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A Mother's Secret ____________________________________
A Mother's Secret
I.D. dvd_7175, Adult
2016, TBA
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Nica Noelle
* $22.99 *

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Elexis Monroe, Kasey Warner, Ingrid Mouth, Jelena Jensen

Ships 5/18. Newly-divorced mom (Elexis Monroe) is struggling to forget a new life after daughter (Kasey Warner) goes away to college. But when the slender blonde teen comes home for winter break, she brings a new friend with her mysterious brunette Sevilla (Ingrid Mouth). As Mom's suspicions about her daughter's relationship with Sevilla grow, the lonely older woman fights her own disturbing attraction to the sexy young student. Starring Elexis Monroe, Ingrid Mouth, Kasey Warner, and Jelena Jensen. Featuring Max Sargent and Tommy Regan in non-sex cameos. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.

Fabulous,the best scene ever it´s Chase and Elexis

The good: As soon as the film started I could tell it was a Nica Noelle feature just by the shot of the fire. It was a beautiful feel of familiarity after all of the time that has passed since Nica's last girl-girl film. I loved how the story being told fit perfectly for the season and location. The dichotomy between Elexis' feelings and the setting brought the film to life and is so refreshing when everything except Euro porn is shot in sunbathed settings that are incredibly similar to one another. The casting is just phenomenal. Seeing Elexis after all of these years playing an older woman in one of Nica's features is a powerful feeling. I had only been familiar with Ingrid's would through Kink but here she was, in my opinion, the star of the show. All three of her scenes are incredible. She plays her character perfectly and the tension building from the beginning when Kasey brings her home to her and Elexis kissing is done with incredible care. Her singing on the swing alone is beautifully shot and you can feel the emotion in her voice. Plus the dream sequence of it blending from Ingrid to Kasey is so well done. I loved Kasey as well. I wasn't familiar with her before, but I really hope this won't be your last collaboration. Finally, even though it was a bonus scene, Elexis and Kasey's unscripted scene was a wonderful addition. It reminded me of Mason's Club 59 work where she'd interview the girls and just let them at each other. I'd be very interested in the future if Nica's able to shoot a lot more girl-girl for her to explore scenes like that as bonuses or a clip feature.

The only real constructive criticism I can give is that I felt that the scene between Kasey and Ingrid was about 5-10 minutes short. Their chemistry was off the charts and it's so refreshing for there to be a return to kissing in girl-girl, but for me, I felt like there could have been a little bit more to it. Since it was out of her hands scheduling-wise, I can't be upset about Jelena only having one scene. Hopefully with it looking like Nica can do more, she can get her back and shoot her again. Overall, I'd give it a 9.5/10 and it's my favorite release of the year so far.

Felt like a bait and switch on the final scene between Elexis and Kasey...the name of the movie's A Mother''s Secret, there's a dream sequence setting up the taboo encounter...and then the scene between the two is just unscripted with zero reference to the story of the movie? Letdown.

From the outset the sex was not obviously rooted in merely showing the viewer the actors' bodies or being obvious, all of it in fact was believably voyeuristic, I wasn't jarred into thinking either "that's a bit sudden to be getting to finger-banging" or "while I can see that girl's pussy very clearly, I just don't believe that the head she is getting is all that great considering that the angle is clearly just for the camera" - not even once!

I also had no problem seeing the connections between the sex and the story - sure it is porn, there is no need for a great deal of character development or dialogue, but it needs some, and we as viewers do need to believe that these people before us really want to have sex, and to believe that they really would have sex, more to the point. It all absolutely made sense to me enough narrative consistency and exposition to help me suspend my disbelief and then some.

In terms of the sex, I was overjoyed to hear the real sounds of cunnilingus, to see real fucking that completely conveyed passion between two people instead of a "set-up" designed to give me the best view possible of a vulva or some breasts. I loved the amount of kissing, and that it didn't stop when things started hotting up. At one point I could hear a dog barking in the background, and far from being jarring I thought "this is real".

NIca Noelle has made a film that made me believe that by some magic I was watching people who were entirely engaged in pleasing one another and having fantastic sex, rather than people who were going from "position a" to "move b", all the while contorting their bodies into the best position for the lights and the camera.

Honestly it was breathtaking.

For me this was a highly anticipated movie for at Girl Girl Nica Noelle was one of the best until she retired to make boy boy movies. Sadly what I saw was a copy of a not so good Forbidden Fruits film with three scenes. Yes the box art is wrong as this movie only has three scenes.

Why did I not like this movie? Firstly the plot was ridiculous with the scenes not matching the overfall plot.

Secondly Ingrid Mouth who is in all three scenes is totally lost in this movie as I see this is her first girl girl having only made bondage movies prior to this. If this had had Jenna J Ross Nica might got away with this movie but Ingrid Mouth no.

The sex I thought pretty ordinary and given the inexperience of the cast except Elexis and Jelena not surprising.

Scene one is at a college party with Ingrid and Jelena Jensen having drunken girl girl sex in the basement on a dirty camp bed. A scene to forget.

Scene two comes immediately after as the first was a flashback. Ingrid is staying with Kasey Warner at her mums for the college break and then immediately seduces Kasey. Up until this point Kasey was portrayed as a shy conservative girl but suddenly changes into expert lesbian in a second as Ingrid makes advances to her. Unbelievable.

Meanwhile Elexis who does not like or trust Ingrid and up until now has been on the phone telling people this suddenly has sex with her the moment they are left alone. Again unbelievable. I am a huge fan of Elexis and have been for years but this was not a good scene.

AS Ingrid waves goodbye before climbing into a cab up come the credits with no scene four

As one previous reviewer said “Letdown” Yes indeed what a disappointment is this whole movie.

Humble Opinion
In terms of previous reviews of "A Mother's Secret", I probably agree more with Eva than Peter.

Ingrid Mouth was clearly the star of this feature, since she is in three of the four scenes, and is the common character in all of the scenes that relate to the story.

Ingrid, to my mind, was a remarkable and versatile pussy eater.

In my favorite scene, with Jelena Jensen, Ingrid is voluptuous and hungry as she eats out Jelena. The beginning is stunning. We watch Ingrid hungrily sucking and kissing Jelena's neck and exposed breasts, as she slowly strips the standing Jelena, Ingrid buries her face into Jelena's pussy, and we watch Jelena Jensen groan and grind on Ingrid's mouth until she cums. We then watch Jelena slowly slide down the wall, her long legs and thick thighs no longer able to support her weight.

With Kasey Warner, who is Ingrid's dorm roommate and new lover at school, Ingrid masterfully encloses her whole body around the smaller Kasey, and makes the young girl cum over and over again, before relenting and letting Kasey begin to please her.

And finally with Elexis Monroe Kasey’s mother in the film Ingrid is visibly softer with Elexis, more "mutual" in her lovemaking. This was probably my least favorite scene in the story part of the film, primarily because there is no apparent reluctance or conflict on either character's part during any part of the sex. The sex is very good, with Elexis impressive in how she was able to make Ingrid "cry-out" a very arousing orgasm.

The "bonus" scene was just okay as far as I was concerned. I could certainly see why it was not connected to the story itself with Elexis supposed to be Kasey's biological mom. But as a simple straight-up sex scene, I thought there was a lack of passion and connection between the two, that was needed to make up for the lack of a story line.

All in all I would recommend this movie for a look at Ingrid Mouth, who I thought was an excellent lesbian performer.

Two scenes is how I review every movie. The highlight of this was Elexis Monroe. Her scenes are the final two but they were the best!

Elexis Monroe/Ingrid Mouth. After her daughter has sex with a friend in a basement (I think?) Elexis falls asleep. Ingrid kisses her, but then her daughter wakes her up. It was a dream! Then she leaves with her dad. Ingrid and Elexis realize they are alone. A short chat turns into hot sex between the two of them! Grade: B+

Elexis Monroe/Kasey Wagner This is a mother wanting sex again but only her daughter is left in the house. (A Bonus scene here!) Great one anyway!

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