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Twisted Passions 14 ____________________________________
Twisted Passions 14
I.D. dvd_8044, Adult
2015, 185 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Prinzzess & Chanel Preston, Mindi Mink & Georgia Jones, Nikki Daniels & Valentina Nappi, Veruca James & Shyla Jennings.

Episode 29 of the Thornhill Diaries

Their Secrets Fed Their Desires At The Seedy Lamoyne Hotel

In the back alleys of Downtown Thornhill lies the seedy establishment Lamoyne Hotel...
Where sexually starved women come to fulfill their Lesbian Fantasies...

Over 2 Hours of Drama, Passion and Smoldering Sex!

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [g/g & hetero].

Humble Opinion
For my money, the Twisted Passions series, centered around the Lamoyne Hotel lesbian brothel, is the best written Girlfriends series going right now, which is surprising to me since I would have thought that scenes revolving around prostitutes would be fairly limited in scope. But Girlfriends has managed to make the characters, both the clients and the "ladies-of-the-night", so varied that each edition has been interesting.

Mindi Minkís character is an older woman who is definitely curious about lesbian sex. But she is looking for an encounter that is, maybe, more sensual than sexual. Georgia Jones is the perfect lady for that experience. Although smaller and slighter of build, Georgia makes it clear, early on, that she is in charge. Wearing a sexy bra and panties set, Georgia has backed Mindi, who is wearing a red halter-top dress, against the wall. Georgia is slow, not threatening, as she pushes herself into Mindi. Georgia teases Mindi with kisses that never quite happen, as her face drifts away each time, to nuzzle Mindiís neck or ear. Georgia then presses in, undoing Mindiís dress straps from behind. Stepping back, holding each of the straps in her hand, Georgia allows the top to fall away, revealing Mindiís voluptuous breasts. Mindiís eyes gleam as Georgia stares at her. Georgia whispers, "You take my breath away!" Georgia then moves forward slowly, letting the straps drop, and melts into Mindiís body and mouth, no longer teasing. Georgia forces herself to break away, and then slowly licks her tongue between Mindiís breasts, twisting up along the side of Mindiís neck, while her thigh grinds between Mindiís legs. Mindi stands perfectly still, simply moaning.

Georgia has been in control of Mindi, worshiping her body. After a bit, Mindi sheepishly asks Georgia to "do something for her." Mindi sits up kneeling, and awkwardly pushes her butt out at Georgia, pointing with her finger, "Would you lick me there?" Georgia quietly and completely obliges until Mindi pulls herself away, the sensations proving too much for her. Georgia quietly scans Mindi and then lays herself down on her back. Mindi sits on the bed, looking at Georgia uncertainly. Georgia gently commands, "Straddle me." Mindi questions, "Straddle you?" Mindi clumsily climbs on top of Georgia. Sitting astride her now, Georgia gently remarks, "Now, youíre in control." Mindi blinks and grins, admitting, "I like the idea!" Georgia looks up and smiles warmly, "And I get to please you."

For the next five minutes, Mindi Mink will sit on Georgia Jonesí face, and very slowly bring herself to two consecutive orgasms. For the first one, Mindi will set the pace, slowly grinding herself on Georgiaís ever-waiting tongue. As Mindi begins to shake, she looks down at Georgia. Mindi pants, "Do you want it?" Georgia muffles affirmation, and Mindi visibly lets herself go. Afterwards, Mindi will shake her head in awe, looking down at Georgia, "The intensity in your eyes, looking at me!" Georgia will smile back warmly, but she wonít be able to say anything, because her tongue is buried inside Mindiís pussy, probing. Mindi begins to realize what Georgia is doing, THIS ISNíT OVER YET. Mindi quietly gasps, "Donít...stop.... Just like that." This time, it will be Georgiaís tongue that controls the tempo. And through the sound of Georgiaís slurps and Mindiís cries, Mindi Mink will have another, even better orgasm.

The Veruca James/Shyla Jennings coupling feels like two girlfriends, who know each otherís rhythms and are comfortable with each other, making love. In the set-up though, Shyla is supposed to be a newbie, and Veruca is the more experienced (she is a bartender at the Lamoyne, not a prostitute). In the first orgasm, Veruca is laying on top of Shyla. Veruca asks Shyla to finger her, as Shyla would finger herself if she were masturbating. As Veruca ravishes Shyla with kisses, and hugs Shylaís body to her, Shylaís talented fingers blindly twiddle Veruca to her orgasm.

But when Veruca begins lapping Shylaís pussy with the flat of her tongue, this scene truly takes off. As Veruca begins to feel Shyla start to shiver, she clamps her mouth onto Shylaís whole pussy, and forces Shyla to cum. Shyla has barely begun to "come-down", when she suddenly cries, "Yeah! Keep your tongue like that.....Inside me!" Veruca has never taken her tongue out of Shyla, but with these words, Veruca burrows in even deeper, more intensely. Shyla begins to stiffen again. This time Shyla is fucking herself on Verucaís tongue, while Veruca is gripping Shylaís thighs so tight, and pushing her mouth into Shyla so hard, that her face is flushed red. Shyla cries and cums in a rolling orgasm that leaves Shyla trembling, and Veruca trying to catch her breath.

Valentina Nappi is an experienced prostitute and Nikki Daniels is the older, nervous client. Nikki is a new divorcee who wants to experiment with and experience lesbian sex. Both women are fully dressed, for the first 15 minutes, as Valentina Nappi kisses and keeps on kissing Nikki Daniels. First the two are standing, and then laying next to each other on the bed. Valentina knows exactly how to use/flick her tongue to drive Nikki to distraction, and eventually to a shivering, leg squeezing orgasm, and Valentina does this several times in the scene. When Nikki announces that she always fantasized about sitting on a womanís face, Valentina Nappiís pussy eating skills, along with Nikki Danielsí gorgeous twisting body, make this the highlight of the scene.

The Prinzzess/Chanel Preston scene was not as good as the other three. But I enjoyed Prinzzess playing a meeker role, and Chanel playing the woman in charge of the gorgeous Prinzzess. Early on, Chanel has broken through, one-by-one, Prinzzessís defenses. Chanel has the panting Prinzzess wrapping herself in her arms, grinding on Chanelís leg while kissing her with abandon. Chanel suddenly pushes Prinzzess back, and looks at the surprised girl. Chanel quietly commands, "I want you to do something for me." Frantically, Prinzzess answers, "Yes! Whatever! Anything! What do you want?" Chanel softly holds Prinzzessís face, and quietly says, "I want you to THANK ME." Prinzzess gasps/groans earnestly, "Thank you!", and squeezing her eyes shut, buries her mouth into Chanelís again, hugging Chanel tight and beginning to grind herself again into Chanelís body.

This starts with Mindi Mink shouting Prinzzess, daughter and friend drinks at the Lamoyne Hotel followed Lesbian hookers then dinner. Prinzzess scores Chanel Preston one of hotelís ďService ProvidersĒ for an excellent bout of girl girl sex. Mindi conversely finds the Maitre D come barman Georgia Jones is to service her. This is a really excellent scene with Georgia Jones in particular excellent.

Meanwhile Nikki Daniels and daughter Shyla Jennings are having drinks themselves until a fellow drinker Valentina Nappi wisks Nikki away to a room. This is Nikkiís first time with a girl despite being middle aged and Valentina clearly makes it an experience not to be forgotten. Shyla meanwhile is talking to Veruca James about her diary and her love life which consists of one failed attempt with a boy.

You guessed it as Veruca whisks Shyla upstairs for a really good round of girl girl sex, winning Shyla over to girls. Not quite the Twisted Passions of the past where there have been some really strange scenes. Never the less this is most enjoyable with not a dud scene in it.

In summary well worth the watch.

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