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Lesbian Tutors: Private Lessons ____________________________________
Lesbian Tutors: Private Lessons
I.D. dvd_7651, Adult
2013, 155 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Ella Milano & Sovereign Syre, Staci Silverstone & Natalia Starr, Zoey Holloway & Jenna J Ross, Gigi Loren & Natalie Heart.

Private Lessons Are Always Remembered

Private Lessons In Lesbian Sex

Scene listing:

[0:41] Biology - Ella Milano & Sovereign Syre

[38:37] Dive - Staci Silverstone & Natalia Starr

[1:10:01] Sauce - Zoey Holloway & Jenna J Ross

[1:57:08] Pirouette - Gigi Loren & Natalie Heart

[2:35:49] END CREDITS

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [g/g & hetero].

Even though I only really liked two of the four scenes in this title, the overall production values and attention to detail are to be commended. The premise alone is worthy of future exploration by Girlfriends Films. The Zoey/Jenna and Ella/Sovereign scenes stand out though. The Zoey/Jenna scene in particular has an extended, tasteful intro section that has all of the hallmarks of foreplay I enjoy. As usual, Zoey does an outstanding job exuding not just lust, but passion for her partner.

1)Buildup/Seduction: Very nicely done, with unique situations befitting each particular story. I hope this is the first of many!

2) Kissing: Great kissing is had in the two scenes I mention, for sure.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Great-looking cast of mostly GFF regulars. Extra points for the great physical contrast between Zoey and Jenna (age, size, complexion).


I rather liked Lesbian Tutors 2 and realised I had not seen the original Lesbian Tutors which I owned but for some reason had not watched. Now that I have I am extremely glad I did for this is a most excellent movie with four totally original scenes very well performed and each with a first class screenplay.

Scene one has young Ella Milano waiting for her late arriving biology tutor Sovereign Syre. When she does it is because having recently married she has found herself the step mother of her husbandís children who all want their real mother and not her. Ella has a step mom and dislikes her so listening to Sovereign she suddenly sees the other side of the situation. Thus it is attraction between two unlikely people that leads to a really good bout of girl girl sex.

Scene two has Staci Silverstone a teenager who recently nearly drowned in the backyard pool being taught to swim by Natalia Starr. Staci is totally terrified to go in and it is only when Natalia throws herself into the pool and calls for help that Staci enters the water to rescue her. The lovemaking after this is really good and this is a very good scene.

Scene three is a masterpiece and has Jenna J Ross a young woman who lives by herself who is a terrible cook causing her in the opening of the scene to throw her badly cooked breakfast in the garbage. What Jenna needs is a cooking Tutor causing her to book Zoe Holloway to teach her how to cook. Together they cook Spaghetti Bolognese which they sit down to eat together. Here Zoe tells Jenna that cooking for someone else is like sex for you have to give something of yourself as well as passion for making a good dinner.

Jenna then tells Zoe she is now totally turned on by the eroticism that Zoe has brought to cooking. This is a remarkable moment which leads to Zoe and Jenna making love in the bedroom. This is no mere bout of standard girl girl sex but a form of exorcism where Jenna is reborn into a new person. A quite remarkable scene, from two quite remarkable performers, which really lifts this scene to greatness. The only sadness about this scene is that Zoe Holloway no longer makes movies for she was a very fine performer.

.Scene four is about young Natalie Heart trying to learn pirouettes from her dancing tutor Gigi Loren and constantly falling over. For Gigi it is matter of instilling confidence in Natalie in how to use her body. Gradually this turns to lovemaking and the strength of Gigi enters the mind of the less than confident Natalie. Another highly original and superb scene.

Girlfriends are constantly attacked about how bad their movies are. Well of late I have seen nothing less than really good films from them and this is a hidden masterpiece which really deserves watching so good is it. Whoever thought of the four scenes here was a genius so original and interesting are they.

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