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Lesbian Maids ____________________________________
Lesbian Maids
I.D. dvd_7540, Adult
2016, TBA
3rd Degree
Directed by Mike Quasar

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Cherie DeVille, Jenna Sativa, Katie Morgan, Alexis Fawx, Veruca James, Samantha Rone, Sovereign Syre, Adriana Sephora

Ships 7/26.

There was a time when I thought Mike Quasar was up there with Viv Thoimas. Of late his movies have just been routine and as such I thought hard about buying this. Well I am glad I did even if it is not of the class his movies used to have five years ago. What also detracts from his movies of late is the lack of credits so you have to work out who is who when the scenes come on. Also poor old Mike is only billed on the cover and not on the film. Do not loose the cover.

Added to this the bonus scene is between two unnamed models who I was not familiar with who were both good as was the scene. As for the four main scenes as the models are well known you can work out who is who. When you go to the scenes menu it does list by first name only the two models in each scene.

As for the four scenes they are all good with each about the maid being seduced by the mistress of the house. The first scene with Alexis Fawx and Samantha Rone is the stand out with Samantha being told it is time to step up for new responsibilities such as sex with Alexis. Samantha is all eager for this and terrific bout of sex ensures.

Scene two has Adriana Sephora has an always late Mexican made who makes up the lost time with mistress Kate Morgan. The sex in this is good and the lounge gets a good work out.

Scene three finds Cherie Deville coming home to maid Jenna Sativa asleep on her bed. What should Cherie do? Yes indeed seduce sweet young Jenna and very nicely done is it.

Scene Four has Sovereign Syrie telling maid Veruca James that she thinks she is stealing her lesbian DVDís. As such Veruca gets a smack on the behind before being seduced and thus removing the need to steal the DVDís. I thought this nicely done.

All told an improved Mike Quasar movie which I thought well worth the watch if you do not expect a movie of the class that Mike Quasar once had but seems to have lost.

Anon in Bama
This film came out a couple of years ago, and I immediately fell in LOVE with that incredibly hot DVD cover-pic, showing older woman Cherie DeVille checking-out the body of her beautiful young maid, Jenna Sativa. The only reason for my NOT immediately purchasing a copy is because director Mike Quasar is not very good with erotic intros, but then again, NO directors are anymore, am I right?

1) Alexis Fawx & Samantha Rone - This video opens with beautiful young blonde Samantha entering the bedroom of her mistress, Alexis. The obvious problem here is that Alexis is one of those older women far more interested in flaunting her own body than in exploring that of her beautiful young maid. She explains almost matter-of-factly to Samantha that it may be time for them to take their relationship to the next level, which involves both women getting simultaneously naked before then engaging in some I-do-you-then-you-do-me lesbian sex, including fingering & 69-ing. I usually love Samantha Rone, but she was largely wasted here.

set-up: C-, casting: A, sex: C

2) Katie Morgan & Adriana Sephora - Pretty Mexican maid Adriana is dusting things off in the living room in her skimpy French maid outfit, looking really hot. Enter her mistress, Katie, who watches the girl disinterestedly for a bit before then sitting her down and telling her that she is firing her due to punctuality problems. Adriana begs for a second chance, offering to "do things" for her mistress, meaning that she will now have lezzie-sex with her. It is every bit as silly as it sounds. The maid is the aggressor here, as they proceed to go at it on the couch. The intro was NOT erotic, and the sex that follows reflects that.

set-up: D+, casting: A, sex: C

3) Cherie DeVille & Jenna Sativa - These are those two incredibly hot DVD cover girls! We watch as pretty maid Jenna makes the bed, and then lies down in it for a quick nap, where mistress Cherie catches her. Cherie says that she enjoys looking at the body of her pretty maid, and then kisses her. Cherie could have continued in the dominant role here, but instead they begin all too quickly taking turns doing the same things to one another after simultaneously undressing. There is fingering, analingus by Jenna, and some mutual 69-ing. This scene very sadly did NOT live up to that awesome cover-pic!

set-up: B, casting: A+, sex: C-

4) Sovereign Syre & Veruca James - Veruca is the pretty maid to older woman Sovereign, who awkwardly confronts the girl about some missing tupperware. Yes, it starts a tad silly, but when she then suggests that Veruca needs to be punished, things begin heating-up. She pulls the girl over her lap and caresses her luscious butt, slapping it a couple of times. They then begin kissing, with Sovereign at one point positioning the girl onto her elbows & knees and lovingly kissing her gorgeous ass several times! I liked how Sovereign remained in charge, despite not being naturally dominant. There is also a great scene where Veruca slowly strips for her mistress. This was the best scene on this entire DVD.

set-up: B-, casting: B+, sex: B+

A video about dominant older women playing with their beautiful young French Maids is an INCREDIBLY HOT idea, but in this particular instance it was poorly done. The older women were simply not all that interested in having scantily-clad younger girls in their service. Excellent casting & WEAK intros! My overall grade: B-

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