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Lesbian Adventures - Older Women, Younger Girls 09 ____________________________________
Lesbian Adventures - Older Women, Younger Girls 09
I.D. dvd_7309, Adult
2016, TBA
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli
* $22.99 *

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Jaclyn Taylor, Daisy Ducati, Elexis Monroe, Abella Danger, Melissa Moore, Dana DeArmond, Megan Rain, Sinn Sage

Ships 6/2. The 9th volume of Sweetheart's award winning series turns up the heat with four brand new vignettes featuring hot older lesbians with younger women. Bratty, homophobic Megan Rain has been giving her lesbian moms a hard time, so they call on friend Sinn Sage, a LBGTQ activist, to reason with young Megan...seductive Abella Danger lures nervous stepmom Elexis Monroe to the dark side...uptight suburban Jaclyn Taylor is shocked to learn that Daisy Ducati, the college student renting a room in her house, is a stripper...finally, big shot director Dana DeArmond finds herself in an awkward situation when actress Melissa Moore assumes her callback is a casting couch situation.

Daisy Ducati & Jaclyn Taylor
Melissa Moore & Dana D'Armond
Abella Danger & Elexis Monroe
Sinn Sage & Morgan Rain

Anon in Bama
I believe that the writing for MOST girl/girl videos being released nowadays is awful - but it does not necessarily HAVE to be this way! The title for this one is "Older Women with Younger Girls," which implies something better than your everyday I-do-you-then-you-do-me encounters, but director Dana Vespoli decided not to make much of an effort in coming-up with anything particularly erotic this time. But rather than complain, why not just allow me to tell you what happens here and let you decide for yourself:

1) Dana DeArmond & Melissa Moore - "Third Audition" - Dana is a Hollywood movie director working out of her home, auditioning a pretty young actress for a role in an upcoming film. The girl (Melissa) arrives on time, and while Dana is looking for a script, the girl strips completely nude! Dana returns and is shocked! "What are you doing?" Of course, Melissa believes that this is how the game is played, and that Dana will now have sex with her on the traditional Hollywood "casting couch." Dana lectures the girl that "we do not do that anymore," followed by a hug, then kissing, and then lesbian-sex! Seriously, how LAME is that?

It would have been a million times HOTTER if Dana HAD been a lecherous & predatory lesbian film director, contentedly watching the pretty young girl slowly removing her clothing for her pleasure, after which Dana could then take the girl by the hand and walk her back into her bedroom before proceeding to enjoy the delicious body of the beautiful young actress! Dana does dominant quite well! Sadly, director Vespoli opted instead to water the whole thing down, with both women engaging one another in bland, everyday I-do-you-then-you-do-me lezzie-sex!

set-up: D, casting: A, sex: C-

2) Elexis Monroe & Abella Danger - "Is that bad?" - Elexis is talking to her therapist (Dana Vespoli) about her pretty stepdaughter (Abella), and about how she believes that the younger girl is attracted to her. And then she relates how they both had a lesbian sexual encounter in the bathroom, with Abella in the aggressor role. It all appears predictably FAKEY & FORCED, as Elexis is NOT very good in older/younger encounters - she just looks so overly wooden! They basically go down on one another in the bathtub.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C+

3) Sinn Sage & Megan Rain - "Turn Me Gay" - The mother of pretty young Megan is in a lesbian-sexual-relationship with Dana Vespoli, and so Dana has called in a therapist (Sinn Sage) to talk with Megan about her hostility towards them both. Sinn begins to lecture Megan, but the girl believes that Sinn only wants to turn her gay. Sinn responds: "You are not my type," at which point an offended Megan mechanically wiggles her butt for Sinn, followed by kissing the older woman, and just like that we are off to the races. Yes, once again, we have the younger girl in the instigator/aggressor role, and once again it is HUGELY LAME! Instant analingus is followed by 69-ing and some tribbing.

set-up: F, casting: A-, sex: C

4) Jaclyn Taylor & Daisy Ducati - "Dangerous Behavior" - These are the two DVD cover-girls. Jaclyn is the landlady, and younger-girl Daisy is renting a room in her house. The older woman has just learned that Daisy works as a stripper, and is not comfortable with it. She believes it leads to drug-use and other "dangerous behavior." Red-haired Daisy, with her tattoos & piercings, LOOKS like a stripper! Anyway, she assures Jaclyn that she is about to begin graduate school and needs the stripper money to pay tuition. She says she just wants respect. They then hug, kiss, and begin having bland lezzie-sex, complete with tribbing and a lot of loud moaning.

What I think would have been a whole lot hotter would be if the older landlady told the pretty stripper-girl renting from her that she is behind on her rent, but will accept a sexy, slow lap-dance as a late fee. But for such a scene to work, the stripper would have to look a lot less "hardened" than does Daisy.

set-up: F, casting: B-, sex: C

Dana Vespoli did NOT do a good job with the writing or with the sex scenes in this one. I can only suspect that she had a lot of "help" from cameraman James Avalon & editor Phil Silva, as these set-ups and sex-scenes were what you would expect from XXX-male-porn directors. Dana Vespoli is usually so much better than this! My overall grade: C-

Humble Opinion
I liked this movie somewhat more than the previous reviewer, but it would not rank, for me, as one of the best that Sweetheart or Dana Vespoli has done. But it is still a pretty hot production worthy a view.

Dana DeArmond is fairly subdued in her scene with Melissa Moore, which for me anyway, is always a good sign. Dana has a beautiful body, and it is nice to see her laying still somewhat, and being pleasured, as opposed to Dana jumping around wrestling with her partners, which is often her style. Melissa is cute and sexy playing the ingenue who assumes that every third call-back for a role includes obligatory sex with the director!

I really liked "the feel" of the Elexis Monroe/Abella Danger scene. Elexis has become very good at playing the somewhat older, new step mother who is hauntingly drawn to her new step daughter. Elexis played the part to perfection in Jacky St. James "A Mother-Daughter Thing 3" with Dani Daniels as the impossible to resist step daughter. Here it is Abella who wants Elexis, and almost "under a trance" Elexis comes to Abella in her bath.

What mars the scene though, is the lack of proper lighting. Reminiscent of some of Viv Thomas's "scene experiments" with lighting, the viewer ends up wishing that someone on the set had had a flashlight, and used it, so that we the viewer could see what the heck was happening between Elexis and Abella. Having said that though, I thought that these two performers had some serious passion going on in this scene.

I have made the point before that I find Megan Rain to be the sexiest newcomer to porn in years those dancing dark eyes, and gorgeous taut body of hers are irresistible to me. Megan has been primarily a boy/girl performer, and it was interesting to see her paired with one of the best girl/girl performers in the business Sinn Sage. It was a good "frisky" scene, with some obvious chemistry between the two Megan showed definitively that she knows how to eat pussy, and that she evidently enjoys it, as well. In the BTS, both Sinn and Megan come close to complaining that the scene ended too soon for them, and it feels that way to me. If Sweetheart studios has any continual flaw, it is that they seem to be too wedded to a time clock for their scenes.

Jaclyn Taylor is a sexy "older woman" with a pretty face and a smoking shapely body. Jaclyn plays an older woman who begins to realize that she is "turned-on" by her younger roommate Daisy Ducati who admits, when confronted by Jaclyn, that she strips at the local club in order to pay for her college classes. Jaclyn plays conflicted fairly well, and when she begins to give in to her own and Daisy's lust, Jaclyn looks awesome as the strips down herself to be pleasured by a "persuasive" Daisy.

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