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Love Love ____________________________________
Love Love
I.D. dvd_7444, Adult
2016, TBA
Fantasy Masage
Directed by Director

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Adriana Luna, April O'Neil, Carmen Caliente, Elizabeth Bentley, Lena Nicole, Lexi Belle, Megan Rain, Serena Blair, Shyla Jennings

Ships July 6.

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Anon in Bama
Had I paid closer attention to the fact that Stills-by-Alan was the writer/director of this one, I would probably NOT have ordered a copy as that guy cannot write an erotic intro to save his life! Seriously, I am guessing that he must have learned the art of setting-up g/g scenes at Girlfriends Films, perhaps taking a course in the subject from Dan & Co.

In ALL of the massage scenes on this DVD, the masseuse starts off with some nice ass-rubbing before then asking the girl to turn over so that they can begin having perfunctory lesbian sex. It is NOT erotic, and I found it to be EXCEEDINGLY formulaic, something that I have sadly come to expect in those videos directed by Stills-by-Alan!

1) Serena Blair & April O-Neil - We watch these two playing tennis together. Then they go inside, where Serena strips completely nude to take a shower. She invites April to join her, but April declines, saying that she knows that Serena is a lesbian, while she is most-certainly-NOT. April then prepares to leave, but Serena keeps her there by informing her that she plans on seducing her new female tennis instructor (Elizabeth Bentley). April stays to hear more. Really lame.

April asks Serena for a massage, but insists on leaving her clothes on because she continues to insist that she is not gay. Both girls look hot, but this was some really STUPID scriptwriting. Eventually Serena gets around to rubbing the ass of April, along with some ongoing, clinical, un-erotic banter. And, of course, once she gets the girl to turn over onto her back the lezzie-sex can begin, with 69-ing, going down on one another, and some tribbing.

set-up: D, casting: A, sex: C+

2) Shyla Jennings & Carmen Caliente - Shyla is a masseuse who is about to leave for the day when pretty blonde Carmen enters her studio, requesting a massage. She says that she is sore from "twerking practice." Shyla agrees to help her out, and so Carmen goes into the adjoining room, strips completely nude, and gets up onto a massage table. The pretty blonde has specifically requested a butt-massage. "I am on the twerk team!" Shyla proceeds to give the girl a fairly clinical-looking massage. Shyla is a hottie, but she''s NOT very good in the role of a predatory/dominant lesbian-masseuse, or else this scene could have been a WHOLE LOT hotter! The dialogue between the two is NOT particularly erotic. Shyla pays more attention to the FEET of the blonde girl than she does to her ass!

Eventually Shyla asks Carmen to flip over onto her back so that the lezzie-sex part of their encounter can finally begin. She touches her pussy, they do some tribbing and face-sitting, along with going down on one another. The writing & directing for this scene were both below-average.

set-up: D+, casting: B+, sex: B-

3) Adrianna Luna & Megan Rain - Adrianna is an athletic trainer, and she gets a call on her cell-phone from Megan, who wants to become a fighter. They get together outside to do some kick-box practice, but Megan then pulls a muscle near her groin. Adrianna offers to "rub-out the injury," which involves stripping the other girl completely nude and massaging her butt. And then, of course, she orders Megan onto her back so that they can begin having lezzie-sex, which includes an inordinate amount of fingering. This was easily my least favorite scene on this video.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C-

4) Lena Nicole & Lexi Belle - Lena is the ONLY natural predatory-lez-domme cast in this DVD, and I thought she was great! Pretty blonde Lexi shows up at her spa, saying that the hard wooden-chair she sits-on at work has her body all tightened-up. Lena is more-than-willing to massage the gorgeous girl, ordering Lexi to strip in front of her while she enjoyably ogles her taking-it-off. It is immediately apparent that Lena ENJOYS the sight of pretty-young-nude girls. At one point she even SLAPS the lovely ass of Lexi, just for fun!

When Lena inevitably orders the girl onto her back, Lexi refuses, and so the ass-rubbing continues. Again Lena asks the girl to flip over, but again Lexi says no. Finally, Lena strips completely nude, oils herself up, and climbs atop the surprised girl. This, of course, quickly results in lezzie-sex. I was disappointed that Lena never bothers to kiss the luscious butt of the blonde girl. It would also have been incredibly hot had she taken her doggy-style with a strap-on, but no such luck. Still, this was easily my favorite scene on this entire DVD!

set-up: B, casting: A, sex: B-

5) Elizabeth Bentley, April O-Neil, & Serena Blair - The two girls in that opening-scene finally get together with tennis instructor Elizabeth, who is giving them both a tennis lesson. At one point Elizabeth falls down, injuring her leg, and so both girls rush her inside to massage it. They strip her completely nude and begin rubbing her all over, which of course, quickly leads to lesbian sex. The three-some that follows was nothing special (in my opinion), although I certainly liked it when Serena at one point lovingly kisses the beautiful butt of the pretty tennis instructor.

set-up: D, casting: A, sex: C+

The writing for all five scenes in this video was weak & un-erotic, but then again, that is hardly unusual in a video directed by Stills-by-Alan. It was my own fault for purchasing this one without taking a closer look at the credits beforehand. Still, the girls are all beautiful, and the ass-massaging was NICE! My overall grade: C+

I usually thoroughly enjoy All Gil Massage movies and this was no different as I loved every single moment of this delightful movie.

What makes this so good are the superb setups for each scene and Stills by Alanís expert direction. Stills by Alan has directed all of this series not to mention just about every Girlsway group movie so he certainly knows how to make a good movie. The script for this excellent, with just the right amount of humour to make a movie to you will really enjoy.

Scene one has friends April OíNeil and Serena Blair having a game of tennis before changing in Serenaís room. April knows Serena is lesbian and keeps on telling Serena she is straight even where Serena eats her pussy In the midst of this Serena keeps on taunting April about her tennis pro soon to be girlfriend.

Scene two has Shyla Jennings just closing up for the night when Carmen Caliente arrives demanding a massage as she has been twerking all day and her ass is sore. Shyla loves her ass and soon it is novel massage techniques ending in sex. Shyla and Carmen were excellent in this.

Scene three has rookie kick boxer Megan Rain engaging hardened pro Adrianna Luna to train her. In training she has an injury and yes Adrianna is also a massage therapist. This is a really engaging scene with Megan doing a brilliant face sit.

Scene Four has Lexi Belle needing her arse massaged by amorous t masseuse Lena Nicole something that Lexi is not sure is right. Lena in this is great and this is an excellent scene. Lexi looks superb so it is nice to see her back.

Scene Five a continuation of scene one has April OíNeil meeting Serena Blairís tennis pro girlfriend Elizabeth Bentley and soon it turns into a contest as to who will have a reluctant Elizabeth. Well both have her in one of the best three ways I have seen. The dialogue is just masterpiece as are the performances. As Elizabeth leaves Serena and April agree to tag team the hot young volleyball coach.

I thought this brilliant and Stills By Alan deserves a pat on the back for such an enjoyable movie.

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