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Senator's Speech ____________________________________
Senator's Speech
I.D. dvd_7498, Adult
2016, TBA
Directed by Bree Mills, Stills by Alan

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Bianca Breeze, Abby Cross, Georgia Jones, Jenna Sativa, Val Dodds

Ships 7/12. Senator Bianca Breeze is in the hot seat, her subjects are getting ready to vote, and she needs to make an impact that will influence them to her side. Control at any cost is very important to her and her assistant Abby Cross knows this, leeching off her boss' evident curiosity with her soft, feminine body, and her wet pussy. Bianca isn't above doing things the dirty way to meet her ambitious political goals. So, when the rival media shows up asking for an interview, she lays some ground rules, to ensure her influence. But, when the rules are thrown out the window, Bianca has no choice but to use her status and her expert lesbian seduction techniques to convince Georgia Jones of her political merit, using her powerful horny tongue to give Ms. Jones the primal girl-on-girl orgasm she never dreamed her conservative values would allow.

This is in fact is two movies with the Senators Speech being scenes one,three and Five while scenes two and four cover Val Dodd’s and her desire to have sex with Jenna Sativa. The three scene Senators Speech is putting it frankly a poor effort at film making with the scene set ups and dialogue bad. These three scenes are about Senator Bianca Breeze and her campaign to get re-elected.

In scene one Bianca seduces her assistant Abby Cross, scene three Bianca seduces anti-gay rights journalist Georgia Jones and in scene five they have a truly bad three-way. The sex is badly done and the plot and dialogue is lame.

Conversely the Val Dodd’s Jenna Sativa scenes are very good. Val is a shy girl who fancies her friend Jenna but is so shy she has to imagine sex in scene two. In scene four Val gets the courage and kisses Jenna who it seems has just been waiting. Val and Jenna are very good with Jenna looking totally hot. Jenna now has a gorgeous woman’s body and is a teen no more

Both these scenes are well shot and the sex is excellent so scenes two and four are very much worth watching.

The Senators Speech highlights a trend of late for Girlsway of poor dialogue and bad scene set ups. Even Stills By Alan normally a good director looks out of sorts and this must be one of his poorest efforts.

In two words Jenna and Val.

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