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Lick ____________________________________
I.D. dvd_7548, Adult
2016, TBA
Nubile Film
Directed by Director

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Grace Hartley, Jasmina, Evfrat Mai, Leila Smith, Victoria Sweet, Kari, Tess, Tracy, Jenny De Lugo

Ships 7/26. FEATURING EUFRAT! :)

Blonde Beauties Grace Hartley & Jasmina
Grace and Jasmina are getting ready for a night out, but gentle caresses and kisses change their plans to a night of passion. They shed their clothes and exchange eager passionate kisses meant to ignite pleasure.

Lick Evfrat Mai & Leila Smith
Joining her lover Leila, Evfrat runs her fingers through her long brown hair and contemplates the beauty before her. Joining her lover on the bed, Evfrat pulls Leila close and gives her a lingering kiss causing passions to explode.

Satisfied Emotions Victoria Sweet & Kari
Victoria slips Kari's top down, exposing her upturned breasts and licks and suck her lover's hard nipples. This leads to passionate petting, oral explorations and the two women eagerly bringing each other to the heights of ecstasy!

The Break Up Tess & Tracy
A bad fight leads Tess and Tracy to the verge of breaking up, but these two hotheads decide that their disagreement can be resolved with passionate, sexual negotiations. They take turns pleasing one another putting their intense emotions to good use.

Wet Anticipation Jenny Delugo & Jasmina
Jenny explores her body during a sensual bath. After her bath, she finds her sexual desired have not been satisfied and is pleased and eager when Jasmina joins her. Still heated from the bath water, Jenny's temperature continues to rise.

Looking at the cast of this movie one could be forgiven for thinking this is a Lesbea movie with the Eufrat, Tess Lyndon, Kari, Victoria Sweet, and Leila Smith all Lesbea regulars. The Tracy billed is not Tracy Lindsay but another Tracy. The one thing missing however is the quality of a lesbea movie for while this is a good film it is not in the class of the two previous Nubiles movies or a lesbea movie.

Scene one has an excellent blonde Jasmine seducing Grace Hartley in her evening dress. Jasmine is also in the last scene and is very good so I am surprised she is not a big star for she is both beautiful and very sexy.

Scene two has the great Eufrat with Leila Smith in a scene that does not do justice to their talents. While they are good the makers of this should see Eufrat in a lesbea movie where they know how good she is. Similarly Leila Smith in a Viv Thomas is just mighty. Sorry but a most disappointing scene.

Scene three as Victoria Sweet and Kari who are both superb in a scene which is worthy of their talents and I liked this a lot. The sex in this is very good and both girls are to say the least most alluring.

Scene four is also pretty good with Tess Lyndon and a Tracy who is never the less very good. I had been expecting Tracy Lindsay but no this is a brown haired Tracy. Tess Lyndon is always good and in this she excellent.

Scene Five I also liked a lot as Jasmine returns to seduce Jenny Delugo in a bath. If for any reason Jasmine is a very good reason to watch this for in both scenes she is really hot and very good.

While this is good, the previous two Nubile Films movies were just so good with “True Passion” a masterpiece and as such this pales against such a good movie. Still it is a pretty good movie and well worth the watch.

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