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Lesbian Analingus 09 ____________________________________
Lesbian Analingus 09
I.D. dvd_7200, Adult
2016, TBA
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli
* $22.99 *

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5-Star Film! 

Kenna James, Abella Danger, Rachael Madori, Dana Vespoli, Anikka Albrite, Zoey Taylor, Luna Star, Yhivi

This title begins shipping 5/4/16.

The latest volume of this popular series features four sexy vignettes featuring enthusiastic ass eating. High society girl Zoey Taylor can't let go of her ex-boyfrienda guy from the wrong side of the tracks. His sister comes over to tell Zoey to lay off the pleading love notes, but discovers that Zoey has other things in mind...Curvy Anikka Albrite can't pin down her attorney girlfriend Dana Vespoli for even a moment to chat, let alone fuck. Things come to ahead when Dana rebuffs Anikka for the last time...Kenna James has had enough of sorority sister Abella Danger's shenanigans. Abella has been anonymously talking trash online about prissy Kenna. The two have it out, and Abella discovers that Kenna actually has a dark side...Finally, porn newcomer Yhivi finds out that she will be performing lesbian ass-eating for the very first time, and panicks! Fortunately, veteran pervert Rachael Madori gives her in depth lessons...

Abby Fan #1
Here is my review.

This is my favorite series. This personal kink really does it for me. The fact that each scene has a lot of what I am looking for, really helps in my enjoyment. Did this entry live up to expectations?

Scene one: Stars Luna Star and Zoey Taylor. This is not a good scene. The greatest sin committed here, is how generic the setup is. This series scenes are at their best, when the setup leads the action to analingus. Making the setup cheeky you might say. :) Here it is just a mistaken love identity setup. Love letters one girl mistakes to be for her brother, but instead are for her. Nothing in this sets up the butthole licking fest that will ensue.

Next thing is the girls don't have good chemistry. Both play it porny. Not lets have sexy fun porny, but just go through the motions porny. They don''t really strike me as very into it, or each other. Good thing every scene after this will be much better. Final verdict = D+

Scene two: This is one of the greatest of all time! Actually it serves as a sequel to a scene in another Lesbian analingus. In that one Dana Vespoli, gets a girl to cheat on her husband, so that she can lick her butthole for 90 seconds. Shockingly Anikka Albrite doesn''t stop her, and the rest is history. This one finds them stuck in a rut. Anikka Albrite complains of the lack of butthole licking. Which Dana promised to do for the rest of their lives! This is such a good setup. Very, very cheeky! :)

These two have had sex before, and it shows! The way they go at it is something to behold. It is equal parts tender, dirty, loving, and sexy! This is the best scene of the bunch, and worth the price of admission. Final Verdict = A+

Scene Three: Stars Kenna James and Abella Danger. These two girls are beautiful. Something about their looks just pairs so well. The setup is great, but short. One girl calls the other a prude on Social Media. The girl, in an attempt to prove she is not, burst out that she licks Buttholes. Then gets embarrassed. But this (again shockingly) leads to the girls tasting each others butts. It works really well. They seem to be having fun. Again something about this pairing, the looks, the voices, and the contrast just really adds something here. The sex is playful and sexy. Final Verdict = A-

Scene Four: Stars Rachael Madori and Yhivi. Set up is a pornstar is scared when she finds out on set that the scene, is a lesbian analingus scene. It takes her costar, on the side, showing her how great it is, to help her feel comfortable. It is a good setup, but the scene didn''t play out as good as it could have. My opinion is that Rachael Madori, just doesn''t know how to play the reluctant star. It isn''t a bad scene, but just barely misses out from being something very special. Final Verdict = B-

I cannot say it enough. The Dana and Anikka scene needs to be viewed. If this type of video is up your alley, then please get this release. Now bring on the next volume!

Anon in Bama
I generally enjoy any video where lesbian women pay lots of loving attention to the beautiful derrieres of pretty-young-girls, but I'm NOT a fan of INSTANT ANALINGUS, which is my description for when a lesbian woman completely IGNORES the curvy butt of a girl so that she can instead concentrate entirely on the ass-crack of the girl! That is overly mechanical & excessively porny, at least in my opinion!

As for this particular video, I thought that the set-ups were all across-the-board HORRENDOUS, and that they would have the misfortune to drag everything else down with them. Seriously, if Dana Vespoli wrote ANY of these intros, then perhaps it is time for her to stick to acting from now on and leave the writing to others! These were just TERRIBLE! But rather than complain, I will instead just tell you what all happens and allow you to make up your own minds...

1) Zoey Taylor & Luna Star - Rich girl Zoey is dating David, a poor hispanic guy from East L.A. The sister of David (Luna) suddenly shows-up unexpectedly where Zoey lives to angrily confront the wealthy girl. "You and my brother have nothing in common!" Zoey then blurts-out that it is NOT David with whom she is interested in - but Luna! And, of course, this revelation changes everything. Instant lesbianism ensues, complete with both girls sticking their tongues up the butt of the other girl. Aside from the nice interracial contrast, I thought that this scene was a complete bust.

set-up: D, casting: A-, sex: C

2) Dana Vespoli & Anikka Albrite - These two are already a lesbian couple, already living together, and already sharing the same bed. Divorce attorney Dana is ignoring her beautiful young lover because she is overloaded at work, and Anikka is upset about it. The gorgeous blonde becomes even more upset when she discovers a close-up pic of the ass-crack of another woman on the cellphone that belongs to Dana. Is that porny enough for you? Anyway, that night in bed, she confronts Dana about it, and they talk & talk with Dana apologizing before then mechanically performing instant-analingus on the beautiful blonde girl. And, of course, Anikka immediately returns the favor, sticking her face up the behind of her older lover! Seriously, how is it even POSSIBLE to ruin a scene with a natural-domme like Dana Vespoli paired with an incredibly hot submissive-blonde-girl like Anikka Albrite? Was this INTENTIONAL? Did Dana Vespoli possibly make a bet with somebody that she could completely sabotage a sapphic-pairing featuring these two? If so, she WINS her bet! She definitely succeeded!

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

3) Kenna James & Abella Danger - These are the two DVD cover-girls. Pretty college coed Kenna in unhappy to learn that her sorority-sister Abella has posted online gossip saying that Kenna is a "prude!" When the pretty girl confronts Abella, they get to arguing, with Kenna defending herself by suddenly blurting-out: "I eat ass!" Abella says that is just gross, so Kenna insists upon showing her that it is not, by eating the ass of Abella! How can ANYBODY tell me in all seriousness that this is in any ways quality-writing? It is XXX-garbage-porn, pure & simple. Both girls take turns eating the behind of the other girl. Seriously, Dana? This is the BEST you could come up with?

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: C

4) Rachael Madori & Yhivi - These two girls have an excellent butch/femme contrast going, but that potential will be completely trashed by more horrible scripting. Pretty femme Yhivi comes downstairs wearing skimpy green lingerie. So far, so good. But then we discover that she is about to appearing in a "lesbian-ass-worship video" being directed by Dana Vespoli. We even get to watch as one of the male production crew prepares for the shoot! No, I am not kidding! Shortly thereafter, butchy-actress Rachael appears on set, also decked-out in sexy, frilly feminine lingerie, and helps to calm Yhivi by performing lesbian-analingus on the girl, and allowing her to then do the same for her! Really, really LAME!

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: D

It was a HUGE MISTAKE for me to purchase and watch this one. Dana Vespoli has written & directed some duds before, but I would rate this one the ABSOLUTE WORST! It was a mechanical, horribly-written, un-erotic MESS, at least in the opinion of this reviewer! Others feel free to disagree. My grade: C-

Dana Vespoli has created some of the best lesbian content ever. Sadly I must agree with Anon, this is one of the worst lesbian videos ever.

I have seen and enjoyed all of the eight previous editions of this excellent series created by Dana Vespoli. I am not an anal fan as the usual anal movie has masses of toys and fisting. Added to this, lesbian anal movies tend to be domination movies. None of this do I like. Dana Vespoli in this series gives you ass licking and fingering mixed in with the usual lesbian sex and I have found these are just to my taste. I realise to the hard anal fans such a movie must be a letdown which is why each edition of this series usually attracts a number of negative reviews.

For me this movie was exactly what I expected and I loved every moment of it. Dana Vespoli here has done the perfect job with a most excellent cast to produce a really excellent film. Along with her recent Girls Kissing Girls 19 she has delivered the perfect movie.

Scene one has Luna Star having an argument with rich girl Zoey Monroe over her brother. However it seems Zoey really wants Luna and soon they are into love making which includes some excellent ass worship. This is a really good scene.

Scene two is a masterpiece scene with Anikka Albrite arguing with her workaholic lawyer girlfriend Dana Vespoli about being neglected. Anikka and her ass it seems need constant worshiping and Dana has fallen down on the job. Dana is a divorce lawyer so she knows all about relationship breakup so is into Anikka in a flash. Anikka as all would know has an ass that is exceptional and Dana does a truly magnificent job of ass adoration ass licking as well as some truly superb pussy eating that has Anikka groaning with pleasure. Dana may be a superb director but she is also a superb performer and her feasting on Anikka’s ass and pussy is a sight to behold. A truly epic scene.

Scene three has Kenna James proving to Abella Danger that she is no prude as she eats out her ass and pussy is truly epic style. Abella has a truly superb ass and Kenna does it superb justice just as Abella really returns her appreciation. These two are totally terrific together.

Scene four has rookie porn star Yhivi finding that she is in an ass adoration movie and does not have a clue as to what to do. Co-star Rachel Madori however certainly does and by scenes end young Yhivi is an expert and loving it. Some of the ass and pussy licking just has to be seen to be believed so good is it.

This is a simply superb movie quite one of Dana Vespoli’s best ever Lesbian Analingus movies. The cast were all superb but the Anikka Dana scene is one for the ages.

In summary if you like this series this is not to be missed especially as there are no toys.

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