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Women Seeking Women 130 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 130
I.D. dvd_7350, Adult
2016, 2+ Hours Per Studio
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Aryana Augustine, Sabrina Deep, Crystal Jewels, Raylene, Prinzzess, Lana Rhoades, Shyla Ryder, Scarlet Red

Ships 6/14. Restless Hearts Searching For That One Perfect Woman... Beautiful Woman-Woman Sex Which Is Sure To Excite You! Over 2 Hours!

Aryana Augustine & Sabrina Deep
Crystal Jewels & Raylene
Prinzzess & Lana Rhoades
Shyla Ryder & Scarlet Red

This is quite a good episode of this series with three good scenes but one that I did not care for. Two of the scenes are new while scenes three and four appear to be from the vault.

Scene one has Lana Rhodes a sweet young thing who wants to have sex with her girlfriend but is nervous. Then she meets Prinzzess who takes away nerves and together they have a really good bout of lesbian sex. Lana is quite delicious so I cannot blame Prinzzess who literally cannot help herself.

Scene two Shyla Ryder finding out that Scarlet Red has not had sex for while and offers to break the drought so to speak. These two were very good and I thought Scarlet Red in this was superb.

Scene three follows on immediately after scene three in Lesbian Triangles no 34 which was released on very recently. In this movie Aryana Augustine and Sabrina Deep talk about Jodi West, Mia Gold and Kendra Lust and how Jodi and Kendra embarrassed sweet young Mia and then had sex. Why this scene was not put on the same disk as scenes three and four of Lesbian Triangles 34 only Girlfriends films know as the last scene in this Lesbian triangles movie comes immediately after this scene in Women Seeking Women 130. Still this is a very good scene enhanced for me because I have seen Lesbian Triangles 34 (see my review) and I thought both girls good with the lovemaking excellent.

The last scene had Raylene and her girlfriend Sovereign Syre (not billed) expecting two long lost relatives of Raylene’s in town for a church conference. These ae Magdalene St Michaels (not billed) and Crystal Springs a middle aged puritan who Raylene feels bound to seduce. Going from Sovereign who was gorgeous to Crystal who was not was absurd and this scene did nothing for me.

Thus except for the last scene pretty good. Girlfriends Films I love you but please keep all related scenes together as it improves the viewing enjoyment. With the three scenes you virtually had a complete Lesbian Triangles movie in itself so why was it not released that way.

Humble Opinion
I liked three of the four scenes here. The fourth scene wasn't bad, it was just somewhat disappointing.

The highlight of the DVD is the scene between Prinzzess and Lana Rhoades. Much like the scene between Prinzzess and Tori Black from several years ago, this scene feels like it is just "turn on the cameras folks, and let these two gorgeous girls make love to each other for as long as they want". That is exactly what happens, and it is a glorious scene, period, end of story.

If you look at the cover of this DVD, you will probably notice that Scarlet Red is pretty awesomely fit these days. Scarlet has always been impossibly pretty and sexy, but it definitely appears that she has been hanging at the health club in her recent time off, and it has paid off. Scarlet Red looks awesome in this scene! Shyla Ryder is pretty girl with beautiful eyes. Scarlet mostly controls the tempo of this scene, which means that it goes from sometimes being sweet to other times being ferociously passionate.

Raylene is one of those performers who has always captivated me. I recently watched some of Raylene's Vivid scenes from the late 1990s, and Raylene was sexy and sweet back then, as she is now. But the added years have given Raylene some more weight and made her sweetness even more appealing and arousing than when she was young. Crystal Jewels is no where near as pretty as Raylene, but she is very believable as a woman who is awed by Raylene's beauty, and very appreciative of Raylene's attention. I thought that this was a terrific "older woman/older woman" scene.

I was disappointed by the Aryana Augustine/Sabrina Deep scene primarily because I adore Aryana so much, and I thought that she needed a partner who was a little more passionate than Sabrina was. It is a soft scene that never really heated up, in my opinion.

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