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Telepathy ____________________________________
I.D. dvd_7214, Adult
2016, TBA
Directed by Bree Mills & Stills by Alan

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Mia Malkova, Cassidy Klein, Adriana Chechik, Karla Kush, Samantha Rone, AJ Applegate

This title begins shipping 5/3/16.

A Mantis Origin Story. From the now legendary lesbian studio that brought you The Business of Women, and The Turning, comes Telepathy A MANTIS Origin Story, an exciting bridge between the tantalizing lesbian Epics leading up to the unfolding of Project Pandora from the mind of producer Bree Mills and director Stills By Alan.

Telepathy is a thigh busting story of actress Mia Malkova who, under the influence of a mutated strain of the lesbian virus we now know as Dr. Elixor's Blooming Tea. Lesbianism is only one of the effects derived from the woman made virus. Mia's reaction gives her the ability to read the minds of the women she meets. Witness a corporate battle between a Conservative organisation called AWAL, and the progressive homo-supportive secret agency MANTIS in this heavy and wet tale, as we follow MIa from her first moment on set, with the real "Turning" patient zero Halle White (Adriana Chechik), to the final stage of MANTIS, using her new gift to begin yet another chain of events led by her miraculous gift of intuition that bring us to a culmination of corporate lesbian revenge!

This is a companion movie to Girlsways other films Project Pandora and the Turning all of which fit into Telepathy. To say that the plot of this is imaginative is an understatement for it really stretches the bounds of credibility. Never the less this is a totally engrossing and exciting movie with five truly superb lesbian sex scenes.

The plot concerns and organisation called Mantis whose aim is to convert America to a lesbian society by the spread of a virus that turns god fearing straight women into lesbians. Head agent for this project is Cassidy Klein with Mia Malkova as a movie star who is going to appear in a movie about how the American Women Against Lesbians (AWAL) thinks they have overcome the virus.

Scenes one and two are about how Cassidy Klein seduces Karla Kush and A J Applegate two step straight step sisters to start the spread of the virus. Scene one is Cassidy Klein and Karla Kush is a very hot first time lesbian sex scene. Then other step sister A J Applegate comes home and scene two is a three-way with A Js arse getting some splendid attention.

Scene three has Mia turning up to start the movie and drinking the lesbian infected bottle of water intended for lesbian plague survivor Adriana Chechick whom Mantis want to convert back to being a lesbian. Thus Mia turns into the lesbian seducing co-star and Mantis Agent Samantha Rone. With the lesbian virus in the water comes the ability by Mia to read the thoughts of other women, something she tells agent Cassidy for another bout of super lesbian sex.

As such Mia is sent to seduce Adriana which she does all the while Adriana calling out I am a good Christian Woman so I dont want your filthy sex Oh god I am going to cum.

A farfetched plot or total garbage? Well if it is total garbage it is great entertainment and I loved it. Personally I thought it a great piece if imaginative film making and one that lots of people I would think will enjoy. Then there is the lesbian sex which in all five scenes is just magnificent with Mia Malkova and Cassidy Klein who both appear in three of the five scenes in totally hot form.

Stills By Alan and Bree Mills really hit all the right buttons in making this a truly superb entertaining movie. Once started impossible to stop.

In summary if you liked Project Pandora or the Turning then this is for you. This is different and really is an excellent change to the normal girl girl movie. It superbly performed with Mia Malkova in particular at her delightful totally cute best.

Humble Opinion
I enjoyed this DVD quite a bit. Cassidy Klein is in 3 of the 5 scenes, and she is very entertaining, even in the non-sex set-ups as Agent Klein of MANTIS.

There is a bit of a disconnect between the first two scenes and the last three in that in the first two, Agent Klein is attempting to "recruit" two stepsisters who share a house together to agree to pretending that they are lesbians so that Klein's supposed studio can pay for the renovation of their home. In the last three scenes, lesbianism and homosexuality in general are a crime against society and punishable. In any event, Karla Kush and Cassidy Klein have a terrific scene together, and when stepsister A.J. Applegate happens upon the two naked, and going at it on the living couch, she is soon coaxed into joining-in for the sake of a re-modeled house.

The last three scenes are more or less a continuation of "The Turning" movie, with MANTIS attempting to re-turn Adriana Chechik to her lesbian roots after being brainwashed by the anti-gay forces of AWAL.

In he Mia Malkova/Adriana Chechik scene Adriana resists and then succumbsand then resists again only to succumb again to Mia's insistent presence. This cycle goes on throughout, and makes for a very hot scene.

Mia''s scene with Cassidy Klein was also terrific. The only weak spot for me was the Mia Malkova/Samantha Rone scene, which was okay, but not as hot as the other scenes, in my opinion.

The two slightly negative comments that I would make are that, one, the sex here is a bit too frantic much of the time. It fit into the set-up of the Mia/Adriana scene, but for many of the other scenes, the sex might have benefited from a little bit slower pace. (this, I think, was part of my problem with the Mia/Samantha scene). The other minor complaint would be that all of the sex scenes take place on either couches or large easy chairs. A bed would have been nice, especially for the scene between Cassidy Klein and Mia Malkova.

But these are both quibbles. This movie was fun and very sexy.

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