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Bad Lesbian 05: Temptation ____________________________________
Bad Lesbian 05: Temptation
I.D. dvd_7274, Adult
2016, 2+ Hours Per Studio
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Misha Cross, Sovereign Syre, Jenna J Ross, Ava Dalush, Aaliyah Love, Prinzzess, Jeanie Marie Sullivan

Ships 5/18. Good lesbians turned bad lesbians. Good girls learn to be bad lesbians.

Scene Listing:
Misha Cross & Sovereign Syre
Jenna J Ross & Avea Dalush
Aaliyah Love & Prinzzess
Prinzzess & Jeanie Marie Sullivan

This is a most interesting movie and Girlfriends Films should be applauded for making a totally different movie. It is about a young Amish girl Prinzzess who while working in the fields sees two girls having lesbian sex and confused tries to understand this by visiting a friend. Prinzzess in this gives quite one of her best performances and really makes this movie.

The only problem with this movie is the screenplay which can be Girlfriends Films Achilles heel with their movies. Still rather than having a go at Girlfriends at what I think is wrong with this movie I think it better to say what is so good about this. When someone tries a new theme I think they should be encouraged and not have their film torn to shreds.

Scene one as Prinzzess while working in the fields of an Amish farm coming across a nude Sovereign Syre and Micha Cross having sex by a pool and overwhelmed by the beauty of it feels totally confused. Scene two has Prinzzess seeing Aaliyah Love a lapsed Amish girl who has decided that she wants a free life. Aaliyah in this is excellent

In scene two Prinzzess finds two of the girls staying there Jenna J Ross and Ava Dalush teasing her for her Amish ways then having sex. Both are good in a repulsive sort of way which is what this scene clearly intends to show what Prinzzess does not want.

Scene three has Prinzzess talking to Aaliyah about her feelings and Aaliyah showing her how to have lesbian sex which Prinzzess is enjoying until Jenna and Ava burst in and laugh at her causing Prinzzess to leave upset.

In Scene four happiness comes to Prinzzess as she meets Jeane Marie Sullivan who she likes and makes love with. A very nice scene with both models really good in this scene of girls understanding their feelings and awakening love.

The film ends with Prinzzess writing to her mother telling her she intends to stay with Aaliyah for as long as she is welcome for she is trying to understand what happiness is. All told a thoughtful and interesting movie with Prinzzess stepping up a level in performance to anything she has done previously. In this she very nicely portrays the anguish of a young woman brought up with certain beliefs finding in herself something she cannot understand.

As I have said the script could have been better but never the less this is a DVD well worth the watch. I have now watched all this series and except for no 2 all are really interesting and challenging movies. Clearly this is a series where Girlfriends throws away the mould of its other series and makes really innovative movies.

Humble Opinion
I would call this movie something of a "missed opportunity". Peter does a good job of describing the plot, and I agree that Prinzzess is very good at playing the insecure, nervous Amish girl who eyes and libido are being opened up, in the outside world. For example, after being discovered having lesbian sex with Aaliyah Love, and being teased by Ava Dalush and Jenna J. Ross, we see the naked Prinzzess curled up in a ball in the hallway, trembling, with her face down-turned ashamed to look up at anything or anyone. The problem, and "shame" is that the writing, and the sex scenes themselves often don't support that level of acting on Prinzzess's part.

The first scene, between Sovereign Syre and Misha Cross is aptly described by Peter, but for me anyway, it felt too anonymous who are these girls? The point of the scene evidently is that it leads Prinzzess to deciding that she wants to explore the "outside world" a bit, but the Sovereign/Misha scene which was not necessarily a bad scene in itself nonetheless felt like it belonged in another movie.

The Ava Dalush/Jenna J. Ross scene was excellent. I had forgotten how much I enjoy watching Ava Dalushher awesome body, pretty face, and delightful demeanor really make her a top star in my book, and I have missed her. Jenna J. Ross is her usual naughty self who entices Ava to do bad things.

Aaliyah Love and Prinzzess have a terrific scene together, as well. Aaliyah is sexy and sweet with the nervous Prinzzess, and beautifully helps Prinzzess to explore her first masturbation and then to proceed to initiate Prinzzess into lesbian love. This Prinzzess/Aaliyah Love scene is not quite the equal to their scene in WSW 108, but it is close.

Finally, I thought that the Jeanie Marie Sullivan/Prinzzess scene suffered from Jeanie not being a more experienced lesbian performer. Jeanie has been in Adult for years, but doing almost solely boy/girl. This scene, imo, needed an experienced lesbian performer to make it work for the plot someone who could take the "shaken-up" young Amish girl, to help Prinzzess to face her fears and her desires (otherwise all the drama that you have put Prinzzess through is basically wasted, which was ultimately and unfortunately the case). Having said that, it is not a bad sex scene. But, due to Jeanie's lack of experience with lesbian fare, Prinzzess has to carry the load of the progression in action from softness to lust. Prinzzess is able to do that flawlessly, of course, but at the sacrifice of the character that she had created previously.

An interesting movie that had two excellent scenes, I thought, and one good one (the Prinzzess/Jeanie Marie Sullivan scene).

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