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First Time Stories ____________________________________
First Time Stories
I.D. dvd_7275, Adult
2016, TBA
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Director

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5-Star Film! 

Taylor Sands, Lola, Henessy, Lea Guerlin, Mango, Talia Mint, Nekane

Ships 5/18.. 'First Time Stories' captures eight beautiful girls exploring exciting new experiences as they express their burgeoning sexuality. In the opening episode, adorable blonde Lola takes a romantic trip with her cute girlfriend Taylor Sands. They sip champagne in the bathtub of their hotel suite, before Lola dresses up in sexy lingerie and leads Taylor to bed. She sucks Taylor's nipples and puffy clit, then fingers her wet slot from behind, Taylor humping back against her hand avidly. Lola gyrates her hips as Taylor thrusts a couple of fingers into her, licking and rubbing her to an intense, leg-shaking climax. In the next episode, Henessy hugs and reassures her stressed-out friend Lea Guerlin, their tender and affectionate kisses growing passionate. Henessy touches herself as she spies on the French fox taking a shower, and can't resist eating her to a breathless climax. Henessy is in a fever of lust as Lea eats her.

The first Alis Locanto film for Viv Thomas One Small Step I did not like at all. This however is totally different with Alis Locanto turning out a really superb and highly imaginative movie. One might ask how this sudden change occur. Firstly the camera work was much more mobile and not the stationary camera filming the sex at a distance. Instead here was imaginative camera work.

Secondly every time the camera moved the screen did not go blank totally ruining the flow of the film

Thirdly the pounding pianos were gone to be replaced by different music for each scene, music that reflected the mood and situation.

Fourthly all the scenes were filmed in light so you could see them

Fifthly a highly imaginative screen play which allowed all eight models to shine and show you how good they are.

Sixthly it had no double credits at the end of each scene which ruined “One Small Step”

Scene one has Lola and Taylor Sands celebrating their getting together in a hotel with bath together champagne and some beautiful sex. I am a huge Lola fan so to see in a scene which showed off all her skills and charm was a real treat. Similarly I like Taylor Sands and here with Lola she was able to shine.

Scene two has Henessy comforting her girlfriend Lea Guerlin from the stress of life with some lovely love making and positive words. While some of this scene was in French (which I understand) you do not need an interpreter to understand what is being said for it is very clear. Another excellent scene.

Scene three however blew me quite away so brilliant and imaginative is it. It is about Mango A in love with Talia Mint a girl she works with and to whom she sends a garbled video message. Talia however understands and is around to see Mango A as she likes her. The way this was filmed and the lovemaking is quite unique and exceptional and I have never seen anything quite like it for sheer imagination. Both Talia Mint and Mango A show how very good they are turning this into a magical explosion of desire fulfilled.

Scene four has Lea Guerlin and Nekana two totally beautiful girls having their first time together. Lea is slight but shyly beautiful while Nekana is fully rounded and beautifully breasted and they make a really hot couple with their lovemaking. The photography in this was quite exceptional as was the music so put together a quite amazing scene.

As this filmed ended I thought what a great film this was, Alis Locanto please keep this up for this was a real work of art.

Finally I should mention to readers that Alis Locanto has a style of film making all his own so do not expect the usual girl girl movie. Alis Locanto is a mood director and his films are all about creating a scene with a unique feel. Clearly in “One Small Step” Alis Locanto was finding his style for Viv Thomas. In “First Time Stories” he has adjusted his style to fit what a Viv Thomas film is about.

All in all a most interesting and brilliant film with four quite superb scenes.

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