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Lesbian Beauties 11: All Black Beauties ____________________________________
Lesbian Beauties 11: All Black Beauties
I.D. dvd_7831, Adult
2014, 99 min.
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli
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Misty Stone & Ivy Sherwood, Alia Starr & Ana Foxxx, Chanel Heart & Sophia Fiore, Gemini Alani & Sapphire.

The 11th volume in this Lesbian Beauties standout series brings four passionate tales of stunning, black lesbian desire. Uptight college girl Misty Stone suspects her sorority sister, Ivy Sherwood, is moonlighting as a stripper. Both girls find a way to resolve their differences...through mutual orgasms. Top designer Sapphire is dismayed to learn her assistant, Gemini, is planning to work for Sapphire's rival. Gemini gets a sexy lesson in loyalty. Cutie Chanel Heart falls hard for her dad's girlfriend, Sophia Fiore. Both girls share an afternoon they will never forget. Finally, supermodel Ana Foxxx confronts agent Alia Starr when she is dropped from the agency. Ana does what she can to get back on Alia's good side. Enjoy the beauty, passion, and trembling orgasms these gorgeous black girls express in this movie.

Written & Directed by Dana Vespoli

Scene listing:

[1:06] Alia Starr & Ana Foxxx

[24:48] Gemini Alani & Sapphire

[42:47] Chanel Heart & Sophia Fiore

[1:15:24] Misty Stone & Ivy Sherwood

[1:39:27] END CREDITS

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g]. Shot in HD.

Just Some Guy With An Opinion
Since the advent of Girlfriends Films, Sweetheart Video, etc, I’ve been hoping that the long ignored genre of all-black, all-girl would finally get some love from one of these studios. Sadly, after almost a decade all we have to show for it is two episodes of "Lesbian Beauties: All Black Beauties" from Sweetheart. The first one had many deal-breaking issues (see my review), but this one I had high hopes for, considering Dana Vespoli shot it and she’s one of the better directors in the biz.

So the first scene starred Alia Starr and Ana Fox. This one I thought was just okay. Both are strong performers who I’ve seen sizzle in other scenes (when paired up with white girls), but this just lacked enthusiasm. There was some kissing, but too smoochy-smoochy and not enough of a "make out" for me.

The second scene, featuring Gemini Alani and Sapphire Kiss, was just abysmal. No kissing at all, not one drop of eye contact, chemistry was non-existent, and the oral was unenthusiastic. This is exactly the average type of all-black-all-girl that the mainstream studios litter the world with, only less dildos.

The last scene has Ivy Sherwood and Misty Stone getting together. I am not a fan of Misty at all......she annoys and frustrates me because I think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the industry but her performances are just bad. She looks like she has no interest in actually pleasing another woman at all. Her kissing is just smoochy lip kisses with just enough tongue to say she did it. In this scene she went down on Ivy for all of 30 seconds, LITERALLY. Plus it was just tongue pokes, three pokes and a loogie and she was done, on to the fingers (something that bores the hell outta me). Ivy Sherwood has some potential to me.....really beautiful and willing to do some actual work. But she needs to be paired with someone who’s actually into what she’s doing.

The third scene I wanted to address last, because this is the standout scene to me. It stars Chanell Heart and Sophia Fiore. Both girls are beautiful, and Sophia’s body is pure poetic perfection. There was a lot of pretty decent kissing, lots of eye contact, and lots of oral. They went back and forth at least five times, wonderful. That being said, I still think this scene was about on a 70% compared to what I’ve seen from non-black movies, even Ms Vespoli’s own.

Honestly what I hope for is something on the level of Girls Kissing Girls, which seems fairly easy to produce with white/latina/asian performers, judging from the fact that there are like 13 or 14 of those and they’ve been really consistent.

I don’t really know what to think though, because Dana strikes me as the type who tells the performers what she’s looking for (as opposed to just letting them do what they want), and her other films are very consistent. Yet this one seems to be below her usual standards.

So, just to recap: one good scene, one mediocre, and two duds.

And Dana, if you’re reading this, PLEASE keep doing more and more because despite my harsh review, you have produced a movie that is a far sight more enjoyable to me than any all-black-all-girl film in the past, and the only way this genre or subgenre will improve will be through effort.

Two really hot scenes in this movie.

1. Alia Starr/Ana Foxxx. They talk to each other and Alia reveals she loves her. They make love so passionately. Alia is so SEXY!

2. Sophia Fiore/Chanel Heart. Third scene that is so sexy! Sophia is posing nude and Chanel wants her. They kiss and the second they get close and it is bed time! It is AMAZING!

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