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Girls Kissing Girls 17 ____________________________________
Girls Kissing Girls 17
I.D. dvd_7337, Adult
2015, TBA
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli
* $22.99 *

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AJ Applegate & Kenna James & Aidra Fox, Samantha Rone & Aria Alexander, Mia Malkova & Karlie Montana, Carter Cruise & Jelena Jensen.

In the newest installment of Sweetheart's award-winning series, beautiful girls succumb to their innermost desires, sharing long, wet, passionate kisses that culminate in earth-shattering lesbian sex. Samantha Rone reveals an embarrassing secret to pal Aria Alexander...Nurse Karlie Montana must contend with Mia Malkova, a patient who suffers from Munchausen disease...jealous trophy wife Jelena Jensen has words with her Hollywood-agent-husband's young talent: DJ Carter Cruise, and finally a game of truth or dare turns kinky at a slumber party with Kenna James, Aidra Fox and AJ Applegate.

DVD Features

This I thought really excellent with four really good scenes, superbly directed and really well performed with the sex in each scene top class. Scene one has Samantha Rone, nervous about her date for the evening being seduced by her roommate Aria Alexandra. Both girls were not only very beautiful but were really good.

Scene two has Karlie Montana examining patent Mia Malkova in hospital. It seems the only problem Mia has is a need for some girl girl sex which Karlie provides most expertly. Karlie in her second coming is even better and her return to girl girl films is most welcome. As for Ms Malkova what can one say other than is she cute or is she not?

Scene three has Jelena Jensen, in the absence of her husband organising a function with the help of Carter Cruise. Jelena had expected a man but warms to Carter having some really excellent girl girl sex with her. Carter Cruise in particular is very good in this.

Scene four has a three way with three college girls playing truth or dare. A J Applegate, Aidra Fox and Kenna James are all very good in this with the three way being inventive and interesting.

All in all a very good episode of this excellent series.

Humble Opinion
I liked three of the scenes in Girls Kissing Girls 17.

The Samantha Rone/Aria Alexander scene was, I thought, one of the best "lesbian virginal" scenes that I have ever watched. Samantha Rone beautifully captured the contradictory feeling of nervousness and excitement that can accompany a "first time".

Samantha is a freshie to the college sorority, and is about to go on a date with a awesomely hot frat guy, who could totally cement Samantha's "rep" on campus. Aria, an older sorority sister, is in Samantha's dorm room, looking out for her new sister on the "dos and don'ts" of this most important first date. A nervous Samantha, keeps coming out from behind her dressing screen to display dress choices, as the patient Aria sits on the edge of the bed judging.
When Aria finally approves of one of the choices, the anxious Samantha comes over, to sit next to Aria.

Older, experienced Aria tries to calm young Samantha. It is fairly clear that Samantha does not have a lot of experience with boys, but when Aria finally drags it out of Samantha that she is, in fact, a virgin, and has barely even kissed a boy, Aria is stunned. An panic-stricken Samantha begs Aria not to tell the rest of the sorority sisters and Aria "pinky swears" that she would NEVER tell anyone, EVER. But Aria can''t let her young sorority sister go out on this date, without even knowing how to kiss. Samantha innocently suggests, "I could practice on my pillow", but Aria brushes that aside, "No, that''s just silly. I''ll tell you what, you can practice on me." Aria immediately qualifies, "I'M NOT GAY!" Then sweetly adds, "but I have to help out a sorority sister!"

Samantha is awesomely appreciative, but still really nervous, and "blows" the first kiss. Samantha asks pleadingly, "Can I try that again?" Aria answers sweetly, "Of course you can!" Samantha leans forward again. Aria closes her eyes and leans in. This time their kiss is long and lingering. When Samantha breaks away her eyes are still closed, and she seems to be swooning a bit. Without a word, Samantha leans back in and she finds Aria''s soft, wet lips waiting for her. From that point forward, the kissing only becomes deeper, going from exploratory, to "full-on", and then to sloppy, as the girls giggle when the drool is trailing off their mouths when they break Samantha and Aria then eagerly mashing mouths together once they have caught their breath.

Samantha Rone does an wonderful job of morphing from skittish to overwhelmingly excited. Every long lingering kiss seems to elicit a high, soft moan from Samantha. Early on, Samantha''s hands flail, unsure where to go, what to do afraid to being too "forward". But when Samantha's fingers finally find and slide around and into Aria's hair, and Samantha feels Aria press into her deeper, Samantha emits a softer moan and grips and pushes Aria into her.

Aria should be the one taking control, but Samantha is so deliriously excited, kissing and tasting each naked part of Aria that becomes exposed, that Aria finds herself giving in to the young girl's fervor. Eventually though, Aria does wrest control, and sits on top of Samantha to calm her down. As Aria begins kissing her way down to Samantha's body, Samantha sits up against the headboard, watching. Aria kneels between Samantha''s legs, staring at Samantha, wetting two fingers. Aria bends slightly and pets Samantha''s pussy lips with those two wet fingers. Samantha jerks back impulsively, and excitedly whispers, "Oh my God, Aria!" Aria looks up and grins, whispering reassuringly, "It''s okay." Aria pets gentler then, and Samantha bends her forehead appreciatively, resting it on Aria's. Aria looks into Samantha''s eyes, "Do you trust me?" A slightly scared Samantha nods back. Aria smiles and leans forward to give Samantha one more warm, soft kiss before she lays down to taste Samantha''s pussy for the first time.

At the end of this long delightfully passionate sexual odyssey, Aria and Samantha are sitting up on the bed. Aria leans in, grinning at Samantha, and teasingly whispers, "I think you should cancel your date tonight. You don''t want to go out with him."

Jelena Jensen's husbanda wealthy record producer has hired a DJ for his son''s upcoming graduation from med school. Jelena assumes that it will be a male DJ, so when Carter Cruise shows up, looking somewhat grungy in an oversize white tee-shirt, leopard style exercise pants, and wearing her baseball cap backwards, Jelena is suspicious. Carter excitedly explains how appreciative she is for the chance to DJ this event, and how much it means to her that had such confidence in her, in this male dominated business. Jelena is so cold and aloof, and when Carter asks her if something is wrong, Jelena explodes and accuses Carter of sleeping with her husband, to get this gig.

Carter is shocked, but understands. Carter explains that, in the first place, she is gay. In the second place, Jelena is crazy not to trust her husband. Carter has personally watched Jelena's husband gently rebuff several girls' attempts at seducing him. And third and lastly, Carter will decline the job offer if this upsets Jelena that much. Carter raises off the couch to leave, but an embarrassed Jelena begs her to excuse her over-reaction. and earnestly apologizes. Jelena and Carter talk for a bit, hug, and Carter repeats that Jelena's husband talks about Jelena all the timehow beautiful she is, how amazing she is. Carter adds, "And you're even more beautiful and amazing than I imagined". Jelena blushes, and brushes her hand through Carter's hair, "Thank you, you're not so bad yourself. You''re just not what I expected." Carter laughs, "Yeah. Considering that you were expecting a boy!" Carter hesitates for a beat, staring at Jelena, and then murmurs as she leans in, "But I can kiss like a boy".

We see the softer side to Carter Cruise, and it is wonderful to watch. Not just with the kissing, which is, to be sure, luxurious. But also, later, with the sex which has a non-rushed feel that is passionate but also lingering. Carter''s first "going-down" on Jelena is a slow, non-stop, delicious pussy mash that has Jelena moaning and slowly twisting on the couch until she seems like she can't hold it back anymore, and cums long and hard into Carter's constant mouth. For Jelena, we first watch her obsessed and mesmerized by Carter's nipple studs, tickling them with her tongue, and rubbing them with an exploratory finger. When Jelena is between Carter's legs, she is more teasing than Carter was, dancing her tongue along Carter''s pussy and clit, until she feels Carter begin to stiffen. Then Jelena plies her mouth onto Carter's pussy like a vice, and moan/hums as she brings Carter to her first shivering, long lasting orgasm.

The Karlie Montana/Mia Malkova scene feels somewhat constricted, due to the set-up. It is taking place in a doctor's examination room, on the patient''s examination chair. With Karlie is the nurs

The three way scene in this DVD is of high standard as the kissing is brilliant. Well done on the director for shooting the 3 way like that. This is how you shoot a 3 way kissing scene.

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