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Lesbian Psychodramas 21 - Messed Up! ____________________________________
Lesbian Psychodramas 21 - Messed Up!
I.D. dvd_7185, Adult
2016, 2+ Hours Per Studio
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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This title begins shipping 5/3/16.

Drama to the highest degree!
Vanessa Veracruz & Shyla Ryder
Chanel Preston & Remy Lacroix
Vanessa Veracruz & Aaliyah Love
shyla Jennings & Mercedes Carrera

I have been watching the last few episodes of this series with a sort of awed fascination trying to determine whether this is good entertainment of just pure bad taste. Now there is this episode which appears to be written by someone on drugs who then got drunk so strange is it.

The first scene starts with Vanessa Veracruz in bed reading the good book when Shauna Ryder comes in in a bodice top and no panties. Vanessa obsessed as she is with girls then has sex with her. A nice scene. Scene two has Vanessa’s friend Remy La Croix coming to the door and then seduced by evil mother Chanel Preston. Again a good scene.

From here on the movie goes haywire with Vanessa being excommunicated from the Catholic Church for being a lesbian, then peeing in her bed sending Chanel Preston and her sister Aaliyah Love berserk with rage forcing Vanessa to put on sanitary panties. This causes Vanessa to create herself the new Pope of the church of lesbianism and then appoint Mercedes Carrera first a pastor then Bishop with the first parishioners being Shyla Jennings and Jenna Sativa (not billed).

Meanwhile back home Chanel fancies another baby and tells Aaliyah she is going to have strap on sex with Vanessa and make her pregnant with Grandpa’s sperm and then when the baby is born Vanessa will be certified as insane. How is that for a plot and I wonder which drug the script writer took?

Scene three is Aaliyah with the copy of the good book in arm (the strap on with Grandpa’s sperm is inside) coming into Vanessa’s room (she is also reading the good book) and then they have sex with Aaliyah pressing the button on the strap on at the right moment

Scene four is Bishop Carrera hearing Shyla Jennings confession in bed but dressed in her priestly robes. After Shyla confesses to not liking grandma’s fudge on Fridays it is the sacrament of lesbian love with Shyla eating Bishop Carrera out splendidly then sitting on her face.

The film ends with Vanessa finding out she is pregnant from Grandpa’s sperm and totally confused by how things have turned out. Vanessa you are not alone with such a bizarre plot.

What to say? Quite frankly I think Girlfriends Films have gone too far for this is just pure bad taste. Still I probably will watch the next edition to see what bizarre twist this series will take. Put simply this series has become horrifyingly fascinating with the Chanel Preston character becoming like some MILF gone berserk.. As for poor Vanessa Veracruz for the downtrodden character she plays is quite touching.

Finally what happened to Jenna Sativa who appears briefly when Pope Vanessa is giving her first sermon? Maybe she decided to read the script and then said “Thanks but no thanks”. Most likely she will be in the next episode.

Sometimes I recommend the films I review. Not this one for only you can know whether you want to watch a film like this. If the answer is yes, then you must see episode 20 as they are part of the same story with very much the same cast.

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