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A Lover's Touch ____________________________________
A Lover's Touch
I.D. dvd_7308, Adult
2016, TBA
Nubile Films
Directed by Director

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Avril Hall, Caprice, Chloe Lynn, Eileen, Elle Alexandra, Kitty Jane, Malena Morgan, Marry Queen, Silvie Deluxe, Subil Arch

Ships 6/1. Capturing the Essence of Sensuality.

A Lover's Touch Kitty Jane & Silvia Deluxe
A simple touch on the shoulder and a caress against the neck sets the scene for this encounter between two gorgeous brunettes. They slowly remove their clothes allowing their desire to build until it can no longer be controlled!

Best Of Friends Eileen & Subil Arch
The girls exchange loving kisses as they help each other out of their clothes. Subil lays down on the couch, offering up her pussy as the perfect home for Eileen's mouth. They switch places and the passion continues to mount.

Get You Wet Caprice & Marry Queen
Showering together is always a sensual experience. As the water warms, Marry takes the wand and tests the temperature on Caprice's luscious bottom, wetting her panties in an intimate caress.

My FirstAvril Hall & Chloe Lynn
With her strawberry blonde hair swaying gently, Avril approaches her lover Chloe Lynn. They share a kiss that leads to more as Avril kisses her way down Chloe's soft body to settle between her lover's parted thighs.

My Model Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan
Aspiring artist Elle Alexandra has the perfect subject in Malena Morgan. This posing session quickly turns sensual when Elle realizes that she is unable to contain her lust for her beautiful model.

Nubile Films previous release “A Perfect Passion” I thought was one of the greatest girl Girl DVD’s ever released. Well this is just about as good. Although new to DVD none of the scenes are new as I have seen them all on download. The scenes on this DVD however must rank amongst the best they have ever filmed and therefore are must haves even if you have seen them on download as the DVD technology has transformed these into scenes of magnificence.

The scenes are basically plot-less with each scene having two truly beautiful women having totally superb sex. The biggest compliment I can give this movie is that it is in the Lesbea class and I think Lesbea are the best. The Photography the eroticism and the sheer beauty of the women are just brought together so well.

Scene one has Kitty Jane and Silvie Deluxe two of Europe’s best and the sex here is superb and magnificently filmed. The style and magic of this scene is superb.

Scene two Eileen (Eileen Sue) and Subil Arch who make love with total style and sensuousness. Eileen is always good and here she is in one of her very best scenes.

Scene three has Caprice and Marry Queen who are a superb contrast with Caprice slim and Marry Queen with that magnificent opulent body of hers. Marry Queen should be a big star for I have always thought her superb as she is in this.

Scene four has Avril Hall and Chloe Lynn who are very nice together in a good scene. However the main attraction on this DVD is the last scene which is one of the great girl girl scenes. This has Malena Morgan painting Elle Alexandra nude. When Malena sights Elle’s pussy it is like a bomb going off and what follows is Malena and Elle as their very best. Malena only had a short career but she must rank as one of the very best ever.

Of all the scenes Malena did this was one of her very best and is a must.

This is really worth the buy as this is a DVD that any serious girl girl collector must have.

Humble Opinion
Like other Nubile productions I have watched, the scenes are pure sex, with no build-up or sense of who these girls are, and why they are making out in front of us. In my view, if the girls are pretty enough, or sexy enough, they can maybe overcome this handicap of absolutely no set-up. Some of Lesbea's scenes are able to do so. But Nubile, for the most part, doesn't seem to be able to. The girls' actions and movement also feel very choreographed, and not natural at all, for instance, one girl will kiss the other's breasts, and the other will do the same, shortly after.

In the 1980s and 90s, the mostly male porn directors seemed to produce two types of girl/girl scenes. The first style was fierce, hard-driving sex, that felt like it was mimicking boy/girl action that the directors were most familiar with filming. The other girl/girl style seemed to be going for "romantic". The sex was slow, with soft kissing and touching. The problem with this style was that it never deviated from that soft, slow, action as if women in bed never heated up beyond soft sweet kisses and touches. Anything remotely resembling "passion" was totally absent from these "romantic" scenes, and made for some boring sex scenes to watch.

That "romantic" soft style was on display for several of these scenes here. For instance, the scene between gorgeous blond Caprice and young Marry Queen should have been a heated one, but instead it consisted of one long soft "touchy/kissy" scene that ultimately became disappointing and boring to watch, at least for me.

Finally there was a serious amateur quality to the production to what was, for me, turning into the best scene on the DVD. In the Eileen Sue/Subil Arch scene, as Eileen begins to bring Subil to a heightened state of excitement, the sound goes out of sync with what we are watching visually. We are watch Subil practically writhing off the couch. Her mouth is open, and she is clearly wailing and gasping. But we have heard that wailing and gasping about 10 seconds earlier. What we hear on the sound track, as Subil writhes on the couch, is Subil cooing and aahing in post-coital bliss. This ruined a glorious moment, and was one of the most amateurish and inexcusable things I have seen in years in porn.

Malena Morgan was sexy with Elle Alexandra, but you'd be better off catching Malena on "We Live Together" DVDs.

A frustrating and disappointing experience.

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