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Red Hot Lesbians ____________________________________
Red Hot Lesbians
I.D. dvd_7424, Adult
2013, 153 min.
Filly Films
Directed by Lily Cade
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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Elle Alexandra & Marie McCray & Lily Cade, Veronica Ricci & Lily Cade, Ashley Graham & Scarlett Fay, Pepper Kester & Jodi Taylor.

Scene listing:

[2:54] Elle Alexandra & Marie McCray & Lily Cade

[35:58] Ashley Graham & Scarlett Fay

[1:20:37] Veronica Ricci & Lily Cade

[1:52:39] Pepper Kester & Jodi Taylor

[2:35:13] END CREDITS

DVD Features
chapter index, bonus footage [foreplay], behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

I really liked the Ashley/Scarlett and Pepper/Jodi scenes here! Why donít we see more lap dance scenes in lesbian videos? The one in the Ashley/Scarlett scene isnít Oscar-worthy by any means, but it was still super hot to watch! If the music and lighting were better, this scene could have been 5-star caliber. I love the setup for the Pepper/Jodi scene. Something about seeing them drinking tea together, then leaning over the table they share to kiss- just awesome. Jodiís attraction to Pepper as her agent comes across as 100% genuine, and plays out that way in the bedroom, where they make love hungrily with plenty of awesome kissing.

1)Buildup/Seduction: I enjoyed the setups in all of the scenes, actually- even the threesome that I typically avoid. Nothing tops that lap dance though!

2) Kissing: Great kissing in most scenes- especially the Pepper/Jodi scene.

3) Attractiveness of Women: This is a great collection of redheads! Not a specific fetish of mine, but I have zero complaints. Iím less of a fan of Lilyís androgyny, but I know she has her fans.


connie lingus
A nice effort by director Lily Cade, who also happens to be in two scenes, but unfortunately doesnít quite hit the mark.

I myself love redheads and always look forward to seeing them in girl/girl and girl/boy scenes, and the actresses in this film are gorgeous. New girl Veronica Ricci is breathtaking with her voluptuous hour glass figure and natural full breasts, but her scene with Lily looked awkward and forced. I just hate it when they use a couch for the setting, especially when itís small! The first scene with three girls was also a bit awkward and takes place on... you guessed it, a couch! Making it even more annoying is that the girls are wearing ridiculously high heels throughout the entire scene. I thought someone was going to get their eye poked out!

If the director or anyone in the biz is reading this review, PLEASE for the love of good porn stop using a couch, sofa, recliner, ottoman, etc for every scene, itís not sexy and itís BORING! Oh, and the other two scenes were forgettable, so I would give this 2 out of 5 (the 2 is for Veronica Ricci!).

This is a truly superb movie, and one of the reasons I like Filly Films so much. Director Lily Cade creates four great scenes, two of them worthy of classic status.

My favorite scene is the Lily Cade/Veronica Ricci scene. It starts with Veronica sunbathing nude, missing her boyfriend who is away on business. Enter Lily Cade, the boyfriendís sister, who is mistaken for the boyfriend initially in the blinding sun. No matter, for when Veronica recognizes the sister it is red hot fucking. If you are not excited by Veronica Ricci you should stop watching these sorts of films, while a slim downed Lily is so hot it really hurts. A fabulous, fabulous scene.

Not far behind it is the Scarlet Fay/Ashley Graham scene, where Ashley mistakes the date of her birthday, and out of sadness invites stripper Scarlet. Once the sex begins, you know this is a great scene.

Scene one has Lily and Marie McCray exchanging anniversary gifts, with Marieís gift being Elle Alexandra for the night. Let it be me for I love Elle. Yes, a great threesome.

The last scene has lesbian erotica writer Pepper Kester having sex with her agent, Jodi Taylor. Pepper only confirms what a very good girl-girl performer she is.

I loved it and easily thought it worth the five stars awarded by Lezlove Video. As for the settings for the action, I could see no problem, for Lily Cade has clearly directed her very best film.

Lily Cade did a very good job with this hot movie. We had some unconventional acts, like squirting and ass fingerings (scenes 3 and 4), plus enthusiasm, hotness (particularly in Lilyís scenes), beautiful ladies (Scarlet, Elle), which makes this a very enjoyable movie for girl/girl fans.^^

Five-Stars indeed! All I can say is that this is the best Lily Cade video yet and one of the best g/g films of 2013.

First, some general comments. The casting, wardrobe, makeup etc. here is outstanding. All eight women who appear (Lily appears twice) look amazing, and some of them rarely appear in g/g films or are relative newcomers. All perform very well. The production values are very high, and there is none of the "amateur" camerawork that Filly Films is criticized for by some. All four scenes are extremely hot, full of chemistry and mesmerizing to watch.

Now, on to the four scenes, the first three of which are short stories written by Pepper Kester and brought to life for us to enjoy:

Lily and Marie McCray are celebrating their third wedding anniversary (which is leather), so Lily presents Marie with a lovely leather purse as a gift. Marie has been a little more creative - she gifts Lily with the services of gorgeous hooker Elle Alexandre! Lily invites Marie to share in the fun, and an explosive three-way sex scene ensues. Elle plays her role to perfection and seems to enjoy every second of attention that she gets from the happy couple! Marie has some wonderful dirty commentary as Lily devours Elle by mouth and hand, and that is accompanied by excellent camerawork that captures the exciting sex as well as Elleís shivers, shakes, and gushing pussy as she reacts to Lilyís activities. After some nice orgasms, Lily and Marie become targets under Elleís direction and get off time and again. This is one of the most exciting g/g/g scenes that I have seen in a long while. Elle, in particular, is very sexy here and performs superbly as the happy hooker. She and Lily have an amazing connection here, although Marie is certainly into the action and the other performers as well.

In scene 2, Ashley Graham decorates her apartment for her birthday party, but none of the guests show up (we learn later that ditzy but beautiful Ashley had the wrong day!), so she calls a private dancing service to relieve her despondency. Well, it would relieve anyoneís despair when fantastic Scarlett Fay shows up to strip, dance nude on your lap, and tell you that you are so hot that she is going to give you added value in the form of one of the hottest sex scenes imaginable. Scarlett gives great head that is lovingly shot and is amazingly arousing to Ashley, and is framed perfectly for us to enjoy as well. Thus starts a cum fiesta that lasts throughout the scene. There is lots and lots of oral sex here for pussy eating lovers, and who isnít?, and plenty of arching of beautiful bodies and oozing pussies. Lily gives directions that we hear a couple of times, but despite that distraction, it is a pretty riveting scene. Scarlett must have taken her name because of her striking resemblance to actress Vivien Leigh (Scarlett OíHara of Gone With The Wind fame). Both she and Ashley are gorgeous.

Scene 3 finds Lily staying with her brother and his wife, the stunning Veronica Ricci. She walks out to the pool area and finds Veronica swimming naked, and it is quickly obvious these two women are in heat to fuck each other. They soon are kissing passionately and Lily has her fingers in Veronicaís already gushing pussy. Thus starts a frenzied sex scene with another boatload of orgasms. The chemistry established in the setup explodes in the sex scene and never lets up - these two canít get enough of each other. This is a passionate, dirty sex scene with lots of oral, both vaginal and anal, fingering, both vaginal and anal, and breast worship. Veronica is an absolute sex bomb, going off often and loudly and frequently. Lily is equally turned on here and Veronica spends plenty of time exploring Lilyís amazing ass and breasts. This wonderful scene between two beautiful, uninhibited women who are thoroughly enjoying themselves is a pleasure to watch.

Weíve been enjoying seeing Pepperís fantasies brought to life, and as scene 4 opens, the turned-on author of the preceding scenes has a frenzied masturbation session to take the edge off after writing her stories. Afterwards, her publisher calls and makes an appointment to discuss her book. At the meeting, Pepperís potential publisher proves to be sexy young Jodi Taylor, who frankly seems more interested in Pepperís body than her book. They retire to Jodyís place to finalize negotiations and end up having sex, a wonderful scene that we are lucky enough to be able to watch through the wonder of Lilyís camera. These two fabulously sexy young women finish up the video with the fourth wildly hot, chemistry-laden scene of the film. They simply devour each other. Jodiís lovely, puffy nipples engorge beautifully and compliment her swollen, very wet pussy nicely. The willowy Pepper, equally lovely, makes for a nice contrast to the more womanly Jodi. This scene has more of a romantic flavor than the other three but has plenty of heat, including some very nice anal sex that had me on the edge of the chair, so to speak.

There are very few g/g producers who have not succumbed to the taboo genres of incest, non-consent, kidnapping, near-rape (if not overt rape) stuff that seems to dominate setups and sex scenes these days. To have four well-written, well-performed set-ups and hot consensual sex scenes featuring all sexy, beautiful women is seemingly really rare. Lily has been a go-to g/g director for a while now, but this is her masterpiece. A really outstanding piece of work that lovers of quality lesbian erotica should not miss.

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