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Prison Lesbians 04 ____________________________________
Prison Lesbians 04
I.D. dvd_7784, Adult
2016, TBA
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Director
* $22.99 *

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Riley Nixon, Stella Cox, Blake Eden, Annie Cruz, Elexis Monroe, Rachael Madori, Dana Vespoli, Gia Paige

Ships 10/5. In the 4th volume of Sweetheart's popular series, incarcerated lesbians do crazy things while doing time. Serial killer Gia Paige distracts US Marshall Dana Vespoli as they wait in the holding area of a small airport. Dana must transport Gia out of county, but finds out firsthand why one should NEVER chat with a dangerous sociopath! Pretty Blake Eden can't stop crying in her cell. Other prisoners have threatened to ruin her face and only tough cell mate Annie Cruz can protect her. Undefeated MMA featherweight Riley Nixon is being held at county for killing an opponent in a fixed fight. Cell mate Stella Cox accidentally caused her trick, a local politician, to O.D. on speedball. Both girls console each other, as their shared guilt turns to mutual passion...bored housewife Elexis Monroe gets a big surprise when fugitive Rachael Madori breaks into her house. Rachael gets a big surprise when Elexis wants her to stay...

Unfortunately this seems to be the only prison with NO "women-of-color" (specifically ebonies) in it!

Anon in Bama
If I have a problem with the women-in-prison-approach as envisioned by director/writer Dana Vespoli, it is that she seemingly prefers scenes showing unwilling lesbians being lured into girl-girl sex with other, more naturally submissive-women, and I am sorry, but that is just NOT erotic. The women all certainly LOOK the part, but they hardly ACT it!

1) Dana Vespoli & Gia Page - MANIPULATIONS - U.S. Marshall Dana has been directed by a male supervisor to prepare to transport female prisoner Gia. The girl arrives, and immediately begins taunting the female marshall for being a lesbian. She basically instigates a lesbian encounter with the butchy officer by telling her: "I have seen the way you look at me." Of course, Dana can only take so much, and so soon she grabs the girl and begins kissing her. The butch/femme contrast between the two women is excellent, and perhaps the best part of this entire DVD is when Dana expresses a prurient interest in the gorgeous ass of the beautiful girl, licking & biting it possessively. Later, we discover that Gia is only doing all of this as part of an escape plan. Lame!

set-up: D, casting: A-, sex: B+

2) Annie Cruz & Blake Eden - THE BADDEST BITCH - Pretty Blake is crying in her cell, awakening her cellmate, Annie, who is understandably pissed-off. It turns out that Blake is frightened, and does not want to be behind bars. We then discover that she was sent to prison for killing her old & wrinkled husband, as she "could no longer suck his dick." Annie listens to all of this, and advises the girl to find the baddest bitch in the joint, and get her to protect her. When Blake asks whom that may be, Annie claims the title herself, but then adds that she is NOT interested in Blake. Blake is offended at being so brusquely rejected, and requests that Annie make her her bitch. (Stupid!) Anyway, that is what happens. Annie demands that Blake show her her ass, and proceeds to inspect the girl in an overly mechanical manner. A good idea, just poorly executed. Instant analingus follows, with Annie at least remaining in charge for the most part.

set-up: C+, casting: B, sex: C

3) Riley Nixon & Stella Cox - SECOND CHANCES - These are the two DVD cover-girls. A butchy-looking short-haired woman is shown sharing a holding cell with a pretty femme. They both end up discussing what put them behing bars, followed by comforting one another with lesbian sex. There is no physical attraction shown by either woman for the other, which makes this entire scene come across as mostly lame. Neither takes charge. The sex between the two includes lots of fingering and also some face-sitting. Yawn!

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

4) Rachael Madori & Elexis Monroe - I AM LONELY, TOO - Butchy-looking escapee Rachael has broken into the home of Elexis, looking for a place to hide. "I am not going to hurt you." But Elexis is convinced that all women in prison are lesbians, and so she offers herself to Rachael, even though the butchy-looking-girl exhibits no interest in her whatsoever. But because Elexis keeps insisting, eventually Rachael agrees to have sex with her. What follows is a lot of fingering and some 69-ing. Just awful!

set-up: F, casting: C, sex: C

It would seem that Dana Vespoli prefers her women-in-prison scenes to involve pretty women who WANT to be violated by disinterested lesbians, who then almost have to be enticed into engaging in lesbian sex with them. I found the whole idea to be mostly lame, as each scene in this one appeared to get progressively worse. My overall grade: C

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