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The Sophisticated Female Touch ____________________________________
The Sophisticated Female Touch
I.D. dvd_7340, Adult
2016, TBA
Directed by Director

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Angel Diamonds, Charlotta, Lena, Lucy, Meggie, Olivia, Shelly

Ships 6/14. MomXXX is proud to present The Sophisticated Female Touch. In this volume, experienced, gorgeous MILFs help themselves to the innocence of younger beauties. These girls are eager to learn from the sexy women they fantasize about. http://hw01.trailers.famehosted.com/r-l/Trailers_June_2016_Releases/TR_MOMXXX_Sophisticated_Female_Touch.mp4

MOM.XXX are a related studio to Lesbea and clearly this is in the same style. Being called Mom.XXX I thought this would be a mother daughter movie but it is not as none of the women in this are remotely old enough to be the mother of a girl in their late teens. Rather one is in their late twenties while the other is younger. None of the models have I seen before so I cannot describe the scenes as I do not know who is who.

What I can say is that all the scenes are very good with beautiful stylish women having quite superb sex. The cover scene is quite brilliant with some truly magnificent love making. What makes this movie as it does a Lesbea movie is the superb photography especially so when it comes to the pussy action. Thus I really liked all scenes.

There is no plot just really excellent sex with both women in each scene making love most stylishly. No toys just natural sex well done.

If not in the Lesbea class (what is?) then still really good.

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