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Bad Lesbian 04: Older/Younger ____________________________________
Bad Lesbian 04: Older/Younger
I.D. dvd_8039, Adult
2015, 142 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Claire Robbins & Syren de Mer, Penny Pax & Kendra Lust, Zoey Nixon & Darla Crane, Tanya Tate & Lea Lexis.

Good Girls Turned Bad Lesbians

Good Girls Learn To Be Bad Lesbians

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [g/g & hetero].

This seems to be Girlfriends Series which has been basically ignored and certainly by LLV reviewers as only I have reviewed no 1 in this series and for the other three no one. No 1 was truly superb and as I found out this no 4 is very good. This is an older younger movie and one of the best of that genre.

The first two scenes concern Penny Pax and Claire Robbins who have tried boys for sex and found them unsatisfying. They have tried each other but long for an experienced love namely an older woman. Well Claire scores Syren De Mer her step mom and comes away really pleased for Syren has what she wants. Penny scores Kendra Lust a woman dumped by her girlfriend because she was too old. How could anyone dump Kendra Lust?

The Penny Kendra scene is one to walk over hot coals for so good is it. I like Kendra Lust but in this she literally sizzles. Penny Pax as the inexperienced young girl is the perfect prize for Kendra and cannot believe her luck with such a lover. Yes Kendra is just superb and what a superb body.

Scenes three and four, concern Step Daughters Zoey Nixon and Lea Lexus, who have come to see their step moms who have given up on men and now live together. The step moms are Tanya Tate and Darla Crane who are clearly into young girls. Darla Crane in this is excellent with Zoey Nixon and this is a superior scene.

The last which I liked has Lea calling Tanya “Mommy” as she spanks her before the sex.I know some people loathe “Mommy” scenes so I give fair warning the word “Mommy” is said quite a few times. Never the less this comes out a really good scene and one of Tanya’s best scenes. The sex is really good.

In summary I really enjoyed every second of this and will be watching Bad Lesbian 3 as soon as I can as this is seemingly a very good series.

Anon in Bama
This is yet-another GFF series that I do not understand. I get the feeling that somebody at that company had a great idea, but then perhaps did a TERRIBLE job of explaining it to the rest of the crew.

Volume four opens with two young girls (Claire & Kendra) sitting on a bed and discussing having sex with men. One of them then announces that she would like to fuck an older woman. The whole thing is really porny and un-funny.

Next we watch as two older women (Syren & Penny) do yoga exercises together, with one of them saying that her younger girlfriend just left her. Her friend then tells her to drop her pants so that she can count the rings on her vagina. Seriously?

Later still, we watch as the two younger girls have lunch with the two older women. Penny insults Kendra, with those two then exiting the room together, leaving Claire alone with Syren, eating soup. They look at each other and then head upstairs...

1) Syren de Mer & Claire Robbins - The writing to set-up this scene was just AWFUL! These two find a couch where they can have lesbian sex together, complete with tribbing & fingering. There was NO CHEMISTRY between them whatsoever.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C-

2) Kendra Lust & Penny Pax - Meanwhile, these two are together on a bed. Penny apologizes to Kendra for insulting her, and then begins making suggestive comments. It is the younger girl in the aggressor-role, and it comes across as predictably fakey & forced. And once again, the chemistry between these two women is simply not there. Penny kisses the feet of Kendra along with some instant analingus.

set-up: F, casting: C+, sex: C

Next we watch as older lesbian couple Tanya & Darla clean their living room together. Apparently their relationship is in trouble, and so they have hired a couple of pretty young call-girls to come to their home, pretending to be their daughters. Next, we see both older women together in the shower, douching themselves! WHO IS IT at Girlfriends Films who finds douching erotic?

Next we see younger call-girls Lea & Zoey arriving at the door to where the older women live. They are invited inside, and then we see them both in the shower, douching themselves in preparation for lesbian-sex with the two older women! I kid you not!

3) Darla Crane & Zoey Nixon - As needlessly porny as everything thus far has been, these two are an EXCELLENT combination of a naturally-dominant older woman (Darla) with a naturally-submissive younger girl (Zoey), but instead of allowing their natural chemistry to play out, the GFF director instead has both women appear nervous and unwilling to keep pretending that Zoey is Darla''s daughter, and so they just have weak, tentative lzzie-sex. On the positive side, there is a brief moment when Darla DOES lovingly kiss the beautiful butt of Zoey, but they STILL wasted some otherwise excellent casting here with lame, unimaginative writing!

set-up: B-, casting: A, sex: C+

4) Tanya Tate & Lea Lexis - As disappointing as the Darla-Zoey scene turned out, I was pleasantly SURPRISED at how good this Tanya-Lea scene ended up being! Tanya is delightful as a dominant older woman fully intending to enjoy the beautiful body of her submissive younger partner, and Lea is EXCELLENT as her willing play-toy, allowing herself to be sensually spanked while begging her "mommy" to please forgive her for being such a bad girl! These two SAVED this one for me! Their chemistry was excellent! Later, Tanya repeatedly plants kisses on the curvy butt of the laughing girl! Why could not EVERY scene on this DVD have been this good?

set-up: B, casting: A, sex: B+

The first half of this video was complete crap, but the second half salvaged it, but only just barely. I will grade this one a B-

1.Penny Pax/Kendra Lust

2.Darla Crane/Zoey. These two scenes are easily the best. I love any scene with Penny Pax and Darla Crane cause both are so sexy!

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