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A Pain in The Ass ____________________________________
A Pain in The Ass
I.D. dvd_7893, Adult
2016, TBA
Fantasy Massage
Directed by Stills by Alan

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Adriana Sephora, Alli Rae, Carmen Caliente, Dakota James, Georgia Jones, Tasha Reign

Ships 11/1. What relieves A Pain In The Ass better than pleasure? In this Fantasy Massage series, you’ll watch hands-on lesbians expertly transform aches and pains into orgasms. When sorority sister Tasha Reigns busts her roommate Carmen Caliente trying on her jeans, she makes the pledge massage her apple bottom butt and rub out her pussy. Dakota James complains of a kink in her booty after a killer body workout, and calls on Alli Rae to release the tension with an orgasm. Georgia Jones seduces her client Adriana Sephora’s phenomenal ass using a potent aphrodisiac massage oil that comes from overseas. Masseuse Jade Nile helps Gracie Glam loosen up her butt sphincter, so her client’s husband can fuck her in the bum.

Anon in Bama
Both the DVD cover-pic and the title of this video made it sound like this one might very well involve some erotic lesbian SPANKINGS, but that is apparently NOT the case! Instead it is about pretty women complaining that their ass hurts, and so they are given butt-massages by another woman. There is little in the way of a sub/domme feel or any kind of quality seductive writing.

1) Dakota James & Alli Rae - These are the two blonde DVD cover-girls, and they apparently compete together on some kind of competitive athletics team. Dakota complains to Alli that her legs and ass are killing her, and so Alli offers her a "bolster massage," which involves Dakota lying across a cushioned wedge with her ass in the air. There is a nice long butt-massage by Alli that was fun to watch, until Dakota suggests that what they are doing is a lot like making a porn video. That triggers an excessively porny admission as Dakota admits to liking lezzie-porn, at which point Alli performs INSTANT ANALINGUS on her, which means that she will completely IGNORE the gorgeous butt of the other girl to instead stick her tongue up her ass-crack! Alli follows that by sticking her fingers up the butt of Dakota, followed by some everyday, unimaginative girl/girl sex.

set-up: C, casting: B+, sex: B-

2) Tasha Reign & Carmen Caliente - These are two college roommates who also happen to be sorority sisters. Tasha leaves to go to class, but then returns unexpectedly to catch Carmen in her room, trying on her bluejeans. Tasha pretends to be upset, and demands that Carmen put on these sexy shorts, at which point she caresses and slaps the sexy butt of the other girl. Tasha then orders Carmen to give her a massage, despite the fact that Carmen has shown no interest whatsoever in the body of the other girl. The butt-massaging is certainly nice, but it was all too clinical. Non-lesbian women giving massages to lesbians is un-interesting. Director Stills-By-Alan apparently did not know this. Tasha keeps telling Carmen to "prove herself," and eventually switches places with her, sticking her fingers up the ass of Carmen (which looks excessively porny!) And yes, there is more mechanical instant analingus.

set-up: C-, casting: B+, sex: C+

3) Adriana Sephora & Georgia Jones - Masseuse-Georgia tells a friend on her cellphone that she posseses an "aphrodisiatic massage-oil" than can turn women into lesbians. Her next customer is pretty blonde Adriana, and so she uses the oil on her. Sure enough, the initially shy blonde girl begins moaning during the fairly nice ass-massage that follows. When Georgia feels that the other girl is ready, she sticks her fingers up her butt-crack. It is another instance where director Still-By-Alan shows a complete lack of an erotic imagination. He is NOT a very good director in my opinion! Everyday lezzie-sex follows.

set-up: C, casting: A-, sex: B-

4) Gracie Glam & Jade Nile - Gracie comes in for a scheduled massage from professional masseuse Jade, who shows no sexual interest whatsoever in the other woman. Apparently, Gracie has a husband who is interested in engaging in anal-sex with his wife, and she needs the help of her masseuse to make it happen. This is POOR WRITING, and spoils some otherwise excellent casting. Stills-By-Alan did NOT do a good job with this scene. It all soon turns excessively porny as it quickly becomes everyday, unimaginative lezzie-porn-sex.

set-up: D, casting: A, sex: B-

I hate to say it, but Stills-By-Alan lacks the talent & creativity to make a truly erotic video. He believes that girl/girl aficionados will accept everyday XXX-garbage-porn (which some undoubtedly will), but I found this one to be disappointing, despite some highly-enjoyable-to-watch butt-massaging. My overall grade: B-

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