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Newswomen 03 ____________________________________
Newswomen 03
I.D. dvd_7373, Adult
2013, 165 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Aaliyah Love & Cherie DeVille, India Summer & Tanya Tate, Cherie DeVille & Randy Moore, Angela Sommers & Jelena Jensen.

Sleeping Their Way To The Top

Hot Lesbian Newswomen Make Themselves Very Newsworthy!

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

This is a series which I have become a fan of. The first two were top class in detailing the gossip surrounding the appointment of a lesbian newsreader (Angela Sommers) on a local TV channel. Scene one commences with Aaliyah Love and Cherie Deville speculating on lesbianism and getting into the news business. This is a splendid scene where I also rapidly became a fan of Cherie De Ville, who has, to say the least, a truly splendid body.

Also speculating about the same things are prudish India Summer and Tanya Tate, who are good. Then Cherie meets the lesbian weather reporter on the TV station, played by a most impressive Randy Moore, who has gorgeous Aryana Augustine as a girlfriend, India’s neighbor and friend (see episode two for the splendid coupling of these two beautiful women). However, one sight of Cherie’s opulent figure, and she and Randy are upstairs in the bedroom. Both these women have, it must be said, totally fantastic bodies, so this is a scene to remember.

Finally, in scene four we have the newscaster Angela Sommers trying to sell her house since her girlfriend, Samantha Ryan, left her in a previous episode. Both Angela and her real estate agent, Jelena Jensen, love lingerie and “playing”, so it is not long before these two are “playmates”. Again this is a very good scene with two truly statuesque women.

This series has developed a life of its own and is delightful to watch. As for beautiful women, the cast here is hard to beat. Hopefully there are many more episodes to come.

Humble Opinion
I found this to be a very enjoyable and arousing movie.

It is fair to criticize this movie for having little or nothing to do with a television newsroom. Two of the four scenes, in fact, feature women who do not even work at the station. But for me anyway, that in no way detracts from how exciting each of these scenes is. While the scenes have nothing to do with a newsroom, per se, they nonetheless have decent set-ups which highlight who the characters are and their motivations.

My favorite scene would be the one between Jelena Jensen and Angela Sommers. The set-up is the best of the four scenes. It is a little too complicated to describe in much detail. Angela Sommers is trying to sell her new home, and greets real estate agent Jelena Jensen at the door, for their second meeting, wearing a stunning one piece dress that hugs and shows off Angela’s gorgeous body.

They go up to Angela’s bedroom, because Jelena wants to take some more pictures of the room. Jelena has bought, and brought over, a pair of panties and bra as a small gift for Angela, referencing something that happened the day before. Angela is surprised, but sweetly appreciative, at the gesture. Jelena Jensen plays her sexy, slinky seducer role to perfection and Angela Sommers is ideal as the gorgeous, demure female that Jelena has set her seductive eyes on.

When Angela goes to leave, to try on the bra and panties, Jelena nonchalantly suggests that Angela just stay there and try them on. "We’re both girls." Angela steps back into the room, a little unsure, and Jelena picks up the sheer robe that is draped across a chair. "Is this the one I saw yesterday?" Angela nods, and says, "Yes, it’s my favorite." Jelena quietly asks Angela, "Do you mind if I try it on?" Slightly stunned for the third time in a row, Angela immediately assents and turns her back to Jelena, to begin stripping, so she can try on the new bra and panties.

What Angela can’t see, with her back turned, is that Jelena is also taking her outer clothes off, to wear the robe properly. So when Angela turns around to display her new bra and panties, Angela is shocked to be confronted with Jelena looking back at her, in her bra and panties. Before Angela can really react, Jelena quietly walks over to Angela, and reaches her arms around Angela, and boldly removes the store tag from the new bra. As she pulls back her arms, Jelena turns her back on Angela and offers, "Help me with this, will you?". Angela obediently unbuttons Jelena’s bra, and Jelena reaches over to the chair, and puts on the sheer robe.

A transfixed Angela helps Jelena tie the bow in the front of the robe. Jelena looks into Angela’s eyes and asks curiously but noncommittally, "Were you planning to go out tonight, after this?" Angela stares back, puzzled, and answers, "No, this was all I had planned for tonight." Jelena smiles then, mischievously, and quietly says, "So that dress was for me." Angela blushes, caught, and tries to look away. But Jelena holds Angela’s face, and gently kisses her.

For the next fifteen minutes or so, Jelena Jensen will make love to Angela Sommers. For most of that time, Angela’s eyes will be covered with a silk belt that Jelena put on her, so that she cannot see. Angela’s hands will also be loosely tied with a silk scarf, more for the exciting effect it has on Angela than for any restraining capability. Jelena is soft, slow, and sleek in her pleasuring of the blindfolded Angela. We watch Angela squirm considerably, and cum excitedly, several times during this part. When Angela finally has her turn, she is also soft with Jelena. But Angela is also noticeably hungry, turned on as she was by Jelena’s blindfolded lovemaking of her. Angela makes Jelena groan sweetly and deliciously more than once.

India Summer and Tanya Tate are two thirty-something married women whose men no longer "do anything for them". Tanya is visibly uncomfortable, at first, with experimenting with India. India, on the other hand, after a few glasses of wine, is a little more practical. She did it with a girl once in college, and it was fun, so why not try it again now?

Once these two veteran girl/girl performers get down to "getting down" this scene is incredibly explosive. It is impressive to watch how these two professionals are real in their arousal, while still maintaining a semblance of their characters. Tanya, while often "unsure" in so many ways, nonetheless gets incredibly aroused and forceful as she lets herself go and experiences lesbian sex for the first time. India, while the instigator of this tryst, and definitely anxious to taste this beautiful neighbor of hers, is nonetheless more passive by nature, and often sits back and cums helplessly as Tanya takes charge of her. Both women are beautiful and genuine in their passion in this scene. There is a 69 session here that is truly one of the hottest that I have ever watched.

Cherie DeVille and Randy Moore look like two California girls in their late 20s, with their blond hair, impossibly fit bodies, and beautiful faces. There is not much of a plot to speak of in this scene. Randy is a news weather woman, and Cherie is in awe of her. Randy invites Cherie to join her in a spare bedroom. What is especially nice about this scene, besides the obvious beauty on display, is how much both women obviously enjoy making love to women, and how excited they clearly make each other feel. Cherie’s style of lovemaking is enthusiastic and demonstrative. Watching Cherie’s amazing body twisting on the bed, either as a receiver or a giver, is very arousing. Randy tends to be more subdued in her lovemaking, but she can use her strength to maneuver her lovers to whatever position she thinks will give the most pleasure. Two visual highlights of this scene are Randy sitting on Cherie’s face, gripping the iron bar headboard as she begins to succumb to Cherie’s "enthusiasm"; and Randy kneeling behind and supporting Cherie, as Cherie writhes in front of Randy, cumming from Randy’s fingers rubbing and probing her.

The taller Cherie DeVille, the very horny neighbor who appears to be systematically seducing all the wives in this neighborhood, at first devours the petite Aaliyah Love, who is playing a young wife. Aaliyah is curious about lesbian sex, but would have never dreamed of acting on it had Cherie not pushed her into it. Watching Cherie deliciously eating out Aaliyah, and watching Aaliyah’s toes curl from the tension that Cherie is bringing on, is wonderful. But then watching Cherie lay on top of small Aaliyah, and grind herself on Aaliyah as they kiss each other forever, was equally special.

I thought that this was a really good Girlfriends film.

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