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Girl's Tale, A ____________________________________
Girl's Tale, A
I.D. dvd_7319, Adult
2016, TBA
Filly Films
Directed by Director

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Riley Reid, Amanda Lane, Rilynn Rae, Jayme Langford, Raven Rocket, Taylor May, Shyla Ryder, Nikki Hearts

1 — Jayme Langford, Raven Rocket
2 — Rilynn Rae, Shyla Ryder
3 — Amanda Lane, Jayme Langford, Taylor May
4 — Riley Reid, Nikki Hearts
*NOTE* Screencaps coming soon!!

After seeing Lezzz Be Roommates I vowed never to watch another Filly Films movie ever again. Then I saw this, it looked promising and so I decided to watch it. Well I am certainly glad I did for this is a very good movie. It is directed by Jim Powers and covers a girl Riley Reid who cannot decide whether she likes boys or girls and has both a boyfriend and a girlfriend who are both unhappy with Riley.

It should be said that this is a film which should be seen as a whole as much of the action including some sex happens in between the scenes. This is not a neat four scene film but rather a very good feature film with a coherent story.

The story starts with Riley waking up in strange bed at Nikki Hearts house after a party and telling Nicki about her screwed up life. Meanwhile Riley’s girlfriend Jayme Langford is telling her woes to Raven Rocket on her farm and having sex with her by a water tank.

Riley struggles home where she lives with Lesbian couple Rilynn Rae and Shyla Ryder who tell her to decide what she wants. While Riley is dreaming of how she met Jayme, Rilyann and Shyla have a shower and then make really nice love

After that Riley and Jayme break up with Jayme burying herself in a three-way. Finally the movie ends with Riley meeting Nicki again and deciding she is the girl for her. This is a very good scene with Nicki Hearts tattoos and all doing for me her best scene. The lovemaking in this superb.

Really well directed with a very good almost tattoo free cast who are all excellent. Riley Reid is very good in this and I think this is her best performance in a role that requires acting as well sex skills. All the scenes are good with this a very well filmed movie.

Finally may I recommend Nicki Hearts buy this movie so she knows what a good movie looks like more so as she is in it.

All in all a a most excellent film well worth the watch. Filly Films you surprised me.

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