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Naughty Teen Slumber Party ____________________________________
Naughty Teen Slumber Party
I.D. dvd_7565, Adult
2016, TBA
Directed by Director

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Aubrey Star Jenna J. Ross Kenna James (II) Charlotte Stokely Blake Bartelli Kennedy (IV)

What really happens at aover party....... you guessed it. The girls' antics turns naughty (I'm talking mouth-watering pussy play) leading to some INTENSE orgasm. The passion is real and the fun has just begun... so what are you waiting for?

This is a most excellent movie even if there is no teen slumber party. Rather what you get is four twosomes, one threesome and one solo scene of beautiful teen looking girls making really beautiful lesbian sex. While there is no plot each of the scenes are beautifully photographed and superbly performed. If you are a Kenna James fan this is for you.

Kenna is in one twosome with a really beautiful sweet young thing called Naomi Woods and this is literally erotic poetry in motion. This is so superbly done that you really have to gasp at the beauty of it all.

Kenna is also in the threesome with Alex Grey and Blake Eden where two girls are sleeping over and the third brings up breakfast on a tray. Nothing gets eaten as after one look it is truly beautiful sex.

Aubrey Star is in two scenes as well one with a really lovely teen girl called Kennedy and one with Jenna J Ross and both these are wonderful. Jenna J is in another scene with the always good Charlotte Stokely and again this is a beautifully made scene.

The solo scene is done by Riley Reid and it is also good.

If you like beautifully shot superbly performed lesbian lovemaking by truly beautiful teen looking girls this is it. This is X Art’s second Girl Girl movie the first one “First Lesbian Summer” is really superb. It also has two scenes of Kenna James.

This is an American “Lesbea” of beautiful teen looking girls and I loved every beautiful moment.

I sure want all my fellow forum members to know that Peter is not exaggerating the appeal of this beautiful disc.

I''m a Kenna James fan anyway, but her scene with the absolutely lovely Naomi Woods really is some gorgeous eroticism. The blonde Ms Woods as a slender, tight and toned body, with a super sexy ass. But somehow what makes Naomi Woods even hotter to me is that along with her very pretty face, and beautiful eyes, Ms Woods has these dark eyebrows that provide a striking contrast with her blonde hair, that makes a very hot young woman seem even hotter to me for whatever reason. I would buy a new DVD release just for it having Ms Woods in it. The young lady is simply a stunner, and her scene with Kenna is erotic Nirvana. And like all the scenes on Naughty Teen Slumber Party, the Naomi/Kenna scene is not only beautifully lit and shot, but there is never music preventing viewers from hearing the sexy sounds of the young beauties as they make love.
And thankfully, the scenes on this disc don''t contain any of that fake porn screaming that drives me up the wall. Viewers just hear some very understandable soft moans, oohs, and aahs, along with the sounds of kissing and licking.

IMO, this disc could serve as a guide for the way truly erotic g/g scenes should be shot.
And, for example, when the Naomi/Kenna scene opens there is a beautiful vibe right away. The 2 ladies are first seen sitting on a fuzzy throw rug in a nice living room. The 2 lovelies are facing each other, and each woman is sitting on her own folded legs, with the women being so close that each girl''s bare knees are touching the bare knees of the other young woman. Kenna is wearing some very pretty pink panties, and the very lovely Naomi is wearing some very sexy, light blue panties. Panties and matching bras are all that the young women have on, except for their smiles, which seem genuine as if they are really happy to be with each other. The women are initially playing cards and some soft, very nice sounding music is playing for maybe just the first 60 to 90 seconds of the scene. But then the music totally fades away, as it does in all the scenes on the disc, and the women start looking more deeply into each others, then one starts gently stroking the fingers of the other, and as their lovely beauty pageant type faces come together for their first kisses, viewers just know they are in for a good time.
Let me quickly say that the Jenna J Ross and Charlotte Stokely scene is also hot with some beautiful making out.

And the 3-way scene with Kenna James, Blake Eden, and a very sexy, beautiful blonde named Alex Grey is very good, with none of the abrupt changes in camera perspective that often ruin 3-ways. And I liked it that much of the time in the scene the camera is showing a good view of what all 3 women are doing at the same time. But then the photographer gives some good close-ups when it seems like a good point in the proceedings when you''d want to see a closer view of what is happening between 2 of the women.

And if the IMDB info on Ms Grey is correct, the scene was probably shot around 2 or 3 months before Alex Grey turned 19, and she looks like a genuine teen.

The people who lit, shot and edited this DVD must be true professionals who knew exactly what they were doing. And my dick stands in awe of their efforts.

Anyway, guys, enough of my long winded rambling about this video already. All this description has me wanting to watch it again now for the 25th or 30th time.

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