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6000 RPM ____________________________________
6000 RPM
I.D. dvd_7591, Adult
2016, 106 mins per studio
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Alis Locanta

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Tiffany Doll, Amirah Adara, Francys Belle, Kari, Baby Jewel, Victoria Puppy, Eileen Sue

Ships 8/9. Feel The Good Vibrations!

A powerful sex toy brings overwhelming pleasure to seven gorgeous girls in award-winning director Alis Locanta's '6000 RPM'. Freckled French fox Tiffany Doll has a gift for Amirah Adara - a vibrating wand. She holds it to Amirah's crotch as she turns it on, and within seconds, Amirah is gasping and rocking her hips as the powerful sensations engulf her. Tiffany grabs the toy and shoves it inside her panties, grinding against it. When she's writhing with pleasure, Amirah licks her clit, then holds the vibrator against it while fingering her wet slot until she orgasms. Amirah lifts her legs high so Tiffany can slide a finger into her ass, then straddles the toy and rides to her climax.

Francys Belle comes home to find Kari masturbating in the bathtub. Moving to the bedroom, Kari plays a vibrating wand over Francys' nipples and down between her legs, Francys spreading wide as the throbbing sensation builds in intensity. Kari licks and fingers Francys and then sits on her face, before using the vibrator to give her a long and powerful orgasm. Now Francys alternates between licking and fingering Kari's pussy and using the vibrator to get her even more excited. Kari moves into doggy position, rocking back against the toy frantically and grinding to her climax.

Baby Jewel is chatting to Tiffany when her lost luggage is delivered, but it turns out to be someone else's suitcase. The two girls decide to look inside, and find a vibrating wand. Baby awakes from a nap to catch Tiffany using it, and watches her masturbate to an orgasm. Tiffany strokes and licks Baby until she's at fever pitch, and then uses the vibrator to push her over the edge into a powerful climax. Tiffany gets on her hands and knees for Baby to make her orgasm again.

Victoria Puppy and Eileen Sue masturbate side by side and then move into scissors, Victoria holding a vibrating wand against their pussies. After a hard and fast simultaneous climax, they drive each other wild with the toy, enjoying an intense string of orgasms.

If you like to watch girls enjoying uncotrollable high-octane ecstasy, '6000 RPM' is an unmissable delight!

Usually I hate toys and I think directors that use them lack imagination. Not so Alis Locanto who in this has let his imagination run riot with four great scenes. I realise that not every likes Alis Locanto who I think with his Viv Thomas movies is in the genius class. Yes they are different but that is why is like them as he does not follow the standard path of making Girl Girl movies for his films are Lesbian Erotica art.

Scene one has Tiffany Doll receiving the gift of a vibrator from her girlfriend Amirah Adara. Both these models I adore as they are so good as is the sex, oral fingers and vibrator separately and in combination. What makes this good are the two girls who have done scenes together before and clearly like each other. So when the vibrator is used it is not cold sex but a highly passionate experience. The face sit in this is exceptional.

Scene two has fared haired Francys Belle finding girlfriend Kari in the bath masturbating with the vibrating wand. Kari then comes to the bedroom where the two have really great sex where licking, fingering and the wand are used for some mighty orgasms. Had not seen Francys before but she is very as is Kari whom I have seen in numerous Lesbea. Truly a scene to behold.

Scene three must be a classic so magnificent is it. The scene starts with Tiffany Doll who has just returned home after a long flight where girlfriend Baby Jewel finds she has taken the wrong luggage at the airport and inside the bag in a vibrator wand. The sequence where Tiffany Doll brings Baby Jewel to three orgasms in a row through the wand, eating the pussy and fingering her is in my opinion one of the greatest girl girl sequences ever filmed. Wow is this good and is it hot?

Scene Four has Eileen Sue and Victoria Puppy as two girlfriends lying in bed and feeling horny. What to do? Out with the magic wand to warm each other further before the fingers and tongue come into action. Eileen Sue is one of the best and she and Victoria really ensure that both end up with a good night’s sleep. A breathtaking scene.

In this Alis Locanto has not replaced love making with a toy but added it to the repertoire of the girls in bringing pleasure to their partner. In this there are no bored looks as one girl hold the vibrator but rather she is also engaged in caressing, kissing with the breast adoration in this quite something. This is just erotic poetry so beautifully told and so superbly performed with a film maker that clearly thinks outside the square it is breath taking. I find with Alis Locanto movies you must watch every second of the film for all the subtle touches he brings to his movies must be appreciated.
As I said in the beginning of this review Alis Locanto is different and I do not pretend that everyone will like his films. If you do then may I suggest this is a work of pure genius? If you find that Alis Locanto is not for you then you will absolutely hate this for it has his style of film making written all over it.

Finally the French model Tiffany Doll is truly superb in this being in two scenes. Since making films for Viv Thomas she has in my view become one of the very best there is at Girl Girl. In this film all the models speak English and Tiffany has this wonderful French accent which I truly love along with a look that is just so full of expression.

A Director may be great but he still needs very good models. In Tiffany Doll Alis Locanto has one of the very best and this is reason alone for watching this.

In Summary If you like imaginative film making out of the ordinary this is for you.

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