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Horny Lesbian Sisters 02 ____________________________________
Horny Lesbian Sisters 02
I.D. dvd_7702, Adult
2013, 86 min.
Filly Films
Directed by Sasha Heart
* $12.99 *

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Tiffany Tyler & Alison Tyler, Sasha Heart & Nikki Hearts, Alison Faye & Valerie White, Cameron Canada & Tristan Berrimore.

Scene listing:

[1:43] Cameron Canada & Tristan Berrimore

[25:44] Sasha Heart & Nikki Hearts

[45:99] Alison Faye & Valerie White

[1:03:28] Tiffany Tyler & Alison Tyler

[1:26:18] END CREDITS

DVD Features
chapter index, bonus scenes [tease], behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

Forced myself to sit through this just to make sure. Each scene starts with the two women making clear they’re NOT really sisters. Three of the four scenes follow the same outline of the sisters getting into a petty fight, then somehow one of them transitions this into forceful sex. The exception would be the last scene, where one is consoling the other. I found none of them appealing or noteworthy.

Having been unfortunate enough to have seen the first one and totally stupid enough to waste money on the second, I can only repeat my review of volume one since it applies totally to volume two.

I am a great fan of Filly Films and buy each and every one of their releases. This, however, is a film that should never have been made, it is so bad and embarrassing. Basically, it is about natural born sisters having sex with each other, difficult to imagine.

The scriptwriter for this has the impossible task, in all four scenes, of attempting to justify this setup, and fails miserably. Most of the dialogue is just that, and it reduces each scene to a stage of stilted awkwardness.

Everyone makes a mistake and this is clearly Filly’s. I have no problem with step-sisters and step-mums, but sisters? I think not.

Totally garbage, but I guess if you have totally bad taste this is for you.

Humble Opinion
I am not going to call this a masterpiece, but I thought that the dialog was not bad at all, and the role playing was good in all the scenes. There were two scenes that were my favorite.

According to Sasha on the Behind the Scenes segment of this DVD, this is only the second movie that Sasha has ever directed. Sasha’s first movie, Mommy & Me 8, also for Filly Films, was not very good in my opinion. Sasha let the dialog of the set-up get away from her in the Mommy movie, and the set-ups went on far too long.

Here, in Horny Lesbian Sisters, Sasha trims the set-up dialog dramatically back, and gets to the sex much sooner. Some complain that the dialog is all argument, which is true. But it is a little hard to see how incest scenes, where one sister starts to "come on" to the other, would not be at least somewhat argumentative, unless the two sisters already had a sexual relationship. At any rate, I found the dialog to be appropriate to the setups.

The best scene is between Sasha Heart and Nikki Hearts. Nikki is the older sister, who is pretty clearly into girls. Younger sister Sasha is disrespectful of Nikki, taking and wearing Nikki’s clothes without asking permission. The fighting starts over this, but it becomes pretty clear early on that young Sasha admires and looks up to her older sister, with Nikki’s independent and "don’t give a damn what people think" attitude. Sasha seems to be seeking Nikki’s attention with her actions, even as she denies it and insults and taunts her older sister. The fighting eventually leads to older sister Nikki sitting on Sasha and holding her down. Nikki starts to get horny, and Sasha starts to get excited. This leads to the sisters having fantastic sex together. It was a terrific scene with a believable sexual dynamic, and excellent role playing by both girls.

The other good scene, I thought, was between Alison Tyler and Tiffany Tyler (not related in real life). Alison, as the older, voluptuous sister, was fun to watch as younger Tiffany started trying to get into Alison’s breasts and panties. Once the sex began, I thought that they were believable in their attraction to one another.

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