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Flashback ____________________________________
I.D. dvd_7383, Adult
2016, TBA
Directed by Stills By Alan

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Ashley Fires, Riley Reid, Kenna James, Serena Blair, Angela Sommers, Nickey Huntsman

Ships 6/28. Mommy'sGirl. Worlds collide when Riley Reid gets home from her late father's funeral. In low spirits, her stepmother Ashley Fires tells her that everything she knows, has been a lie. As Riley discovers what really happened in her father's journal, she is transported back in time to when her parents were just budding teens, eager to throw caution to the wind, enjoying the sexual fervor of the 80s. She discovers that Ashley is not her real mom, and upon her return, she takes advantage of her visceral lesbian attraction by tasting her sweet MILF pussy. Kenna James needs a break from her boyfriend but doesn't realize it. In a fit of rage, she casts a spell that gets her into a load of trouble. Her stepmother Angela Sommers falls victim to her intentions and gets Kenna into bed, only to have the whole deal reciprocated when Kenna naively reverses the spell, setting herself on her unsuspecting stepmother and her soft MILF body!

If ever a Director and film company deserve an A plus for imagination it is Stills by Alan and Girlsway for this is without doubt one of the most imaginative girl girl movies ever made. It is in fact two movies with scenes one, three, and five being about Riley Reid learning about her parents on the death of her father by travelling back in time on reading her fatherís diary.

Second movie is told in scenes two and four and has Kenna James casting a spell on her boyfriend who has just dumped her to love her forever. By mistake the spell is cast on Kennaís Step mom Angela Sommers and suddenly Kenna is battling a highly amorous step mom.

Anyhow first to Riley Reid who is told by her mom Ashley Fires that she is not her real mom. Ashley gives her her fatherís diary which has a magic spell to carry her back in time where she encounters her fatherís two girlfriends Nicky Huntsman and Serena Blair having sex while her father is in the shower opening up a whole new view of her father.

Scene three has Nicky Huntsmen finding the watching Riley and having super sex with her before Riley flees and is transported back to the present. This is a mighty scene and one can understand why Riley remembers her twenty years later.

Scene Five has Riley realising that her step mom is really Nicky Huntsmen 20 years on and played by Ashley Fires. Yes Reilly stills longs for Nicki even if she is now her step mom and twenty years have passed Yes super-hot sex is what occurs with both hungry for each other.

In this Riley Reid is totally superb and for me Riley is now one of my favourites for she is both good at the girl girl sex and acting. As for Stills by Alan he turns this into a really superb exciting movie.

The Kenna James Angela Sommers is just as good with in scene two Kenna being unsuccessful in fending off her spellbound love crazed Step Mom. In Scene Kenna lifts the spell and then has her way with Angela. Kenna and Angela are just superb and this is both amusing and sexy.

What to say? Stills by Alan also wrote the script as well as directed and in my view he has done an epic job. I know some people loath Stills by Alan but when he is at his best he just so good. As for the plot it is just fantasy and if you treat it as such you will love this as I did.

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