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Lesbian Doms & Subs 03: Lesbians on Parole ____________________________________
Lesbian Doms & Subs 03: Lesbians on Parole
I.D. dvd_7168, Adult
2014, 113 min.
Girl Candy Films
Directed by Nica Noelle

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Samantha Ryan & Kinky Gaga, Elexis Monroe & Lotus Lain, Vicky Vixen & Sophia Jade, Lea Lush & Annabelle Lee.

Upper-class brunette Samantha Ryan has paid her debt to society and is released from prison. But upon her arrival at the halfway house, this quiet beauty discovers that the sexy, bald bully Kinky Gaga is clearly in charge. Dominant lesbian Elexis Monroe punishes her submissive lover Lotus Lain for flirting with Samantha. Drunken house mother Vicky Vixen asserts her authority on curvaceous young Sophia Jade. Lea Lush angrily takes jewelry thief Annabelle Lee to task.

Written and Directed by: Nica Noelle

DVD Features
chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, trailers [all g/g].

Anon in 'Bama
I am a HUGE FAN of anything involving women-in-prison, and a lesbian halfway house certainly fits this theme! The problem is, a video of this type really REQUIRES excellent casting and writing, and I’m afraid that Nica kind of dropped the ball with this one.

It all begins with beautiful Samantha Ryan checking into this particular half-way house, having been driven there by her case-worker, who wishes her the best of luck. Unfortunately, the beautiful girl’s arrival is being closely watched by extremely-short-haired, butchy-looking, predatory-lesbian-Kinky-Gaga, who decides right then and there that she wants beautiful-feminine-Samantha all for herself! So far, so good! Kinky blocks Samantha’s entrance at the front door, making it clear that SHE’S going to be the one calling the shots here! Samantha meekly assents before being allowed past her.

Once inside the front door, the beautiful newcomer is directed upstairs by black-girl-fellow-inmate Lotus. This is noticed by dominant-lezzie Elexis, who is apparently in a lesbian relationship with Lotus, and doesn’t like seeing her seemingly "flirting" with pretty Samantha.

1) Elexis Monroe & Lotus Lain - Elexis angrily pushes Lotus up the stairs and into her room, deciding to "punish her" with lesbian sex. This seems to be the recurring theme of this video: girls being punished with lesbianism, as opposed to older women simply wanting to enjoy the lovely bodies of the younger girls with whom they are incarcerated. Anyway, Elexis pushes the black girl down onto the bed and climbs on top of her. Elexis appears very wooden in the role of a dominant lesbian. The two then engage in mostly I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex, complete with lots of fingering.

Set-up: C+, casting: C-, sex: C

2) Vicky Vixen & Sophia Jade - Blonde older woman Vicky is the housemother of this particular halfway establishment. We watch as she opens a bottle of wine in the middle of the afternoon before then doing some paperwork. After a while, she seeks out younger inmate Sophia, to ask her if she took care of Samantha’s arrival. No, apparently Sophia forgot that Samantha’s arrival was scheduled for today. Vicky decides to punish the girl, bending her over her bed and whacking her butt with a belt, and then with her hand. She then figures why not go ahead and have sex with the girl, which she proceeds to do. Vicky doesn’t seem particularly attracted to Sophia’s body, and the sex that follows is somewhat bland as they take turns going down on one another, along with some fingering and analingus by Vicky.

Set-up: B, casting: C-, sex: B-

3) Lea Lush & Annabelle Lee - Older woman Lea suspects that her bracelet has been stolen by younger Annabelle, and so she searches the girl’s room. Sure enough, there it is beneath her mattress! She then confronts Annabelle with the theft, and decides to punish the younger girl with lesbian sex. I LOVED how she first strips Annabelle completely nude, before then positioning her onto her elbows and knees atop her bed! Annabelle Lee is very good in the submissive role! Lea spanks and fondles the girl’s gorgeous butt, and appears to genuinely enjoy playing with her lovely, compliant body! On the negative side, it gets EXCESSIVELY PORNY all too quickly as she continually sticks her fingers up the younger girl’s orifices. Also, way too much fingering in general. But despite all that, this was easily my favorite scene on this DVD!

set-up: B+, casting: B+, sex: B

4) Samantha Ryan & Kinky Gaga - These are the two DVD cover girls. The ONLY POSSIBLE WAY to completely ruin a sub/dom women-in-prison-related encounter between a dominant-butch-woman and the pretty-submissive-femme-girl she desires would be to have both women COMPLETELY SWITCH PLACES with each other, and that’s EXACTLY what happens here! Pretty submissive-femme Samantha is tired of being bullied by the butchy-looking-predatory-lesbian Kinky Gaga, and so she instantly morphs into the dominant-predatory-lesbian-role, leaving the submissive-victim-role for the butch-girl! It’s COMPLETE CRAP! Imagine, if you will, a WIP film where the frightened pretty blonde newcomer suddenly begins DOMINATING the strict-lesbian-warden, her female-guards, and the-tough-butchy-inmates with punishment-lesbian sex! It’s just that stupid!

Set-up: D, casting: F, sex: C

I know the behind-the-scenes story about how Kinky Gaga was originally CAST in the aggressive-predatory-lesbian role for that final scene, but when it came time to shoot it she just didn’t feel comfortable dominating Samantha sexually, and so Nica kindly re-wrote it so that Kinky could have the submissive role. Well, IT DIDN’T WORK! She was TERRIBLE, and this entire video suffered as a result. My overall grade: C

A most interesting movie beautifully directed by Nica Noelle and with stars such as Samantha Ryan, Elexis Monroe and Annabelle Lee, this is a movie not to be missed. The plot centres around Samantha Ryan, newly released from jail to a half-way house and clearly annoyed at being jailed at all. Her arrival is greeted with harassment from the aggressively butch Kinky Gaga and the eager-to-please Lotus Lain. For her niceness, Lotus then has to enjoy some domination sex from Elexis Monroe. This is a very good scene and Elexis shows why she is still such a good performer.

Then drunken house mother Vicky Vixen takes her frustrations out on meek Sophie Jade. This again is a well done scene. Then Leah Lush catches thief Annabelle Lee and has some domination sex with her, much to Annabelle Lee’s pleasure. The sight of Annabelle in action on Leah’s pussy is a reminder of how good she is.

Then there is the last scene which has aroused argument. Personally I think Nica Noelle got it right with having Samantha Ryan as the dominant and the seemingly tough Kinky Gaga as the submissive, for these types of seemingly tough people are usually all puff and wind, and nothing more. Samantha I think is terrific as she humbles the house bully with her sexual prowess.

The only unfortunate thing about this film is that this is apparently Samantha Ryan’s last movie appearance, as she has decided to concentrate on a real estate career. For me Samantha has been amongst the very best of girl-girl actresses over the last ten years, with hundreds of great scenes. So thanks Samantha, and all the best.

As a film I thought this worth an ‘A’.

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