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Road Queen 32 ____________________________________
Road Queen 32
I.D. dvd_8102, Adult
2015, 158 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Deauxma & Jelena Jensen, Amber Chase & Nora Belle, Shyla Jennings & Tara Morgan, Bree Daniels & Scarlet Red.

She's looking for a few good Women!

Another Road Trip With The Road Queen

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [g/g & hetero].

Cunning Linguist
Scene One - Amber Chase & Nora Bell

The film opens with Amber Chase arriving in the lobby where she talks with receptionist Nora Bell. Amber has her money in her bag and Nora agrees to settle up later. Nora comes to Amber''s room. They chat a bit as Nora isn''t busy. Nora asks Amber if she''s seeing anyone, to which she says no. Nora is also single - but they agree that its nice being free to do what you want. Amber makes a comment about sensing Nora''s motives. Nora acts shy and Amber plays it smooth, reading the situation. She tells Nora to follow what she feels, gently caressing her thigh. The first kiss is a tiny peck, Amber going slow. Nora can''t hold back her smile as they begin to kiss more.

Amber kisses Nora''s neck and shoulders, pulling her new friend closer. When Amber unites her shirt it''s apparent that she''s gotten breast enhancement since last shooting for GFF. She backs Nora up on the bed and grinds her lightly both ladies still in shorts. Nora''s top comes off and Amber gives her boobs a nice suck. Amber takes her own bra off next and we get our first look at her new tits. ( I think they look great btw) Nora gives them some kisses right away.

Nora''s Jean shorts come off as they continue to kiss. Amber reaches to rub Nora through her panties and then tops Nora for some tribbing action. When done Amber sucks Nora''s tits web pulls her panties off spreading her legs. Amber pets Nora downstairs - kissing her way to her inner thigh prior to tasting her pussy. There is a brief but hot close up of Ambers tongue flicking around. She fingers Nora who responds with soft moans Amber feeds Nora wet fingers.

Amber''s panties come off next and she sits back spread for Nora who fingers her while kissing at her face and chest. Nora bends down to get her tongue in there too though the hottest aspect for me was Amber moving around.

Next Amber sits behind Nora who has her legs spread and held up. Amber is positioned perfectly to finger Nora and the camera gets a good shot straight on. Nora comes from this. Amber pushes her back down on the bed pinning her with kisses before topping her for a fast trib and short faceride. It''s short though we do get a good look at Amber''s vagina.

Amber fingers Nora. She is getting more aggressive all around kissing and fingering her partner harder than before. Nora''s body shakes as Amber finger fucks her to orgasm - at least once and probably twice. The way they looked into each other''s eyes was sexy here.

The scene cuts and Amber is on her back being fingered by Nora. Amber is loving it kicking her legs up, her toes curl and she arches her back. She moans loud and moves on her side for Nora. They kiss during this. Nora licks Amber a little but goes back to finger work for maximum response. Amber covered her own mouth screaming at one point. It''s difficult to say how many times she may have come, still the bodily response was very nice.

They kept kissing with Nora on too of Amber. They fingered each other here too. By scenes end their hair was slightly mussed up. They chat about how glad they are that Nora came for a visit.

Overall this was a good start to the film. Amber Chase is one of my favorites for good reason. She always brings lots of energy to her scenes and this is no exception. Also again, I was pleased with her new boobs I will say that her small natural breasts were plenty nice from my point of view too. Though I did remember her mentioning the change on twitter a while ago so I was curious how they would turn out. In my opinion they came out great because while larger they still look proportionally appropriate to Amber''s figure.

This is just my second time seeing Nora Bell and I''m happy to say she too impressed me with her fingering especially. There was a lot of good fingering here which will be of particular delight to my fellow reviewer James. I would say that the scene could''ve used more cunnilingus, but I still throughly enjoyed it. There was near constant kissing and a number of good orgasms.


Scene Two - Shyla Jennings & Tara Morgan

Scene two opens with Shyla explains to her friend Tara that her mom & Zoe are broken up. She''s adjusting to her new situation. Bree joins them but Shyla isn''t feeling well and goes to lay down.

Alone again, Shyla and Tara talk in the bedroom. Tara is traveling with money. After some prodding Tara admits she was working for a Vegas establishment where girls dress as boys and seduce older women clients. Things got rough for Tara when she started dating her boss Tanya who got abusive. That is what got Tara on the run.

Tara isn''t taking it too hard. She asks for Shyla''s news. Shyla tells Tara about crushing on Scarlet, who has recently started working at the motel. After being grossed out about motel details Shyla wants more info about what Tara did with Tanya. Tara is hesitant but decides to demonstrate what she learned servicing her former clients.

The two kiss seated on the bed. Tara tops Shyla , kissing her with fierce passion. Shyla sits up kissing Tara''s chest through her shirt before laying back again. Tara''s shirt comes off first , followed by Shyla''s shorts. Tara pulls Shyla''s shirt down to kiss her breasts before laying back for her partner.

Shyla tops Tara and we get more hard kissing and grinding with pants on. Shyla kisses her way down Tara''s navel and removes her jeans. The kissing and gentle grinding continues. Shyla goes down on Tara first pulling her panties aside to lick her pussy. We see a short but sweet close up here.

Next Tara''s panties come all the way off. Shyla eats Tara with enthusiasm till she comes moaning. Tara goes on offense again taking Shyla''s shirt off and pulling her panties out of the way. She sucks Shyla''s lower lips, grabbing her hips and driving her tongue in. Shyla looks down lovingly as Tara eats her up. The close up could be improved though watching Shyla tense up and wiggle was more than enough to satisfy, and her orgasm was pretty hot. Tara sucked her clit pretty hard.

Next we see Shyla top Tara for the first time fully nude.She rubs at her with her fingers first getting her wet. Then eats her more, rubbing her face in Tara''s vagina chucking her clit. Tara loves it trembling and moaning she comes with Shyla''s mouth clamped down on her. Shyla then raises to kiss Tara and positions for some horizontal trib humping. This was predictably very hot. Shyla is great at high intensity tribbing not only did I love her technique but seeing Tara with her hands all over Shyla''s tight butt was also very nice. They share another climax.

Tara returns to eating Shyla once more. We see a good close up shot of Tara rubbing Shyla rapidly with one hand holding her spread with the other. Tara goes for it full speed using her tongue and fingers. Shyla eventually comes in Tara''s mouth. They cuddle and kiss till the

Cunning Linguist
Scene Three - Deauxma & Jelena Jensen

Scene three begins with Jelena arriving at the motel in time to see Deauxma washing her car. She compliments the car and accepts Deauxma''s invitation to come over and drink wine. Jelena is a softball coach at Thornhill. She confesses that she has been having an affair with one of her players. In a scheme to get out of the situation she has brought along another player for a weekend ''reward'' hoping that the two will hook up. Deauxma wants to know what Jelena is planning to do with herself in the meantime. Jelena says she doesn''t know but responds in kind when Deauxma leans in to kiss her.

They make out a little before shirts come off. When Deauxma''s breasts come out Jelena licks them adoringly. They kiss more smiling all the while. Jelena''s bra is removed and she leans over Deauxma to appreciate her ample noobs some more. She kisses her way down Deauxma''s belly and pulls her jeans off. She wasn''t wearing panties. Jelena takes her own skirt off before going down on Deauxma for the first time. Jelena favors a sensual and sweet style or cunnilingus here with long licks. There is a decent close up from included. I also liked the way they held hands during this.

Jelena then straddles Deauxma''s leg for some gentle grinding and more kissing. Jelena is still wearing underwear at the time - but Deauxma rectifies that. Jelena lays back for her partner now. Deauxma wastes no time diving into Jelena''s vagina. She sucks Jelena''s pussy her nose rubbing Jelena''s bush. It''s brief but we get a good look and we also see some quality eye contact.

Deauxma climbs atop Jelena''s face next . This is an awesome example of a faceride. Again Jelena goes sweet and sensual with her approach. She licks Deauxma''s sex and gives it a focused sucking. There is a great close up the whole way and we see Jelena start to thrust her head giving Deauxma a proper tongue fucking. Deauxma squirts on Jelena''s face here. This is one of the hotter squirts I''ve seen, not because of the force of it, but because of how much was eventually dripping on Jelena''s beautiful face.

Deauxma kissed Jelena''s face clean and ate her pussy more. The angle here could have been better. Deauxma then grinds on Jelena''s leg. The camera zooms in to catch another squirt from Deauxma. I loved that Jelena attacked Deauxma''s pussy after the second squirt eating her again. They cuddle and kiss till the scene fades.

This was a very good scene and my favorite of the film thus far. If there was one thing I would want more of from it I would say its breast appreciation (considering the stars we had) Still, the kissing was once again good. The pussy eating was standout stuff. The faceride and eventual first squirt was the definite highlight of the scene for me. Jelena took it on the face smiling which was crazy hot. Knowing that the Road Queen series has all been shot now - I was extra pleased with this. I think I read in the press release that there will be two or three more volumes coming. It''s going to be sad to see the series end but its great to see such good matches made for Deauxma in the final episodes.

Scene Four - Bree Daniels & Scarlet Red

Bree is outside sleeping on a blanket in the grass when Scarlet comes and wakes her up. They head inside to check on Shyla who is sick in bed. They ask about her pain and give her water before leaving the room. In Bree''s room Scarlet brings up rumors back in town about hearing that Bree had an affair with her stepmom Siri. ( a reference to RQ 31''s standout encounter.)

Scarlet pumps Bree for details and we see some flashbacks from the sex scene sprinkled in with Bree''s account of the event. We learn that Siri is furious with Bree for telling everyone. Bree on the other hand is heartbroken, she wanted a long term relationship with Siri and misses her.
Scarlet comforts her friend and admits that she was super turned on hearing all about the lesbian sex. She wonders if Bree would like to re-enact some of it with her. With this, the scene begins.

Bree kisses Scarlet who is laying down. Scarlet''s shirt is opened , her bra removed. Bree kisses and sucks Scarlet''s pert breasts. Bree discards her own shirt with a flourish and peels off Scarlet''s Jean shorts. She kisses Scarlet''s body up and down rubbing at her pussy through her black panties. Scarlet puts her legs up as Bree removes the panties. Next she kisses Scarlet''s inner thigh before licking her pussy. There is a nice close contact shot of Bree going to work. We see her suck lower lips and penetrate Scarlet with a finger eating her in combination. Scarlet tells Bree to make her come like her mommy. Bree keeps the pressure on eating her partner well. Scarlet comes eventually tensing up moaning and rocking. This was a lovely climax that didn''t feel rushed. In that respect it was one of my favorite moments of the film.

Scarlet sits up and the girls keep kissing . Bree takes her jeans off and we see she wasn''t wearing panties. Scarlet leans forward to suck and lick Bree''s tits. Again , we get a good look at this. Scarlet licks Bree''s neck and licks lips with her some more. The slight contrast in skin tones is very nice and struck me as soon as they were both fully nude.

Bree lays back for Scarlet who licks her vagina with enthusiasm. Once more the audience gets a nice close up and we see how very wet Bree has become. Scarlet sucks Bree''s pussy and pets it laughing to herself her mouth still full. Bree starts arching her back just slightly. Scarlet eats Bree to completion.

Scarlet next climbs atop Bree''s face. Bree sucks her pussy and squeezes her breasts. Scarlet starts to rock a little rubbing herself on Bree''s face till Bree holds her in place again. Again I must compliment the camera work here. We saw a straight ahead view that got everything and when Bee starts rubbing Scarlet too we got a closer look. Scarlet comes again and dismounts to lay atop Bree.

From here they move to a scissor grind with Bree laying down. There is yet more quality close ups of the pussy to pussy friction. Scarlet then falls forward kissing Bree some more. Scarlet then kisses and sucks Bree''s toes, smiling as she does so. She wants more pussy and returns to lick Bree more. Bree opens her legs wide and Scarlet eats her well for another creamy orgasm. They kiss, gazing into each other''s eyes as the film comes to a very satisfying conclusion.

This was a great finale. It just edged out the previous scene in tm opinion. The thing that took it over the top for me was the consistently good camera angles. It also came across as the most cunnilingus-centric scene. Anyone who reads my reviews knows that''s my biggest turn on and these two seemed really hungry for each other. I also loved the faceride here as well. I suppose in a perfect world the tribbing could have lasted longer but ultimately this was

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