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Lesbian Strap On Bosses ____________________________________
Lesbian Strap On Bosses
I.D. dvd_7514, Adult
2016, TBA
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli

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Brett Rossi, Megan Rain, Sasha Heart, Karlie Montana, Dillion Harper, Elle Alexandra, Amarna Miller, Sovereign Syre

Ships 7/20. Strap-On sex has never been more intense than Sweetheart’s first volume of aggressive, lesbian penetration. Sassy girls get schooled in four vignettes, eventually succumbing to the pleasure of the dildo. Super diva Megan Rain gives makeup artist Brett Rossi a hard time as Brett tries to do her job the best she can. Eventually Brett loses her cool and shows Megan who’s boss. Curvy Karlie Montana feels betrayed when business partner Sasha Heart wants to part ways. Karlie finds a way to leverage power, and blows Sasha away…voluptuous Sovereign Syre has had enough of her boss’ spoiled daughter, red haired Amarna Miller. When Sovereign catches Amarna making fun of her on the phone, Sovereign pulls out the big guns and gives Amarna a lesson she’ll never forget! Finally, world class snowboarder Elle Alexandra can’t stand teammate Dillion Harper, and doesn’t know how the buxom cutie ever made the team. Fiery red-haired Elle decides to confront Dillion and the two girls work out their differences in the hottest way possible.

Anon in Bama
If you are going to title your video "Lesbian Strap On Bosses" then the VERY LEAST you should do is to actually make it ABOUT dominant/predatory lesbian bosses using strap-ons with which to f*ck their pretty-young-female employees! It is an AWESOME idea! It is just too bad that nobody bothered explaining that to director/writer Dana Vespoli!

This one opens with director-Vespoli playing a woman who is producing a commercial for sex-toys. Seriously, Dana? Did you write that yourself or did you have some help from cameramen Matt Holder & James Avalon, or maybe editor Phil Silva? The writing in this one was exactly what I would expect to see coming from MALE XXX-porn-directors!

1) Brett Rossi & Megan Rain - Megan is the young girl who will be starring in the above-mentioned sex-toy commercial, while Brett plays the older woman responsible for doing her make-up. No, she is NOT the boss of Megan, so this set-up really has nothing whatsoever to do with the title of this video. When Megan begins acting all bratty, Brett decides to punish her with some angry lesbian-sex! She actually tells the girl: "I am going to fuck the shit out of you," after which she proceeds to have somewhat mechanical & formulaic strap-on sex with Megan, without expressing much in the way of a prurient-interest in the beautiful body of the younger girl. The strap-on doggy-style sex was nice to watch, but this scene would have been SO MUCH HOTTER with some quality writing!

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: B

2) Karlie Montana & Sasha Heart - These two attractive young women have started a business together selling sex toys. But pretty blonde Sasha has an announcement to make: "Matt and I just got engaged!" Then she announces that she and her future hubby want to buy-out red-haired Karlie and take-over the company. This news understandably upsets Karlie, who responds by initiating some angry-punishment-lesbian-sex with her friend. This was one really lame way to intro a scene, and once again it had NOTHING to do with a lesbian boss and her employee! Karlie dons her strap-on and takes her pretty friend doggy-style (which was nice), but that was about as good as it got.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: B-

3) Sovereign Syre & Amarna Miller - Sovereign is packing up stuff in preparation for a move. The daughter of her business partner is supposed to be helping her, but the girl is running late. Finally, pretty young Amarna arrives, but instead of helping the older woman, Amarna snoops around her belongings and discovers a strap-on-dildo. Of course, Sovereign catches the girl in the act and responds with some angry-lesbian-punishment-sex! I am sorry, but that is NOT EROTIC, nor does it have anything to do with a lesbian boss! On the positive side, I enjoyed watching Sovereign slapping the ass of the younger woman, and it was nice watching her taking Amarna from behind with her strap-on!

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: B+

4) Elle Alexandra & Dillion Harper - Pretty young Dillion is a competitor on a snow-boarding team, and her older teammate (Elle Alexandra) somewhat angrily confronts the girl about her suspicion that Dillion might be sleeping with the male coach. Of course, this suspicion means that she will now attempt to punish the younger girl with some angry-lesbian-sex. They wrestle around for a bit, start giggling, and then begin going at it. On the positive side, it was nice watching the older woman donning the strap-on to do the younger girl doggy-style, bending her over a couch, but once again this scene had NOTHING whatsoever to do with a predatory lesbian boss!

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: B-

Does NOBODY at Sweetheart Video pay any attention to the titles of their videos, and whether or not the content matches what it says on the cover of the box? Dana Vespoli took a great storyline-idea and then completely IGNORED it! Here is my suggestion: if they choose to make a "Lesbian Strap On Bosses 02," how about including at least ONE scene involving a dominant lesbian-boss desiring her pretty female employee and then taking the girl from behind with her strap-on? JUST ONE SCENE is all I ask! I would rate this one a poorly-written: C+

Humble Opinion
I am not a huge fan of strap-on scenes, but I thought that this was a pretty good release, with a variety of strap-on techniques.

As Dana Vespoli mentions in the BTS, with Brett Rossi donning the strap-on, Megan Rain rides that thick long strap-on like she was in the Kentucky Derby! It is an impressive performance on Megan's part, particularly when she is on top of Brett, pounding down on that dildo. Megan also proves again as she did with Sinn Sage that she is not afraid to get her face buried in a pussy, much to Brett Rossi's obvious delight.

In contrast, Amarna Miller a young French performer I had not seen before is vocally and visibly leery of that very same strap-on dildo, it is so big and so thick. In Amarna's scene with Sovereign Syre, it does not appear that Sovereign ever attempts to push the dildo in fully but, for me anyway, that does not make the scene any less hot, in fact, it made it hotter. Sovereign is attentive to Amarna's concerns, and mostly lets Amarna set the pace and tempo of the thrusting. Near the end, in my favorite part of the scene and perhaps the whole movie, Sovereign is laying behind, and along-side, of Amarna. The dildo is inside of Amarna about half-way, and Amarna is visibly shaking as she tries to push herself deeper into the toy, as Sovereign sort of hovers over her, quietly and protectively. From time to time, Amarna squeezes her eyes shut and leans back. Amarna then stops moving her hips, and her arms reach out for Sovereign's face, behind her. Sovereign leans forward then, and the two kiss each other hungrily, until Amarna breaks away, and begins trying to push the dildo deeper into her again.

The Elle Alexandra/Dillion Harper scene is good for two main reasons.

First both performers are veteran girl/girl performers who clearly enjoy making love to women, and know how. Elle in particular is always impressive in her ability to turn-on virtually any of her partners.

The second reason why this is such a good scene is because Dillion Harper's body is to "die for". Dillion is almost always the submissive in her scenes, and her firm natural breasts are always glorious to watch swaying. But Dillion also now has a firm, taut stomach that adds measurably to the enjoyment of watching her being pleasured.

Two things struck me about this Elle/Dillion scene. One, a good share of it takes place on the floor instead of the couch. The couch really only comes into play after Elle has donned the strap-on. Two, this is, by far, the shortest appearance of the strap-on. That was fine with me, since Elle does an excellent job of making Dillion cum several times with her mouth and tongue, and Dillion hungrily returns the favor for Elle at least twice.

The Karlie Montana/Sasha Heart scene was good, playful scene, with enough dildoes on display to sponsor an mini-orgy. The highlight for me of this scene was watching Sasha Heart lying on her back on the couch, feasting on Karlie Montana's pussy, while Karlie is kneeling over, and bracing herself, on the back of the couch. Karlie is obviously in heaven, though we can't see her face. We also can't see Sasha's face either because it is buried in Karlie's pussy above her. What we can see though, is Sasha finger-fucking herself hard as she moans through the taste of Karlie on her lips, and in her mouth!

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