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Girls Gone Bad 4-Pack #2 ____________________________________
Girls Gone Bad 4-Pack #2
I.D. dvd_7648, Adult
2016, TBA
Gourmet Video
Directed by Director

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Tianna, Jenna Wells, Gail, Sharon Mitchell, Angela Summers, Ona Zee, Trixie Tyler, Bianca Trump, Tracy Wynn, Lynn Lemay, Flame, Maxine, Tracy Starr, Dominique Simone, Porsche Lynn, Melanie Moore, Patricia Kennedy, Sheila Stone, Rebecca Bardoux, Tianna Taylor, Angella Faith, Nikki Shane, Tricia Yen, Leanna Foxxx, Diva, Calista Jay, Jill Kelly, Stacy Nichols

Ships 8/30. Girls Gone Bad #5, 6, 7 & 8. Limited quantities.

Anon in Bama
This is a fairly old collection of women-in-prison girl/girl videos, all released back in the nineties. The first four volumes in this series concentrated entirely on pretty girls being booked into jail before then having their beautiful bodies played with by the dominant lesbian warden (Sharon Kane was excellent in this role) along with some tough lezzie-guards (including Sharon Mitchell, one of my all-time favorites!)

This four-pack includes volumes five-through-eight, of which I will summarize each one in a paragraph below:

Girls Gone Bad V: Mexican Justice - In this one, the lesbian warden is superbly played by naturally-dominant Ona Zee, who comes across as both predatory & deliciously decadent! Several pretty young American girls are booked into her south-of-the-border jail. She first wants them to "pose for me," which will involve them removing their clothes. One of her guards is also quite good in the dominant lezzie-role! At one point, four girls are brought into at once, at which point it gets excessively porny.

Girls Gone Bad VI: On Parole - In this one, the girls are being released on parole! First, they all have to strip out of their prison-clothes and change into their street clothes, while the guard & female warden watch. The warden keeps the last girl behind so that they can have consensual lezzie-sex with one another. Later, a girl & a guard go at it together at the half-way house. Later still, two pretty girls are re-booked into jail after violating their parole, and then have sex with one another. Yawn. Another girl is shown coming out of the shower when a guard has 100% consensual sex with her. And finally, two girls being freed thank the warden with lezzie-sex.

Girls Gone Bad VII: Misfits of Society - In this video, congresswoman Jeffries orders the release of three girls to start a bar as part of their rehabilitation. The lesbian warden and evil congresswoman Turner both want to sabotage her efforts, so they send in a ringer to expose her plan as a sex-slavery operation, which it is not. First, the evil congresswoman & butchy warden have sex with one another - yawn - followed by two of the inmates at the bar having an everyday lezzie-encounter. Later, one of the girls is ordered to seduce the good congresswoman so that the baddies can blackmail her, but their plan is foiled when their ringer sides with the good congresswoman instead. In the end, everybody gets together for a six-woman orgy. Excessively porny!

Girls Gone Bad VIII - In this last one, they go back to the original formula of pretty girls being booked into jail, with the lesbian guard stripping & running her hands all over their pretty bodies before finally having sex with a beautiful oriental girl. Later, they bring a pretty newly-booked blonde girl to the warden, but she prefers playing with another inmate who has become her regular plaything. Later still, two of the inmates (Butch & Bam Bam) have sex with one another in their cell while the blonde girl watches. When a female guard enters and starts having sex with Bam Bam, Butch goes over to the new blonde girl and begins tenderly kissing her legs! NICE! Later, we see the blonde now playing with the warden.

Not a terrible collection, but a lot PORNIER than need be! Still, they had a lot of imagination & creativity back in those days that I appreciate!

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