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Mature Attraction ____________________________________
Mature Attraction
I.D. dvd_7844, Adult
2016, TBA
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Alis Locanta

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Alyssa Reece, Dorothy Black, Taissia, Lena Love, Violette Pink, Talia Mint

Ships 10/18. Director Alis Locanta's homage to one of Viv Thomas' most iconic movies, 'Mature Attraction' reflects classic MILF themes but with a modern twist. It also marks the welcome return of a MILF superstar, the legendary Dorothy Black.

The story begins with cute Violette Pink, a webcam performer, secretly taking photos of her mother's friend Lena Love as she masturbates. When Lena snoops through Violette's phone she is shocked to discover the photos. Violette catches her in the act, and spontaneously kisses her Lena is hesitant at first, but can't help responding as Violette slides a hand into her panties to stroke her pussy, then kneels to eat her. Violette straddles Lena's lap to get fingered, and grinds to an explosive orgasm.

Meanwhile Violette's mother Dorothy is looking for someone to take care of her holiday home while she is away, and gives Talia Mint the job, despite her concern that Talia is a little young for the responsibility. Dorothy catches Talia spying on her as she undresses, and tugs down her jeans, instructing her to touch herself. Talia's intense orgasm gets Dorothy even more excited, and Talia licks and sucks her beautiful breasts, then eats and fingers her to a climax that wracks her whole body. Dorothy fingers Talia hard and deep, spanks her ass and licks her until she orgasms again.

Lena feels guilty about having allowed Violette to seduce her, but when she goes to say goodbye she is overcome with lust at the thought of what they did. She eats Violette to a climax, both of them turned on by Lena suddenly taking the dominant role. Lena straddles Violette's face to get eaten, then goes face down, ass up to get fingered as she rubs her own clit until she is breathless and trembling. Lena slides a curved dildo into Violette's ass, fucking her to an intense orgasm.

Dorothy is busy with her secret girlfriend, Alyssa Reece, who has a surprise for her - she has told her partner Taissia about their relationship, and invited her to join them. In a beautiful twilight setting, Alyssa and Taissia lavish attention on Dorothy's magnificent breasts, sweet pussy and tight ass, giving her an orgasm so intense she is totally overwhelmed. Alyssa is next to be the center of attention, talking dirty as her girlfriend's focus on making her climax. Finally Taissia gets fingered in both holed until she comes hard. A closing voiceover from Alyssa elucidates the themes of youth and experience beautifully.

'Mature Attraction' is a must-see for lovers of spectacularly sexy women of all ages.

Alis Locanto has done it again with another superb movie, set around the attraction that two mature women have for younger women. The two women are Lena Love a blonde Hungarian who would literally bring any sweet young thing to her knees with sexual desire and Dorothy Black a totally superb Hungarian brunette who once you see her body what sweet young thing could help herself.

The first and third scenes have Lena Love and Violette Pink in two super scenes with Violette a play thing for Lena and giving into her desire. The second scene had Dorothy Black hiring sweet Talia Mint to look after holiday home and for me is one of the best older younger scenes I have ever seen. As Talia secretly watches Dorothy put of some sexy lingerie then is caught is a magical moment followed by brilliant sex.

Talia Mint I have always liked and here she is quite superb as is Dorothy Black. Dorothy Black was a star in the Sophie Moone era and was just OK. Here as an older woman she is just magnificent. In scene four Alyssa Reece her girlfriend Dorothy that sweet young thing Taissia has the hots for her and can she invite her over.

Well over comes young Taissia and a mighty three way results with cums all round. Alis you should not make such hot scenes otherwise you will have people dying of heart attacks. I have never seen Taissia before but more of her. When she flaunts her body before Dorothy and Alyssa wow.

Alis Locanto in this sets a new standard for younger older movies. Girlsway and Girlfriends should immediately sign up Dorothy Black as she is the hottest mature woman I have seen. In fact the whole cast in this is epic with the second scene with Talia and Dorothy a must see classic scene.

Finally each scene ends with a voice over by Alyssa Reece about youth and aging which are really good. For me Alyssa does her best work in Europe with American film makers not realising how good is she as this film shows.

Alis Locanto you are the best.

Very nice movie, this one. In the beginning I found it lacking in storyline, and a bit too thin and lazy... but that threesome at the end was very well done. Especially the older woman getting dressed, glancing at the two nude girls behind her, was a superb shot indeed.

And about gorgeous Dorothy Black... she's a great actress. She should get more lines in interesting scenarios. Who can forget her great acting in the VT scene with Black Angelika and Lucy Belle... that was VT gold.

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