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And In The End ____________________________________
And In The End
I.D. dvd_7437, Adult
2016, TBA
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Director

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5-Star Film! 

Patritcy, Talia Mint, Henessy A, Nekane, Alexa Tomas, Lea Guerlin, Mango A

Ships 6/28.

'And In The End' features seven gorgeous girls in bittersweet romantic encounters that will tug at your heartstrings as well as your libido.

The sexual tension is simmering between elegant Henessy and her busty girlfriend Nekane. Henessy is trying to leave, but as they reminisce their tender kisses turn passionate. Nekane sits astride Henessy's face, her big natural breasts jiggling as Henessy's tongue swipes between her pussy lips. She turns around into a sixty-nine, Henessy sucking and fingering her vigorously. Nekane kneels to likc her lover's puffy clit, the skillful tongue-work quickly brings Henessy to boiling point, before she finger-bangs her to an explosive orgasm.

As the second episode begins, leggy blonde Patritcy is in the bathtub, watching Talia Mint. Their relationship is ending, and although they are both filled with regret, their mutual attraction is still strong. They kiss fervently, Talia sliding her hand into Patritcy's panties to stroke her pussy, then peeling them off and lapping at her juiced-up slit. Patritcy turns onto her front and Talia spanks and squeezes her ass cheeks, then licks her into a frenzy of pleasure. Patritcy follows Talia into the shower, getting soaked as she grabs her for an intense kiss. She kneels and eats Talia's pussy under the streaming water when Talia's shaking legs can't support her any longer, she crouches on the floor and Patritcy fingers her to an orgasm that wracks her whole body.

Alexa Tomas is packing for a trip at the beginning of episode three. Her girlfriend Lea Guerlin is upset that she is leaving, but Alexa consoles her with a kiss. As Alexa makes her travel arrangements, Lea begins to undress her, kissing her hungrily and then spreading her stockinged thighs to eat her sweet pussy. Alexa rocks her hips as Lea licks her hungrily and fingers her to an orgasm. Lea strips seductively for Alexa, who eats her pussy and ass in doggy, before Lea rides her fingers to a powerful climax.

In the final episode, Mango and Patritcy sit facing each other coldly as they discuss the breaking up of their relationship. Mango suddenly leans forward to kiss her lover, scrambling across the table onto Patritcy's lap and embracing her ardently. Mango kneels to spank Patritcy and then spread her ass cheeks to eat her pussy from behind. Patritcy sits up on the kitchen counter and Mango licks and fingers her to an overwhelming orgasm. They move to the sofa, Mango holding her legs high and wide so Patritcy can eat her voraciously. She turns onto her hands and knees and Patritcy licks her until she's at fever pitch, then rubs her until she climaxes hard. It seems neither is ready for a final separation...

The international cast of beauties and hot lesbian sex make 'And In The End' an uplifting and arousing watch despite the ambivalent theme.

What sublimely beautiful majestic but sad film this is. Alis Locanto makes movies like no other with the tremendous emotion and feeling he brings to his movies. His use of music is just beyond compare for he gives each scene a unique and beautiful feeling. This is about girls in a romantic relationship saying goodbye as they know it is time to end.

Scene one has Hennessey and Nekane trying to say goodbye to each other but the words will not come but instead out comes their love for each as they make love for the last time. As this scene neared its end I was feeling really sad so beautiful yet sad was the lovemaking.

Scene two has Talia Mint watching Patricty having a bath as she prepares to leave. Talia still loves her passionately and cannot bear to see her go. As they make love for the last time this is just so moving it hurts. What a superb scene.

Scene three has Alexa Tomas about to leave and girlfriend Lea Guerlin does not want her to go even though she promises to come back every now and then. Really beautiful and by the time it is goodbye I was feeling quite melacholy.

Scene Four has Patricty and Mango agreeing to part but happy memories get in the way and soon they are making love. These two are just superb. In the end Mango leaves but then comes back unable to leave her love.

A totally superb movie, brilliantly performed by a cast of Alis Locanto regulars and directed by a man who makes movies like no other. When this finished I was left in awe of this totally magnificent movie experience.

Although the the lovemaking in this is superb as it has an urgency and passion that bespeaks the sadness of parting and is quite magnificently performed. This is in fact a movie like no other.

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