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One Small Step ____________________________________
One Small Step
I.D. dvd_7230, Adult
2016, TBA
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Alis Locanta

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Mango A, Talia Mint, Patricy, Lola, Taylor Sands, Lorena B, Alexa Tomas, Henessy A

This begins shipping 5/3/16.

Celebrated director Alis Locanta takes the helm at Viv Thomas with "One Small Step", a stylish introduction to his work. Superstar Mango also makes her Viv Thomas debut in the opening episode, commiserating with Talia Mint about her complicated love life. Mango's sympathetic touch becomes amorous, developing into a prolonged kiss. Talia straddles Mango's face to get her pussy eaten until she is gasping with delight, her nipples diamond-hard. She masturbates over Mango's face until she's at the brink of orgasm, then rocks her hips as she rides Mango's probing tongue to ecstasy. Talia sucks Mango's stiff nipples and goes down to eat her to a powerful climax.

In episode two, Lola and Patricy are in the gym when Lola confesses her feelings and suddenly kisses her friend. Patricy is momentarily shocked, but then responds with ardour. She leads Lola to the bedroom, licking and fingering her to a climax so overwhelming her legs buckle.

Episode three finds Taylor Sands anxious that her girlfriend will find out she cheated. Her seductress Lorena soothes her with a kiss that starts gentle but grows increasingly passionate. Taylor pushes Lorena against the wall roughly, tugging down her panties and grinding against her. Lorena rides Taylor's mouth as she gets eaten and fingered, Taylor spinning her around to do her from behind even harder. Later, Taylor confesses that it's not the first time she has cheated on her girlfriend. As she describes her previous encounter to Lorena, she straddles her lap, then lies back to get eaten and finger-banged to ecstasy.

In the final episode, Henessy is complaining to sexy Alexa Tomas about her controlling girlfriend when they start to kiss. Henessy feels guilty, but also excited as she thinks about what they have done Alexa catches her masturbating and grabs her in an ardent embrace. She sucks and fingers Henessy to a froth of excitement, then flips her over and licks her ass as Henessy diddles her own pussy to an intense orgasm. Alexa performs a slow striptease, and Henessy kneels to eat her pussy and ass, then rubs her to an explosive climax.

"One Small Step" is a treat that connoisseurs of high-class lesbian erotica will certainly not want to miss.

I realised when Alis Locanto took over Directing from Guy Sblattero at Viv Thomas there would be a change in style. However I never realised how different that would be. Now instead of one movie you get four mini movies with eight sets of credits one at the start and one at the end of each of the four mini films all with pounding piano music and the girls in the mini movies all gyrating slowly as they give the camera “meaningful” looks.

All four mini films are the same as they are about one girl staying with a friend as she has a problem with her girlfriend. Then the guest and the girl she is staying with have sex all in slow motion with an interval for psychoanalysis of lesbian relationships. As each girl climaxes the loud pounding piano music comes on again. The sex scenes are filmed at a distance by a motionless camera with only in the last close ups of the action.

Then there is a kiss goodbye at the door all to more romantic piano music. Whenever the camera is moved the screen goes blank. All four scenes are set in an apartment with the chit chat. a kissing scene, then the slow motion sex with the interval then the kiss goodbye at the door. The total absolute lack of imagination displayed in this movie is breathtaking especially when you consider the superb cast assembled.

What about the cast you may well ask? Given that little in the way of acting is required and the sex is filmed at a distance it is hard to say. I am a Lola fan but she hardly had an opportunity and her sex scenes were in the dark so you could not see the lovemaking. Much was made of Mango A and Talia Mint in the first scene but again they had no chance to shine. Lorena B was in scene three and she is eaten out by Taylor Sands standing up all filmed at a distance so you saw none of the sex.

Much of the film is taken up with watching eight sets of credits all to the same pounding piano music. As for this film being erotic the stop start nature of the sex and the reliance on a stationary camera filming the scene at a distance destroyed that possibility. If you want erotic lesbian sex this movie is not the place to find it which is a shame given the cast and what they can do.

One can only hope Alis Locanto does better in his next Viv Thomas. I can remember that Guy Sblattero in his first Viv Thomas made a poor film so here is hoping for Alis Locanto. Finally please no more eight sets of credits and the same piano music over and over.

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