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What's My Specialty? ____________________________________
What's My Specialty?
I.D. dvd_7202, Adult
2016, TBA
Fantasy Massage
Directed by Stills By Alan

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Abby Cross, Alix Lynx, Amanda Tate, Charlotte Stokely, India Summer, Penny Pax, Selena Santana, Tasha Reign, Vanessa Veracruz

This title begins shipping 5/3/16.

Life often throws us under the bus, and sometimes our whole livelihood is turned on a dime. Penny Pax has been through all of this, and this time she’s resolved to do something that makes her happy. She’s studying to become a masseuse, but in a world that forces us to decide how to give it your all, she needs to decide on a specialty. Vanessa Veracruz is eager to help her discover that she’s already an amazing pussy licker, so why not combine the two, and give the world’s finest All Girl Massage. Being a lesbian at work, has it’s advantages after all, look at India Summer, or Tasha Reign for example. how else could they convince their clients and employees to be better, and learn their life lessons if they couldn’t start with the basics? following pleasure, relaxation and eating some juicy pussy! A Fantasy Massage film.

This I loved every delicious moment of with five truly superb scenes with performances that could not be faulted.

Scene one was obviously made during the filming of “Business of Women” with stressed out boss India Summer wanting a report from assistant Charlotte Stokely and not getting it. What India receives instead is a massage and some truly excellent sex from Charlotte. Both India and Charlotte are simply superb in this as is the sex.

Scene two has rookie masseuse Penny Pax practising on Vanessa Veracruz (how did you manage that Penny). Vanessa is totally gorgeous in this while Penny is at her bumble foot best as they lurch to a bout of quite magnificent sex. Oh dear is this a superb scene with Penny Pax quite magnificent? Yes indeed with Vanessa looking so hot it hurts.

Normally I dislike Tashe Reign but here with Alix Lynx she is very good. Alix is a nervous blonde and puts every man off she dates with her desperation for the date to be a success. Just getting to the Massage parlour is a triumph as she drops everything and stumbles into every object she can. Tashe is the super confident masseuse who blindfolds Alix during the massage then seduces her filling Alix with confidence. Alix Lynx is just superb as the bumbling blonde who leaves a trail of disaster wherever she goes.

Scene four has newly engaged Amanda Tate receiving a massage from Abby Cross after just moving in with her boyfriend/Fiancée. Abby finds out in the chit chat that Amanda has only had the boyfriend as a lover and not a very good one at that. Soon Amanda has lover no 2 as Abby shows her what she has missed b not being with a girl. Abby Cross I always like and she is just superb especially so when she does a brilliant trib on Amanda. Talk about the gates of paradise being opened as Amanda discovers sex as she never imagined it.

Scene five sees the return of Penny Pax as an inspector checking out Selena Santana’s Parlour. Penny in this is totally cool and efficient and has a massage to check out the massage skills of Selena. Selena wants to do everything by the book but Penny wants a happy ending and virtually demands it. Once Selena a totally gorgeous Latin young lady warms to the idea it is super sex on a Japanese large massage table.

All five scenes in this were just magical with hot sex and humour. Impossible to fault and as for Penny Pax she was just awesome in both her scenes. Then there was the direction of Stills By Alan who was at his tip top best. In short just a totally superb movie.

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