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My Sweet Diary ____________________________________
My Sweet Diary
I.D. dvd_7304, Adult
2016, TBA
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Director

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5-Star Film! 


Ships 6/1.

My Sweet Diary Episode 1 - Piquant French cutie Léa Guerlin makes her VT debut in memorable fashion, dancing seductively in the opening credits. We see her girlfriend, gorgeous Russian doll Henessy, who is writing in her diary about their planned reunion. As Henessy daydreams about their relationship we see the two girls together, looking amazing in tight dresses, lingerie and stockings, and kissing passionately. Léa unzips Henessy’s dress to expose her beautiful breasts, and strokes her through her panties. We learn that this began with Léa attempting to teach Henessy to speak French, their mutual attraction growing so strong that the lesson was abandoned in favour of tender kisses. Henessy masturbates as she recalls how she undressed for Léa. In her memory, she lies back and lifts her legs high so Léa can slide a finger into her ass as she licks her pussy, flipping her over into doggy position to give her an intense orgasm. Léa undresses and straddles her lover’s lap Henessy sucks her nipples and fingers her wet pussy, driving her wild. Léa lies back and Henessy eats and fingers her to a climax. As Henessy daydreams about seeing her girlfriend again, there is no doubt their reunion will be scorching hot.

My Sweet Diary Episode 2 - Enticing Curvaceous Cara St Germain treats us to a sultry dance over the opening credits, before we see pretty blonde Naomi Nevena writing in her diary, confessing her attraction to Cara. She reminisces about running into Cara at a business event, and kissing her lustfully on the terrace. The girls go into the bathroom together, embracing and groping each other hungrily. Cara undresses Naomi – even pulling off her stockings and garter belt – spreads her ass cheeks and eats her pussy voraciously, making her cum hard. Now Naomi peels off Cara’s panties and stuffs them in her mouth, before burying her tongue in Cara’s succulent pussy, licking and fingering her to a noisy orgasm.

My Sweet Diary Episode 3 - Whisper Mango dances sexily over the opening credits, before we see Talia Mint in the bathtub, writing in her diary. She confides that she is attracted to her new work colleague Mango, recounting her dream and masturbating as she fantasizes about the two of them together. Mango performs a slow, seductive striptease, the black and white sequence suddenly flooded with colour as we see her straddling Talia’s face to get eaten. She shudders with pleasure as Talia’s tongue hits the spot, spinning around into a sixty-nine to get rubbed to a climax. Mango slides a hand into Talia’s panties to stroke her, then peels them off, licking and fingering her to a mind-blowing climax.

My Sweet Diary Episode 4 - Cherished After an erotic shower tease from Lola, we eavesdrop on cute Taylor Sands writing in her diary about her crush on the adorable blonde. Taylor masturbates as she fantasizes about an encounter with Lola, both of them dressed in sexy lingerie and stockings. Lola is on her hands and knees on the bed, and Taylor spanks her firmly before sliding a couple of saliva-soaked fingers into her pussy. Lola straddles Taylor’s lap, riding her fingers until she’s delirious with pleasure, and then sits on her face to get eaten to an intense climax. As Taylor continues to fantasize, they move into scissors, grinding their pussies together and kissing passionately. Lola goes down to eat Taylor, who then sits astride her and rubs against her pert ass until she has an orgasm that leaves her shaking.

Over the years I have watched many girl girl movies and this has to be one of the very best ever made. In my view this is a film of sheer genius so innovative and beautifully filmed is it.

It is about four women who in their diary write about the women they love or fantasize about. As each scene progresses there are flashbacks or live dreams of lovemaking are just truly superb.

What is amazing is how the writing in the diary and the segments of the love making fit so well together. Added to this all eight models are just perfect for their scene and the chemistry between each pair is seeing. The photography is just amazing as the camera moves around capturing every emotion. Backed up by superb music this is not porn but lesbian erotica art at its finest

Scene one has Hennesy writing in her diary about the soon to happen visit of her French girlfriend Lea Geurlin. Just the anticipation is hot let alone when Hennesyy remembers Lea’s last visit and the love making. This is just a scene of sheer and utter genius.

Scene two has blonde Naomi Nervana thinking about her meeting with Brunette Clara St Germain where they met at a business function and fondled and kissed on a balcony then made love in a spare room. Naomi simply cannot live without her and pours out her passion in her diary.

Scene three has another Mango A Talia Mint scene with Talia dreaming off a work mate she wishes she could have. Mango A is certainly alluring and the sexual dreams are just hypnotic. These two are dynamite together sexually so if you want a hot scene this is definitely it.

The last scene has Taylor Sands who works in a restaurant dreaming of the new bar girl Lola. The obsession and the sex in this is just amazing as Taylor imagines having sex with Lola. Lola is superb and would make anyone obsessive so hot is she.

What really pulls this into the genius class is the music which is just so perfect for each scene. The photography and Direction in this movie are just so good. Alis Locanto you are surely a genius for making such an imaginative and brilliant movie.

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