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Lingerie Obsession ____________________________________
Lingerie Obsession
I.D. dvd_7494, Adult
2016, TBA
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Director

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Mango A, Talia Mint, Cara St Germain, Alexa Tomas, Lea Guerlin, Nekane, Taylor Sands, Lola

Ships 7/12. Eight beautiful girls indulge their passion for sexy underwear in 'Lingerie Obsession' from renowned director Alis Locanta.

Alexa Tomas strips for Cara St Germain, removing her skintight dress to reveal thong panties, stockings and garters. Cara caresses her long legs, licks her clit and slides a couple of fingers into her juiced-up pussy. Alexa moves into doggy position and Cara eats her from behind, giving her an orgasm and then fingering her to an even more explosive one. Alexa pulls down Cara's bright pink panties, and bends her over, eating her ravenously.

Lea Guerlin is transformed from adorable little cutie to super-vixen when she puts on high heels, stockings and garters, a gift from her lover. Nekane watches, enthralled, as Lea walks for her, the G-string and garters framing her pert bottom perfectly. She kneels to eat and finger her until she is delirious with pleasure. Lea unzips Nekane's dress to reveal her voluptuous figure, caressing her magnificent natural breasts. Nekane lifts her legs high, moaning with pleasure as Lea tongues her juicy folds.

Mango chats with Talia Mint, both girls getting aroused as Talia models her new lingerie. Mango pins Talia against the wall and kisses her, fingering her roughly and spinning her around to eat her to an orgasm that shakes her to the core. Later Talia watches as Mango enters the shower, her dress immediately becoming transparent as the water cascades over her body. Talia guides her to the floor and goes down to lick and finger her. They move into scissors, grinding on each other until pleasure overwhelms them.

Lola puts on sexy black lingerie so Taylor Sands can photograph her. She looks so good Taylor can't resist pushing her onto the bed and eating her pussy. She pulls Lola's panties off and stuffs them in her mouth as she licks her, then holds her legs high and wide as she fingers her to a climax. Lola decides she wants to take some shots of Taylor too. Soon she is stroking Taylor's pussy inside her panties as she kisses her, and then kneeling to eat her to a powerful orgasm.

With its empphasis on sexy seduction, 'Lingerie Obsession' is a must-see movie for lovers of hot girls in gorgeous underwear!

The last four Alis Locanto Viv Thomas have in my view been masterpieces. This is not quite that but still very good. Guy Sblattero when he made Viv Thomas movies shot a number of movies on women’s excitement in lingerie and their subsequent sexual desires. In my view his movies are better than this Alis Locanto movie but not by much.

Scene one has Alexa Thomas stripping for workaholic girlfriend Cara St Germain who on sighting Alexa in lingerie goes wild with desire. Then Alexa gets Cara in lingerie and yes it is more hot sex.

Scene two is just hypnotic as Nekane leaves a box of lingerie for sleeping girlfriend to appear in. What an entrance as Lea Guerlin swishes in to excite Nekane who is eating her out with a desperate desire. When Lea then seduces Nekane it is a magical scene of truly sensuous love making. A truly mighty scene.

Scene three has Mango and Talia Mint feeding their lingerie obsession with having sex with each other while in lingerie. Locanto has had these two together in a number of scenes and they really are great together.

Scene four has the wonderful Lola again with Taylor Sands with Taylor doing a shoot of Lola in lingerie. Lola is hot anytime but in this in sexy lingerie with Taylor lusting after her well it is magical sex.

Well worth the watch with scenes two and four masterclass.

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