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Little Red -  A Lesbian Fairy Tale ____________________________________
Little Red - A Lesbian Fairy Tale
I.D. dvd_7660, Adult
2016, TBA
Directed by Bree Mills, Stills by Alan

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Jelena Jensen, Abigail Mac, Penny Pax, Shyla Jennings, April O'Neil, Kendra Lust, Cassidy Klein

Ships 9/7. Two-Disc Special Edition!
This Is A Tale Of Transformation
Of Predators And Their Prey
Of Little Girls Who Obeyed Their Mothers
But Got Lost Along The Way.

Girlsway, the award-winning all-girl studio, is back with their highly anticipated new feature series, one that will introduce audiences to a brand new genre in porn - the first ever reimagined lesbian fairy tale!

From directors Bree Mills and Stills By Alan, Little Red: A Lesbian Fairy Tale features an all-star cast, breathtaking cinematography, intense lesbian sex, and Girlsway's signature sense of humor. And fans of the studio's unique approach to storytelling will not be disappointed in their creative interpretation of this literary classic.

Starring Cassidy Klein in a career topping performance as Red and an all-star ensemble cast including Jelena Jensen, Abigail Mac, Penny Pax, Shyla Jennings, April O'Neil and Kendra Lust, Little Red: A Lesbian Fairy Tale is a must-see feature for all fans of lesbian porn, erotic fantasy, and the Girlsway universe!

Anon in Bama
This is one HOT MESS of a video! The productions values and most of the casting are outstanding! The problem is the STORYTELLING! They basically wanted to re-tell the "Red Riding Hood" fairy tale with an erotic twist (which is good), but then also wanted to turn it into some kind of twisted morality-play/semi-horror-flick (which got pretty STUPID at times!)

INTRO STORY - April O-Neal plays a social-worker driving around and looking for a missing girl. She arrives at an isolated cabin and knocks on the door. No answer. She then wanders around to the back only to discover a beautiful, nude-young-girl (who appears to be in shock) clad only in a red-cape - of course, this is Little Red (Cassidy Klein) - who has apparently been abandoned by her mother. April takes the frightened girl to a home for wayward girls run by a Mrs. Flowers (Jelena Jensen) - Mrs. Flowers appears to be a decadent older woman who is apparently running some sort of "white slavery" ring - she puts Little Red to work cleaning-up her place, and later contacts another woman with whom she plans to SELL the pretty girl for some unspecified, nefarious purpose - but I should add that, in typical Jelena Jensen fashion, the woman shows very little physical-attraction for the pretty girl now in her possession.

Meanwhile, social worker April discovers that Little Red has living relatives - the Riding family - and so she makes plans to deliver the girl to them.

PART ONE: Jelena Jensen & Cassidy Klein - Little Red awakens, calling out for her mother. Apparently, the girl is experiencing her PERIOD! Seriously? WHY was this even included? Anyway, next we watch as Mrs. Flowers makes a phone call to fried-chicken mogul Penny Pax, offering to sell Little Red to her. WHY would Penny want to buy a pretty girl? Is Penny a lesbian? NONE of this is explained. Penny is shown eating chicken and looking lazy & decadent, but I saw NOTHING to indicate that she enjoys playing with pretty women. We then see Little Red sitting alone & forlorn, clutching the photo of her mom.

The next day April arrives with the good news about Little Red having a family, but Jelena has no intention of giving-up the girl when she can sell her instead. Later, we see Jelena cruelly ripping-up the treasured photo that Red has of her mom. This is shortly thereafter followed by a weird "dream sequence" in which we watch Little Red getting her revenge. Mrs. Flowers is now completely nude & manacled, with Red announcing that: "I am going to eat you up!" There has been NO LESBIAN ATTRACTION indicated by either woman for the other. What we see is ANGRY PUNISHMENT-SEX being instigated by Little Red against her tormentor! I kind of liked the way Red was in charge, but it was more-than-a-little-bit SILLY in how she just suddenly attacks Jelena sexually.

The next morning Red wakes-up nude beside Mrs. Flowers, who is DEAD, suffocated with a pillow. Bizarre? Yes. Erotic? No. Red then gets up, uses the toilet (seriously?), puts on a skimpy white dress, and departs the house.

PART TWO: Shyla Jennings, Cassidy Klein, & Penny Pax - Little Red is shown walking down a deserted road, where she is spotted by two women driving in a white van. The butchy driver (Bree Mills) and her passenger (Abigail Mac) are a pair of predatory-lesbians - Abigail even has "WOLF" written on her hat! These two take an IMMEDIATE interest in the pretty-young-unescorted-girl! "What is a beauty like you doing all alone on this deserted road?" They push her into the back of their van and drive off.

Cut to Penny, upset that she has not yet heard back from Mrs. Flowers regarding the girl that she was about to purchase from her. But then the two lezzie-predators arrive with Little Red. Apparently they both work for the fried-chicken mogul, and were NEVER planning on enjoying the gorgeous body of Little Red after all! WTF? Are there NO real predatory-lesbians in this film? Anyway, as nobody seems particularly interested in the girl, they put her in a back room, with the wolf-girl then leaving to go pay a visit on the grandmother of Little Red for some unexplained reason. This story was getting unnecessarily convoluted at this point.

Later, Little Red is awakened from her nap by a nude Shyla Jennings, who was apparently ALSO sold to Penny Pax by Jelena Jensen. "I have been waiting for you to come and save me!" Shyla & Red then have everyday-lesbian-sex to get better acquainted with one another. They then plan their escape. But how to get away from the fried-chicken-mogul in the next room? Easy. Have lezzie-sex with her!

And so that is what happens. Shyla and Cassidy confront Penny on her couch and instigate a high-energy lesbian-threesome. They basically "tire her out" with their eagerness. Afterward, Shyla urges Little Red to continue on her way to the home of her grandmother. "She needs you!"

Next we see social worker April, staring at naked pictures of Little Red and fantasizing about her. Clearly SHE finds Little Red attractive.

PART THREE: Abigail Mac & Kendra Lust - The Wolf-girl (Abigail Mac) arrives at the home of grandma (Kendra Lust), pretending to be Red. She takes an immediate liking to the older woman, nuzzling at her breasts, which Kendra allows. Sure enough, it all quickly escalates, with the younger woman proceeding to dominate the older "grandma" pretty thoroughly, at one point humping her from behind. While the sub/domme aspects of this scene were fun to watch, I would MUCH rather have seen a predatory OLDER woman in charge & instigating the action - I think that younger-seduces-older encounters appear fakey & forced. In any case, Abigail is primarily having sex with Kendra just so she can get her out of the way should Red arrive.

Meanwhile, Penny is awakened by Bree and informed that Little Red & Shyla have both escaped.

PART FOUR: Abigail Mac & Cassidy Klein - Little Red arrives at the home of her grandma, only Kendra is now tied-up & helpless, and it is the WOLF-girl awaiting Red in the bedroom. They do the whole "Grandma, what big breasts you have" routine, with Abigail then pouncing on the girl for some COMBATIVE LEZZIE SEX, which is every bit as silly as it sounds. Think of it as high-energy I-do-you-then-you-do-me angry-lesbianism with neither woman in charge. Meanwhile, a tied-up grandma witnesses the whole thing.

PART FIVE: Abigail Mac, Cassidy Klein, Kendra Lust, & April O-Neal - By morning, Kendra Lust has escaped her bonds and quietly awakens Red so that they can escape together. But instead of leaving with her, Red once again ATTACKS the wolf-girl lying asleep in bed beside her, with grandma looking on in horror.

Next we see social-worker April, staring fixatedly at a nude-photo of Red while touching herself. It is really porny-looking and stupid. Suddenly she gets a phone call from grandma, saying that Red is fighting with some crazy woman in her bed.

Sure enough, Red & Abigail are once again engaged in silly COMBATIVE LEZZIE SEX, only

Anon in Bama
...now Kendra joins the fray, turning it into a threesome. And when April arrives shortly thereafter, SHE joins in to make it a super-porny, multi-girl PORN-FEST!

*** SPOILER ALERT *** There is more, but it is mostly lame and not the least bit erotic! Bree Mills arrives and shoots Red dead with her pistol, but then we discover that the entire thing has all been a DREAM, as Red is awakened by her mother, Tanya Tate, who explains to her that today they will be visiting her grandmother!

Some of this video was EXCELLENT, but I am sorry to report that the WRITING for it was a sub-par mess, at least in my own opinion! A REAL MISSED OPPORTUNITY by the folks at Girlsway!

Humble Opinion
If you enjoyed Girlsway's "The Turning", then I would say that you will almost surely enjoy "Little Red". Like "The Turning", the sex in "Little Red" is especially "over the top". But it works because the cast can definitely pull off portraying crazy, frenzied sex, and most importantly, make it look hot!

As co-director Bree Mills says in the BTS, "Little Red" is a re-imagining of the Little Red Riding Hood story. "Little Red" is a much more elaborate and complex story than "The Turning", or pretty much anything else that Girlsway has done, and I thought that it was a genuine success. The story itself was imaginative, unpredictable, and it held my interest throughout the five parts or scenes. It also was also cleverly written with some particularly funny "throwaway comments" by some of the characters. For instance, Kendra Lust, plays the really young grandmother to Little Red. As Kendra remarks, she is Granddad's fifth wife, and the wives keep getting younger each time!

One of the things that deserves special mention, I think, is the cinematography. Given the dark nature of the story, many of the scenes appear to have been filmed either at night or with a gloomy aura pulled window shades. But with that, the girls, especially when naked, are lighted so that their skin tones glisten. This is especially the case for the pale skinned Jelena Jensen and Kendra Lust.

Sex wise I found all of the scenes hot to watch even the four girl scene at the end, which featured Cassidy Klein, Kendra Lust, and April O'Neill trying to subdue the Wolf, played wonderfully by Abigail Mac.

The Cassidy Klein/Abigail Mac scene with Cassidy as Little Red and Abigail as the Wolf was probably the most outlandish, in terms of frenzied sex, and maybe my favorite. In order to defeat the other, Little Red or the Wolf have to make the other "cum" so much, that the defeated just collapses from exhaustion!

It is actually really hard though to select a best sex scene. When I watched the first scene between Cassidy Klein and Jelena Jensen, I was impressed enough to believe that it would probably be the best sex scene of the movie, but each scene following had its assets.

The last point I would make is that all of the performers, I thought, were not just arousing and sexy to watch they were also very good in playing their non-sex roles. Cassidy Klein and Abigail Mac especially were a delight to watch.

There was considerable talk in the BTS about doing other fairy tales with a lesbian twist. Given how "Little Red" turned out, I would definitely give this idea a "thumbs up".

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