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The Faces of Alice ____________________________________
The Faces of Alice
I.D. dvd_7990, Adult
2016, TBD
Directed by Director

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Sara Luvv, Kimmy Granger, Cadence Lux, Bree Daniels, Serena Blair, Adriana Sephora, AJ Applegate, Dahlia Sky, Kristen Scott, Melissa Moore

Ships 11/29.

Anon in Bama
This video is basically a lesbian re-telling of the "Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde" story in a very convoluted manner that I failed to find all that interesting or erotic (my opinion only.) The DVD box-cover depicts the "three faces of Alice" - (played by young & pretty Sara Luvv) - as, from left to right: butchy "Al," normal Alice, and ultra-femme "Alisha."

It all begins with mousey & insecure Alice in a lesbian relationship with Bree Daniels, the butchy-girl-president of the college Gay Student Association - these two young women are supposed to attend the upcoming LGBT prom together, except that Alice is getting cold feet...

1) Bree Daniels & Sara Luvv - Alice visits Bree to tell her that she has changed her mind about coming-out in public as openly gay, but she hesitates and instead they just both end up having sex. We watch two already lesbian girls simply engaging in lesbian-sex with one another, like they have done so many times before. At least Bree appears to be in charge, completely undressing Alice before removing any of her own clothing.

set-up: C, casting: B+, sex: C+

After their sexual interlude is over, Alice reveals that she cannot come out as gay just now, and so an exasperated Bree promptly dumps her. Later, a crestfallen Alice learns from hippie-chick Serena Blair about invoking the power of the goddess Aphrodite (Adriana Sephora) to change her life, which she proceeds to do.

2) Adriana Sephora & Sara Luvv - That very night, Aphrodite appears in the bedroom of Alice wearing nothing at all, asking the girl why she has been summoned. And then, in exchange for Alice having sex with her, the goddess agrees to transform the girl into the ULTIMATE LESBIAN - one that no woman can resist. These two then engage in lezzie-sex on the bed, with Aphrodite mostly in charge. It includes tribbing & fingering, but was nothing outstanding.

set-up: B-, casting: A-, sex: B-

The next morning Sara awakens to discover that she can now transform into either butchy-Al or ultra-femme Alisha. First, we see her dons a flannel shirt and cap (becoming butchy-Al), before then quickly seducing her roommate, Cadence.

3) Sara Luvv & Cadence Lux - The truth is, there is very little seducing going on here, as Alice simply sits beside the pretty blonde on the couch and just starts kissing her, with a surprised/confused Cadence surrendering pretty-much immediately. Alice breaks out a dildo that she uses on the other girl.

set-up: C+, casting: B+, sex: C+

4) Cadence Lux & Sara Luvv - As soon as they are finished having sex, Alice suddenly finds herself transforming into ultra-femme "Alisha," which means that she will now don some sexy black lingerie and once again engage in lezzie-sex with Cadence, only this time with her blonde roommate in the more dominant role. The best part about this scene was probably when Cadence uses the dildo to take Sara doggy-style with it!

set-up: C+, casting: B+, sex: B+

Next we view a montage of scenes involving butchy Alice engaging in implied multiple-lezzie-encounters with a series of pretty, scantily-clad young girls, rejecting only a butchy-looking short-haired woman.

When hippie-chick Serena soon learns of the odd behavior being exhibited by Alice, she confronts her at her home, only to be predictably seduced by her...

5) Sara Luvv & Serena Blair - Once again it is butchy Alice mostly in charge. Some of their encounter was pretty hot, like when Alice slowly removes the bluejeans of the other girl, lovingly complimenting her gorgeous derriere. But sadly, this only leads to INSTANT ANALINGUS - which is almost always a sign of weak, formulaic directing.

set-up: C+, casting: A-, sex: B

After they have finished, Alice forces Serena into a closet and locks the door, before then heading to the student union building to seduce the Lesbian Pagan Power Circle headed by Serena.

6) Sara Luvv, Melissa Moore, Kimmy Granger, A.J. Applegate, Darcie Dolce, Kristen Scott, Dahlia Sky, Serena Blair, & Bree Daniels - Sara shows up where this large group of lesbian Wiccan girls have gathered, and informs them that she wants to engage in a girl/girl orgy, and so that is basically what happens. And while all of this is just getting started, Cadence discovers Serena locked in the closet, frees her, and together they summon Aphrodite, asking the goddess how to break the spell on Alice, with Aphrodite saying it can only be done with an orgasm involving Bree. And so the two women bring Bree to the above-mentioned multi-girl lesbian orgy, and it all ends on what I guess is supposed to be a happy note.

set-up: C+, casting: A, sex: C

This video has pretty women, excellent production values, and lots of girl/girl sex. Sadly, the writing is WEAK and not particularly funny or even interesting. I could add that Sara Luvv is really not butchy-or-dominant enough to carry this title role. The storyline is excessively convoluted and takes what was a good initial idea and then runs it straight into the ground where it collapses from exhaustion. My overall grade: B-

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