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Going Bonkers ____________________________________
Going Bonkers
I.D. dvd_7975, Adult
2016, TBD
Directed by Director

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Kenna James, Bree Daniels, Lana Rhoades, Reena Sky, Chanel Preston

Ships 11/29. Mr. Bonkers is the magical bear brought to life by teen witch Kenna James. Mr. Bonkers gives her lots of bad advice, encouraging her to use magic to get lucky in love. Except the first time she tampered with magic, it made her stepmother have sex with her, and ruined her father's marriage. Now starting over in a new town, Kenna wants to meet a girl. She puts a spell on Bree Daniels from poetry class, and fucks her before realizing Bree belongs with her true love Lana Rhoades! Kenna must find a way to reunite Bree and Lana, but when Kenna mixes a potion with the wrong lock of hair, the incantation makes Lana go down on Kenna too. Lana and Bree are charmed out of their minds and locked in the closet, when Kenna finally unleashes her power culminating in a lesbian threesome. Now, Kenna is truly fucked, even if she figures out how to reverse the spell.

Anon in Bama
I am guessing that this is the sequel to an earlier video titled "Spellbound Kiss," as such a video is referenced on both the DVD box-cover and at the beginning of this video. Basically, Kenna James is a pretty girl living at home with her father. She practices magic, but is apparently not all that good at it. At the beginning of this one, she mentions how she cast a spell accidentally making her stepmother fall in love with her, and when she tried to fix it, she cast another spell that made her fall in love with her stepmother.

Now, she is home alone with her father, and she has once again cast a magic spell making the giant teddy bear in her bedroom (named Bonkers) come alive so that he can talk with her and give her advice. Sounds fun, right? She tells Bonkers that she has just met a girl named Bree at the poetry class she is taking, and that she wants the girl to like her. At that very moment Bree arrives at her front door.

1) Kenna James & Bree Daniels - Butchy-looking Bree has short red-hair, and while Kenna is clearly smitten with her, Bree shows no interest whatsoever in Kenna. Kenna then reads a poem that she wrote about Bree titled "Firestarter." Then she excuses herself to confer privately with Mr. Bonkers, who suggests that she use magic to make Bree interested in her. Without going into detail, Kenna performs the spell, but needs Bree to kiss her to make it work. When she discovers that Bree is already in a sexual relationship with another girl (named Lana), Kenna attempts to back out, but it is too late. They kiss, and INSTANT LESBIANISM ensues, with Bree chasing Kenna all over the house. They have sex on a couch. Bree goes down on Kenna before stripping the girl completely nude. Tribbing & 69-ing both follow. I suppose I liked how Bree remained in charge the entire time, even though Kenna appears no longer interested.

set-up: C, casting: B+, sex: C

Kenna locks a nude Bree into her closet and then decides that she has to get the red-headed girl back together with her lover, Lana. She discovers that Lana works as a personal trainer, and so she goes to her gym to hire her, hoping to lure her into the closet with Bree. Anyway, she makes a new spell, hoping it will get Lana all hot & horny for her girlfriend, but again it backfires and Lana wants Kenna instead.

2) Kenna James & Lana Rhoades - Once again, more hilarious INSTANT LESBIANISM follows, this time with Lana chasing Kenna into a carpeted hallway before catching her, with both girls once again engaging in some more high-energy, magic-spell-infused lezzie-sex. Lana is the one in charge. She strips Kenna completely nude, and off they go. Not a terrible scene, just artificial, as there is no real physical attraction involved - it is all because of magic.

set-up: C+, casting: A-, sex: C+

Kenna traps both Lana and Bree in her closet together, but they both only want Kenna. And so the girl confers once again with Mr. Bonkers, who suggests that maybe she should cast a spell on herself. Instead, she simply opens the closet door, releasing both girls simultaneously.

3) Kenna James, Bree Daniels, & Lana Rhoades - Bree & Lana both push her Kenna down onto her bed and engage in high-energy lesbian sex with her. It is an awkward threesome, as each girl wants Kenna all for herself. But eventually she gets them to begin kissing one another. At this point it becomes an ordinary everyday threesome with everybody doing everybody.

set-up: D, casting: A-, sex: C

After Bree & Lana fall asleep, Kenna decides to make one more spell so that they will only love each-other, but at that moment she hears her father arrive home. Too late. What fun.

EXTRA SCENE: Chanel Preston & Reena Sky - Reena is a publicist, and when she gets a call that celebrity Chanel has broken-up with her boyfriend she hurries over to the house where the woman lives. Chanel is angrily yelling when Reena arrives. "He thinks he is leaving ME for another woman? No, I am leaving HIM for another woman!" Chanel then decides that her publicist Reena will be that woman! She forcibly undresses the girl, and orders her to have INSTANT LESBIAN-SEX with her, which is exactly what happens, as they both engage in some I-do-you-then-you-do-me lezzie action.

set-up: C+, casting: B+, sex: C

In conclusion, Stills-By-Alan is a talented director when it comes to camerawork and production skills, but he really does not have a clue when it comes to erotic scripting & storytelling. My overall grade for this release: C+

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