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Intoxicated by Kink ____________________________________
Intoxicated by Kink
I.D. dvd_8025, Adult
2016, TBD
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Alis Locanta

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Violette Pink, Sophia Laure, Anissa Kate, Henessy, Talia Mint, Alyssa Reece, Julia Roca, Arwen Gold

Ships 12/13.


Anon in Bama
First of all, I seriously LOVE this DVD box-cover pic. It is nothing short of AWESOME, and one of the best I have seen all year!

One the negative side, director/writer Alis Locanta had the option of either coming up with quality-erotic intros to open each scene, or to instead simply show a girl being interviewed about BDSM sex followed by video of two girls going at it. Which option do you think was chosen?

1) Violette Pink & Sophia Laure - These are those two incredibly beautiful DVD cover-girls. A dark-haired girl is shown speaking in French, talking about a time when she was only fifteen-years-old and her boyfriend spanked her. And she says she LIKED it. Next thing we see is her blonde girlfriend putting manacles onto her wrists and fondling her beautiful bottom. The dark-haired girl has a metal gag placed in her mouth, with the blonde girl then shown fingering herself right in front of her. There is more interview shown, followed by the dark-haired girl positioned onto her elbows & knees, with the blonde then performing INSTANT ANALINGUS on her, which means that the blonde will completely ignore her luscious butt so that she can instead mechanically stick her face up right against the ass-crack of the dark-haired girl. That is followed by the excessive use of a glass dildo. Director Alis Locanta did a passable job in ruining what should have been an incredibly hot encounter!

set-up: D, casting: A+, sex: C+

2) Julia Roca & Arwen Gold - We watch a dark-haired girl, speaking on camera in Spanish, about the time when she got a job working at a store that sold sex toys. She then talks about the time she took a dildo home to use on her girlfriend. And that is what we then see: her using a dildo on another dark-haired girl. Then we see her talking about taking home more dildos, and that is followed by more video of her using a dildo on her girlfriend. There is a fairly nice moment when her girlfriend is shown sensually stripping for her, and later still we watch as they break-out a strap-on to enjoy, only no doggy-style-action was involved. And finally we see her on camera again, telling us about how great it was.

set-up: D-, casting: A, sex: C+

3) Talia Mint & Alyssa Reece - No subtitles were necessary for this next scene, as the girl is speaking in English! A girl tells us about a BDSM experience she had with her girlfriend, and we then watch as one girl inserts little silver balls up the vagina of another girl, who has her wrists manacled high over her head. The girl then talks on camera about how tough it is to find another girl willing to be submissive. Then we watch as one girl sucks on a strap-on before she is shown riding it. That is followed by more interview video and more lame instant analingus.

set-up: D-, casting: A, sex: B-

4) Anissa Kate & Henessy - A girl is shown on camera speaking English with a French accent about the time her arms got caught in her sweater while she was making-out with her boyfriend, and she enjoyed the sensation so much that she then embraced BDSM as a lifestyle choice. Next, we watch as a fully-clothed girl binds the wrists of a nude girl and then sensually caresses & fondles the lovely body of the bound girl. More interview video follows, with another scene then showing the more dominant girl pulling down the bluejeans of the submissive girl and briefly kissing her lovely butt! Then more interview, and finally a bound girl on a bed being fingered by her friend.

set-up: D, casting: A, sex: B-

The casting for this video was OUTSTANDING, as were the overall production values. But the set-ups were mostly NON-EXISTENT, while those instant-analingus scenes were predictably mechanical & formulaic. Alis Locanta apparently lacks either the imagination or creativity to make it work. Otherwise, this was a decent video. My grade: C+

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