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Almost Caught ____________________________________
Almost Caught
I.D. dvd_7543, Adult
2016, TBA
Guirlsway - Mommy's Girl
Directed by Director

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Ships 7/26. What If Daddy Hears Us Mommy?

We all remember a time when having sex in the naughtiest places led to being almost caught by our parents, or by someone else. But we also remember the feeling of the adrenaline rush that comes with it. Kimmy Granger is about to get married, and her Mommy In Law Kendra James wants a very special birthday present! To have steamy hot lesbian sex only inches from her son with his horny little fiancee! Mia Malkova has been making a huge fuss over her father's new marriage to Alexis Fawx. It turns out that all this was a bluff because really, Mia has been jealous and wanted Alexis' MILF pussy all to herself. Mia wants to make a point, so she interrupts Alexis during a more intimate moment with Daddy just in order to lick her pussy like it deserves, giving Alexis a hard situation to deal with. Will she choose Daddy or Daughter?

This is a Mommy’s Girl movie and I am not sure as to whether to classify this as good entertainment or absolute rubbish. I have to admit I enjoyed most of this movie even if the scenes were farcically impossible. The title comes from scenes one and five where step Mom and Step daughter are having sex right under the noses of hubby. In scene five step daughter Mia Malkova and step mom Alexis Fawx have sex right by a sleeping hubby who occasionally ask that the noise be kept down as he has to start work early and needs a good night’s sleep.

Scene one has Kendra James and Kimmy Granger battling it out under the dinner table as hubby clears the table. Can you believe it or not. Well yes as the guys that play the husbands look not too bright.

Surprisingly the best scenes are the one with Ava Adams whom I normally hate. The first is scene two where step daughter Darcie Dolce tells Ava she is not into girls but women and Ava in particular. Apparently Ava is a serial step mom step daughter seducer who has moved from marriage to marriage and cannot resist young Darcie, This is a super scene with huge breasted Ava put through her paces by an enthusiastic Darcie.

Talking of serial step mom seducers scene three has Kendra James seducing Kimmy Granger’s sister Ember Stone coming home late. She gets seduced in the room next to where Daddy is sleeping.

Scene four has Darcie Dolce and Jade Nile comparing seducing step moms with Jade having been seduced by Dana Deamond in scene one of Mother Secret Twins another Mommy’s Girl movie while Darcie seduced Ava Adams in scene two. Ava Adams over hears this and bang it is a three with Ava showing she is top dog is serial step mom seducers facing sitting both girls superbly. I know I said some harsh words about Ava in another review but Ava in this you are great. As for those giant boobs of yours well they are hypnotic.

Then of course there is the Mia Malkova Alexis Fawx scene which stretched credibility with the sex being in the same bed as hubby.

Rubbish or entertainment? Well I prefer the later but if you are looking for a cinematic masterpiece this is not it. However it is fun. As for the sex it is good with the edge added as to whether step mom and step daughter will be caught b Daddy/hubby. Director Stills by Alan keeps this going at a fast pace so there is never a dull moment.

The test of whether you will like this or not is of course the often used phrase in this

“Oh Mommy please make me cum”

If you don’t mind this is for you. However if it annoys you leave this well alone.

Humble Opinion
I pretty much agree with Peter's review. I would just like to add some context to the "Almost Caught" theme which I think is a really hot scenario, when played at least somewhat believably.

Girlsway's first foray into "almost caught" territory on DVD was with Ariana Marie seducing her new trophy wife stepmother, Kendra Lust, in 2 scenes in "Mother's Secret Twins". I REALLY enjoyed those two scenes.

The next foray into that territory was on the Girlsway DVD, "Mommy Takes a Squirt", where Kendra James seduces her daughter-in-law Veronica Vain another very good scene, I thought.

Here, for reasons I can't quite explain maybe the chemistry wasn't there, or maybe it was too similar to the Veronica Vain scenes Kendra James "Almost Caught" scenes are the least noteworthy of the DVD.

Darcie Dolce who I had heard about but not really watched previously was sexy and exotic-looking as she "came-on" to her stepmom with the voluptuous breasts, Ava Addams. Ava did a nice job, I thought, of trying to fend Darcie off, and eventually succumbing to her exotic step daughter's passion. The 3-way, with pretty, young Jade Nile added to the mix of Ava and Darcie was also a good scene (and I am pretty "picky" when it comes to 3-ways).

My favorite scene also was the Alexis Fawx/Mia Malkova scene. I agree that the set-up was ridiculously implausible, but the energy generated between Alexis and Mia more or less overcame it. Still though, I believe that this would have been an "over-the-top" scene, given the chemistry between the two performers, if they had early on chosen to find "another room" (such as Mia's bedroom) to consummate their lust for each other. But again, given the scene as presented, the Alexis Fawx/Mia Malkova scene is a hot number.

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