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Creepers Family, The 06 ____________________________________
Creepers Family, The 06
I.D. dvd_7247, Adult
2015, TBA
Girlfriends Films

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Bree Daniels & Elle Alexandra, Syren De Mer & Veronica Snow, Angela Sommers & Ariella Ferrera, Angela Sommers & Annika Albrite.

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Welcome To The Dark Side

The Dark, Dysfunctional, Creepy Side Of Lesbian Love At It's Best!

Over 2 Hours

Anon in Bama
This series is one huge & enormously boring soap opera, interspersed with vignettes of formulaic lesbian sex. Episode six opens with two women in a kitchen... the blonde says something suggestive about a banana, and dark-haired Zoey responds by going berserk. WHY? I do not know, nor do I care.

Next, we watch as a red-haired girl walks up to a house and talks with the blonde girl inside about how she likes it when people purchase clothes for her. These two continue talking for another seven-and-a-half minutes about nothing. Eventually, they discuss lesbian sex.

1) Bree Daniels & Elle Alexander - And, of course, in the world of really crappy scriptwriting, whenever two girls discuss lesbianism, that means that they are now free to engage one another in bland, everyday lez-sex, which is what happens here. Elle goes down on Bree and fingers her, with Bree then returning the favor. It is a typical, poorly-directed, poorly written GFF scene.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

2) Syren de Mer & Veronica Snow - Before this scene begins, we watch as Anikka Albrite questions Angela Sommers for a full seven-minutes about Zoey. Who gives a shit? After that is over, Veronica shows up at the house where Syren lives, and they proceed to talk for a good nine-minutes. And no, NONE of this is interesting conversation, nor is it in any ways erotic! After they are finished talking, they proceed to go upstairs to have bland, mechanical, formulaic sex with one another.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C

3) Angela Sommers & Ariella Ferrera - Ariella shows hot-blonde Angela around her house. Angela likes the Spanish tiles on the floor. They discuss Uncle Claudio and his crazy wife Zoey. Again, who gives a shit? That night, blonde Angela shows up in the bedroom of the other woman, and offers her a massage. She then massages her without even undressing her first! Then she grabs at the crotch of Ariella, fingering her over her sweatpants. Porn-sex follows, complete with tribbing, fingering, & analingus.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C-

4) Angela Sommers & Anikka Albrite - This scene opens with Angela flirting with beautiful blonde Anikka, complete with long, uncomfortable pauses, while both women try and figure out what it is that they are supposed to be doing. Eventually, Angela offers Anikka a long gown hanging in her closet, which Anikka puts on so that they can continue this clumsy, poorly-directed seduction. Anikka is an incredibly hot younger woman, but Angela was TERRIBLY-cast as the older, more dominant woman trying to have sex with her.

set-up: F, cast: B+, sex: C

The writing & directing at Girlfriends Films is non-existent. That company is clearly stretched way too thin, but so long as they can find loyal fans who will continue to praise their videos nothing is going to change. This one was just bad all around. My grade: C-

Humble Opinion
If you are a fan of the gorgeous blonde, Angela Sommers, and this release passed you by, I would urge you to consider checking it out.

Angela Sommers is in two of the four scenes. Angela plays the sexy sly slut to perfection always on the hunt for new "pussy", and catty and snide about any woman she considers "competition". That said, Angela''s two scenes could not be more different in vibe.

As the guest of Ariella Ferrera, Angela is constantly seductive and slinky, wearing revealing clothing that barely covers her mouth-watering frame. When Angela insinuates herself into Ariella's bedroom at bedtime, the more conservative, but voluptuous Ariella is helpless to fend off Angela's advances. Once Angela has made Ariellla cum, however, Angela finds herself in bed with a tigress. Ariella and Angela are both at their best, grappling and wrestling with each other, endlessly trading orgasms. Midway through the scene, both women are glistening with sweat, their hair disheveled but they "keep after" each other. A truly wonderful scene.

Angela''s scene with Anikka Albrite is equally heated, but in a more sensuous way. Anikka's soft sweet beauty and sexuality makes for a wonderful contrast to Angela's more lustful nature, and slows down the lovemaking wonderfully. There are several moments in this scene where Angela Sommers and Anikka Albrite and wrapped in each other's arms humping and grinding on each other's gorgeous bodies. Another very excellent scene.

Shy, petite Bree Daniels has called her tall lanky beautiful friend, Elle Alexandra over to her house to check out some clothes that she is giving away. Hesitant talk by Bree doesn''t fool Elle for a secondshe's got Bree's "number". Though Bree denies it, Bree has been "experimenting" with girls recently, and Elle knows that Bree only called her over when her parents aren't homeso she can tantalize her way into Elle's pants. The thing is though, Elle wants that too, so Elle drags Bree into her own bedroom, and pushes herself onto Bree. The sight of both girls, hot for each other but relatively inexperienced about what to do, makes for a very enjoyable and arousing scene.

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