end. What a truly awful film quite in the Madison Young class of bad movies.

So what made this so bad? Nicki is supposed to be an up and coming Director but showed no sign of this. Obviously filmed very much on the cheap it was poorly put together. Then there were the four tattooed ladies whose whole bodies were covered by Gothic nightmares. When they started taking their clothes off I shuddered. When they cast for this movie was this a requirement?

The script was inane with “cool” worked to death. As for eroticism there was none.

When the film finished I sat there thinking of who might like this film. Well I guess Nikki Hearts friends might but the usual buyer of girl girl who likes beautiful women and erotic situations will clearly loathe this.

The only advantage Nikki Hearts has over Madison Young is she can at least hold the camera straight. Other than that they are on a par.

In summary avoid like the plague.

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